Are Chacos Good For Hiking? [ Easy Answer Guide]

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What do you think of when I mention the word ‘sandal’? Images of walking around in your home wearing sandals or going to the nearby store wearing sandals might have popped up in your heads. However, the sandals that I am going to tell you about today are made for hiking! Yes, you read that, right! It is a common thought that stiff, high grip and durable boots can only be used for hiking, but chacos claims that its sandals can be used for hiking. Let’s find out if their claim is authentic.

Are chacos good hiking shoes? Yes, chacos sandals are not just any rare sandals, but they are specifically designed for the hiking.

They have been approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).

What are chacos?

Doesn’t the name ‘chacos’ seem similar to ‘tacos’? Interestingly, the company itself mentioned in their ads that the name is pronounced ‘chacos’ to rhyme with ‘tacos.’

The unique and creative idea of chacos came to origin in 1989. Mark Paigen, a fly fishing guide form Colorado thought of inventing such shoes that won’t make his feet end up with wrinkles at the end of the day.

The name chacos was caught up about the ‘Chaco Culture National Historical Park.’

These shoes are made for nature lovers to explore nature without any tension of their feet. Gecko is used for the shoe mascot because it can not only live underwater but also on land.

Are chacos good for hiking?

The real topic of debate is whether chacos sandals can be worn for hiking. To get a justified answer to this question, we will first look at the qualities of hiking shoes.

Are Chacos Good For Hiking

Features of good hiking shoes

  • A hiking shoe/boot should always fit properly; otherwise, it will not function properly.
  • Another point to be noted is that hiking shoes should have excellent traction. Or in other words, they should be resistant to slippage.
  • Your hiking shoes should be breathable; otherwise, you will end up having blisters on your feet.
  • Hiking shoes should be light in weight as you would not want to carry extra weight while hiking.
  • Another essential factor of good hiking shoes is cushioning, which is also known as ‘shock-absorbing’.
  • Cushioning, in turn, develops support and stability in the shoes.
  • Like any other shoes, hiking shoes also demand to be comfortable.
  • Hiking shoes should have a stiff sole so that it can protect your feet on rough terrains.
  • Durability also plays a crucial role in hiking shoes. A right hiking shoe will always be durable.
  • Adding to the list, the right hiking shoe should protect your feet.

Chacos as hiking shoes

People love chacos as their hiking shoes. The three main key factors that have added chacos in people’s favorite hiking shoes list are:

  • Adjustability
  • Traction
  • Underfoot support

Chacos have proved their durability even in the roughest terrains. Chacos sandals stand out from other brands due to its pull-through straps and anatomical LUVSEATS footbed. The rubber outsoles make them useful on any ground, be it a smooth terrain or a rugged terrain. Moreover, these sandals are water-resistant and slip-resistant as well. Chacos has efficiently maintained the quality of their slippers and proved to excellent hiking shoes for adventure seekers.

Is there any Disadvantages of chacos?

The only drawback that people find in chacos is that they are a bit heavier in weight than other hiking shoes. The importance of hiking shoes is essential because cumbersome backpacking shoes can result in higher oxygen consumption. Thus, it can cause a hindrance to your performance.

Why does the weight of the shoe increase?

The weight of shoes might increase in the process of making the shoes more stable on terrains. In addition to this, a more substantial pump provides more ankle support. Thus, it is challenging to balance out all other advantages along with providing minimum weight. The general trend in making hiking boots is to ensure that the boot is light in weight without compromising the overall shoes’ specifications and features. 

However, now chacos have invented a lighter version of their perfect hiking shoes: yampa. These shoes provide you the same advantages as other chacos sandals with an extra edge of weight. 

Tito, the all-around outdoorsman from Wisconsin, says

“They are a bit heavy for sandals, but for a good reason: they provide the support of a mid-weight hiking boot, excellent arch support, your feet are solidly anchored to the footbed, and the soles are super grippy and durable… If you have solid ankles and don’t need the support of a boot, use these to hike or backpack in the summer. I’ve been comfortable for hours of hiking with a pack above 40 pounds. Plus, they’re super comfy and durable.”

what are the Best models of chacos shoes?

One of the famous chacos sandals, yampa, has been mentioned above. Some of the other highlighted sandals sold by chacos are:

The Z/2

It is known for keeping the toe in its place, even on rugged terrains. It is also called the classic athlete sandal and is only available for women.

The Z/Cloud

These sandals provide you a high level of comfort along with excellent hiking on mountains and in desserts.

The Odyssey

If you plan on a trip to the most rugged environment, then these sandals are your best choice.

The Z/Cloud2

Customers love this sandals for its high-quality arch support and comfort. The underfoot cushioning of these sandals is also very popular.

An expert general guide for chacos

These sandals can be worn in the rain or in any other adventurous tour, however, don’t use them in sandy areas as sand can get in through the fabric of straps. The straps of these sandals are adjustable so fit them according to your comfort.

If you are looking for chacos for flat feet, then the Z/Cloud is the best option. Then comes the breaking periods of chacos: you can break into them faster by wearing them for a few hours every day. Lastly, you can clean them in your washing machine in a gentle cycle.


With so many qualities lying under its roof, chacos sandals are indeed an excellent option for hiking. A unique creation of introducing sandals as hiking shoes has been a tremendous success, and with such a high quality, they have set a new benchmark for other companies.

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