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The endless debate about Chacos sizing has been going around for a long time. I suppose every Chacos salesman has to face questions like these every day: Are Chacos true to size?” or “Do Chacos have half-sizes? If not what size should I get?”

I get it. All these questions are absolutely valid and the good news is there’s a simple answer to it.

Chacos generally run true to size. But the problem comes with half-sizes as Chacos doesn’t have any. For such cases, the ideal thing to do would be to get the nearest whole size. Thanks to the straps, you’ll get your right size.

However, there’s a lot more where this came from. So, if you’ve got a minute to spare, hop on as I’m about to go all in-

The best way to know what size Chacos you should get is to measure your feet on a Brannock device. One other way to do it is to get the printable size guide. Even though that won’t be flawless but it’ll do enough of the job.

However, getting measured on a Brannock device should be the way to go. This way you don’t have to play the guessing game. Go to a retail store and see what size you are.

Once you know what size you are, you don’t have to go to the store anymore. You can order online as you already know what size you are. But if you don’t want to go through all that hassle, the printable size guide is always there for you.

Do Women's Chacos Run True to Size?

Generally, women’s Chacos run true to size. Even though they have a different size chart for men and women, the sizes fit everyone perfectly. They don’t come in half sizes but with the fully adjustable and wrap-around straps, it’s true most of the time.

While there are a number of people who are true half-sizers, this shouldn’t become a problem for them. Chacos has addressed this issue and that’s why they came up with the adjustable straps.

Thanks to this single wrap-around strap, you’ll get a perfect size. Just make sure to get your feet measured. If you’re a half-sizer, getting to the closest whole size should fit you just right.

*** Chacos has their there own sizing guide both mens and womens, Click here to check out at chacos website. (link takes you to )

Should I Size Up or Down for Chacos?

Should I Size Up or Down for Chacos

As Chacos usually give a good fit most of the time, there’s no point in going up or down in the sizes. If you happen to be a half-sizer, the ideal thing would be to settle for the nearest whole size.

In an ideal world, they would’ve been sizes for basically everyone. But in reality, Chacos sandals only come in whole sizes. However, there’s one trick you should know about.

Suppose you’re a half-size, let’s say a size 9.5. Now, you shouldn’t go for a size 10. Stick with the size 9 and let the straps do their work. Getting a size 10 would offer a bigger sole that won’t be suitable for you. 

Can You Adjust the Back Strap On Chacos?

The single or double strap that comes with different Chacos models are completely adjustable. The straps on Chacos make their sandals feel like a glove. It molds into your foot shape. And the best part is, the straps naturally adjust depending on the pressure.

Chacos are comfortable shoes that let the sandals adjust according to your feet. Although the first adjustment is always important. While other brands offer plastic pieces to hold the strap, Chacos keeps it free.

Simply get the right size and adjust it to get the adventure going on. After walking around for a while, you won’t feel the sandals are there.

How Do I Adjust My Chacos with Multiple Straps?

The process for adjusting a single strap or multiple straps is basically the same. As the tightening or loosening method isn’t different from the usual, simply follow the usual steps and you’ll be good to go.

So, here’s the complete process for both models with toe loops and without toe loops-

How to Adjust Chacos with Open Toe Loop?

1. Loosening the Chacos

  • Start pulling on the buckle to get the straps loosened up.
  • Now start loosening the strap near the pinky toe, but not the pinky toe one.
  • With the upper strap loosened up start loosening the strap that goes around your pinky toe. This strap goes all the way back to the back, so loosen it nicely.
  • All the straps are now loosened up and you can get into your sandals.

2. Tightening the Chacos

  • When you’re tightening, begin with the strap that starts from your pinky toe.
  • Now start pulling on the strap that goes around in the base of your toes. The process is simple, you’re simply going backward from the loosening method.
  • The strap that’s near the buckle is tightened enough. If you need any more adjustments, do a bit more tightening and you’ll be set.

How to Adjust Chacos with a Toe Loop?

1. Loosening the Chacos

  • The process is almost the same as before. Start pulling on the clasp to unfasten the straps properly. This will do half the work as you already know.
  • After that, start loosening the upper strap. Like before make sure to get the strap adjacent to the outer side of your feet loosened up.
  • Finally, you can loosen the pinky toe strap. This is the final strap you’d have to take care of.
  • The straps are loose now, meaning you get in your shoes.

2. Tightening the Chacos

  • Start the tightening process with the strap that begins at the pinky toe. Pull from the point where the ball of your foot is.
  • Now let’s get on with the strap that goes diagonally across your foot. Pull from the point where your big toe stays.
  • Take care of the final strap that goes inside your buckle. Now, lift the straps a little so you can get your feet inside. Although at this point the fit won’t be loose.
  • Finally, adjust the buckle to your preferred tightness. The good news is, the sandals are all set. You won’t have to through this entire process the next time you wear it.

How Do I Shorten My Chaco Straps?

The best way to shorten your Chaco straps would be to give them to ReChaco. They won’t charge you that much but you can rest assured that you won’t even know it’s been repaired thanks to their awesome service. But there are DIY methods like tying a knot or cutting of the strap.

Nonetheless, the easiest method would obviously be to tie a knot. You tie a small knot and it’s barely noticeable. Other than that, you could also cut and then sew it.

At the end of the day, you could go for the DIY methods, but as Chacos aren’t really cheap products, I’d suggest you leave it to the professionals.

Final Words

So, that’s been it now. I hope the cloud is all clear about “are Chacos true to size”. Chacos like every shoe brand fits differently. In their case, they sometimes seem to run a little bigger.

Anyhow, do leave a comment below if you’ve got anything else regarding Chacos sizing. I’ll make sure to give you an update ASAP.

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