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Around 20-30% of the population faces the deformity of feet in the form of flat feet (fallen arches). The typical span of feet is lost, and it begins touching the ground entirely or near to complete. Thus, for these special conditions there arises a question, Are Birkenstocks good for flat feet‘? Let’s build some ground information for flat feet and Birkenstocks before we answer this question

It is essential to know in detail about flat feet before we can jump about concluding whether Birkenstocks are suitable for flat feet or not.

Why do people get flat feet?

Having flat feet can be a sign of abnormality since childhood. Broken or dislocated bones can be the reason behind your anomaly. Damaged can also cause fallen arches as PTT (Posterior Tibial Tendon).Sometimes, nerve problems can also be the backbone of this problem. Other factors may include obesity, diabetes, and aging.

Issues caused by flat feet

As flat feet are an abnormality, so it brings in with itself some issues.

  • It makes walking hard.
  • Standing for long hours becomes tiresome.
  • It causes difficulty in running.
  • It can cause pain in ankles.
  • It can lead to hammertoes and shin splints.
  • It can also cause uneven distribution of body weight.

Due to such issues, people with flat feet are not allowed in the military as well.

Flat feet and body balance

Flat feet can cause an imbalance in the body as they create an uneven distribution of body weight. This imbalance leads to many problems, such as breakdown and fatigue. Players will flat feet are unable to transfer their body weight in the field.

Cure for flat feet

If your flat feet are flexible, then it can be cured, otherwise not. Stretching exercises and physical therapy can help in restoring the arch of your leg. Injecting medication is also required sometimes, but in the worst cases, surgeries become the last option.

If you feel pain, then try using ice and other methods to reduce swelling. Some general guidelines for people with flat feet suggest avoiding sports like basketball, football, hockey or tennis. In short, you should avoid activities that put stress on your feet.

Shoe modifications can also help in curing flat feet so are Birkenstocks in the category of those shoes that can help you? 

What are Birkenstocks?

Originated in Germany, Birkenstocks are comfortable sandals that soon made their way to the whole world. These sandals are typically known for their contoured cork and rubber footbeds.

The history of Birkenstocks

To understand the manufacturing of Birkenstocks, we must have an insight into its past. In 1996 a dressmaker and designer went on a vacation to Germany. There she came to know about these sandals and fell in love with its comfort. When she reached back to the USA, she asked Karl Birkenstocks to import the design and introduce it in the USA as well. Thus, this was when Birkenstocks got their importance and made their way to the whole world.

Another thing that got Birkenstocks all high in the sky was to flower design. In the seventies, when they were introduced with flower design, then they made their way to people’s hearts because who is not fond of nature?

The secret behind its comfort

We have been mentioning this over and over again that Birkenstocks are highly comfortable. But what makes them this comfortable? The secret behind it is the four layers:

  1. The bottom layer is textured and shock absorbent.
  2. Then is a layer of moisture regulation.
  3. Yet again, there is a layer of moisture regulation.
  4. Then there comes a natural cork footbed that supports both: insulation and cushioning.

For the final touches, there is a soft suede lining. Thus, made with perfection and detailing, these sandals ensure your comfort.

Fitting of Birkenstock

People usually ponder the question: should these sandals fit you tightly or should they have a loose grip over your feet? The answer to this question depends on your comfort level. Birkenstocks have an adjustable belt so whether you like your sandals a little tight or loose, just adjust them from the belt.

On a general note, the strap that is close to your toe needs to be a little tight so that it can grip your toe perfectly. The other straps are a little loose so that your heel can lift to the proper height.

It is suggested never to wear Birkenstocks with a tight strap as it would take away all its comfort. 

Are Birkenstocks Good For Flat Feet ?

Birkenstocks are the perfect sandals for any average person as they provide support to the feet arch and keep them in a proper position.  They are designed in a way to ensure good health. The toe bar is made in such a way that your toe naturally gets a perfect grip on it.

Health benefits

  • There is a proper distribution of weight.
  • It has reliable arch support.
  • It stimulates proper blood regulations.
  • It maintains the perfect balance.
  • It has a better stability.
  • It ensures the correct alignment of spines and legs.

Thus, this makes us conclude that Birkenstocks are indeed the perfect choice if you have ideal arch feet. However, are Birkenstocks for flat feet people as well?

Birkenstocks and flat feet

Now that we have complete knowledge about both, Birkenstocks and flat feet so we can drive a conclusion about whether Birkenstocks are suitable for flat feet or not. Can it be said Birkenstocks for flat feet is a good option?

If you have a flexible fallen arch, then Birkenstocks will do you no harm. Instead, they will help you with your curing procedure. As mentioned earlier, shoe modifications can help in getting your feet in the right shape.

However, if you have a rigid flat foot, then Birkenstocks are not the right choice for you as their arch support may be too high for you and cause you to pain instead of comforting your feet.

Breaking-In Birkenstocks

Usually, it takes some days to break into Birkenstocks, but some effective methods might help you speed up the process. It begins with buying the right size of shoes and then you need to unhook all the straps and bend your Birkenstocks a few times as this will help in loosening the cork. Afterward, place your feet in the right position: the heel fitting in the heel cup. Then, there comes the buckling stage where you need to make sure that you don’t strap very tightly in your feet. It’s time for a walk now; take a trip around your house and check if your feet are comfortable.

Tips for better comfort

Here are some tips that can help you in getting the desired results for Birkenstocks:

  • When strapping in, make sure that you leave this much space between your strap and foot that your finger can wiggle.
  • When walking, your feet should not touch the edge of the footbed.
  • There should be free movement in your feet while walking.
  • To break-in properly, wear your Birkenstocks at least 30-40 minutes each day.
  • If your feet hurt, then reduce the time limit of wearing them.
  • If things are going smoothly, then slowly increase the time limit of wearing them.

By following these steps and tips, you can ensure that your Birkenstocks are the perfect sandals/shoes for you and would not cause you any trouble in flat feet.

Long-distance walking

We have talked so much about Birkenstocks and its comfort but are Birkenstocks good for long-distance walks? Will they provide the same results in long-distance walking?

The answer to these questions is affirmative as they support your feet for a longer time. The cork footbed plays an important role here as it makes you feel like you have a cushion in your feet. However, in no case can you wear them for hiking. Long-distance walking in urban exploration or wandering in cities will do you no harm but climbing on mountains is not an option.

It is not that Birkenstocks cannot take you on uneven terrains because you can surely enjoy a sandy beach in your Birkenstocks.


To sum it all up, the conclusion will be that flexible flat feet can also enjoy the comfort of Birkenstocks, however, the extremely rigid fallen arch would not feel relaxed in these shoes.

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