Are Combat Boots Good For Hiking? Answer Guide + [8 Tips]

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Combat boots are the firm and sturdy military boots, which are usually worn for combat or military training.

Keeping I view the toughness of these boots, many people tend to wear them for hiking too, which may seem right but not to all extend.

Are combat boots good for hiking? After seeing the reviews of people and even military personalities, I would say no, they are not suitable for hiking. However, they could be used for hiking if you can pick up that heavyweight in your feet. It is because they are adamant, and they survive happily in extreme conditions.

Military personalities are very much used to these boots as they are a part of their uniform, but for a civilian, these may be a hard choice, Let’s find out.

are combat boots good for hiking?

There are several reasons why combat boots are not suitable for hiking. These reasons are associated with the reviews of people and my personal experience.

  • More weight than other boots: Combat boots wearing at the start of the hike may seem subtle, but with the passing time, you will start to feel the weight on your shoes. See hiking shoes from a great company can weight up to only 10oz while the combat shoes could weight up to 50oz.
  • Better and Cheaper out in the market: More shoes in the civilian market may provide better resistance against water and debris at cheaper rates, so look into those. Of course, if you are a military officer, then the more affordable part is no problem.
  • Combat boots cause blisters: I am not sure of this point because I never had blister caused by combat boots. Maybe the weather is a factor in this. Many people who are wearing these for more extended periods report of blisters, and for preventing it, they even wear double socks, imagine how much heat that would provide in your thick combat shoes.Rather than wearing more socks, here is a tip, add more cushion support in your boots to reduce friction.
  • Uncomfortable to wear: If you are a civilian and you are not used to wearing combat boots, they may feel embarrassed to wear at the start. They don’t have the comfortable sole as other shoes in the market, so it may feel that you are stepping on a hard surface with each step you take. When people usually buy boots, they fold them to see durability and comfortability. The military boots are not that much foldable; I am not sure if this is a pro or a con because this makes them tough too.

Are Military boots suitable for hiking?

Yes, They are made sturdy and rough to endure extreme conditions. Whether you are hiking on mountains covered with snow, rocks, or rocky soil, these will surely survive. Moreover, combat boots also provide excellent ankle support, which gives you a better grip (which is very important for hiking.)

Other than being firm, these boots are usually also waterproof and even sand proof. I will defiantly use them if I have them. Also, there are types of military shoes, and some kind may be suitable for you. We will see that in the end. Let’s summarize the pros so you could make a better decision.

  • They would provide better ankle support due to the long back.
  • They would provide better protection in an extreme environment.
  • They are usually water and another debris resistant.
  • They will stick with you for many years as they are very durable.

The last point may be necessary for many people who keep on breaking their shoes frequently.


Should you buy combat boots for hiking?

The cons outtake the pros; hence I would recommend you avoid buying combat boots on a hike. Buy proper hiking boots or some other fancy joggers that you can also wear later.
However, if you already have them in your closet and nothing else, these will surely provide you with benefits. Soldiers hike too in these (although some do not like it).

so, What is combat boots good for?

If not hiking, then what are they good for? As the name suggests, they are made for combats by those tough soldiers. Will all those rough feet due to extensive exercises, soldiers feet fit right into combat boots without hesitation. So they are suitable for combat battles, military activities, etc.

Can you wear combat boots in the summer? 

This doesn’t sound like a good idea but can be worn in summer. People wear these in summer. It protects them from the scorching sun; however, it might boil your feet inside. Just do go for the heavy long ones as you will defiantly boil after that. Blistering is also more common in summers, so ensure a full grip in your shoes.

are combat boots good for snow?

This is where the regular boots might fail, especially if you are planning hiking in the snow.
I once went on a hike wearing combat boots, and there was a lot of snowfall and wet mud in the mountains. My combat boots had some fur coating inside (not usually typical) that kept my feet warm. I still remember people slipping from the snow and the wet mud with their fancy boots while I firmly climbed and came back from the mountain safely.
See, it is the grip of these shoes on the ground and covering your feet that make people wonder, can they be worn for hiking?

some proven Tips for hiking in combat boots

If you are planning on hiking in combat boots so take these bits of advice;

  • To avoid blisters, make sure that there is no friction in your shoes. If the weather is cold then you can surely wear two socks or if not then cover the spaces with something soft.
  • Find some more comfortable soles and place them at the end, this will surely give you some relief while walking long distances.
  • Make sure your feet are dry before you put them in. (Also give your combat boots time to dry the previous sweat of yours, or they could even weight more)

best combat boots [ Recommendation ]

So after some research work, I decided that this is the best boot, why? That we will discuss later.

Men’s Military Tactical Boots

Following are some reasons why they are the best based upon there Amazon site,

  • They are water repellent.
  • They are breathable, unlike the regular army boots.
  • They are made from hands and not machines, at least that’s what they claim.
  • They have a good grip on the soil and somewhat are “slip-resistant.”
  • They can be used for other purposes but not only for hiking.
  • They are also lightweight, unlike most of the combat boots.

What user say?

  • The last and the most important reason is the reviews, see the company writes the above points, but the reviews are given by people who tried them. People wrote the same points in reviews like the high points described by the company. And these reviews are mostly five stars, so there’s that.
  • Many people also claim that they are perfect for winter but can also be worn in summer without hesitation.

They come in camel color too so you should check that out also.

Military boots are currently available on Amazon. You can see there current price by clicking here.

Related question [FAQs]

Q1#. Which boots are precisely suitable for hiking?

Any boots can be useful for hiking if they have the following qualities (even combat boots),

  • They should be light in weight.
  • They should be waterproof.
  • They should not be slippery as that could take your life if you are hiking on steep edges.
  • They should have a long back on the ankle that provides a good grip, especially snow.
  • They should not be rough on the inside but should be on the outer side.
  • They should match your outfit, I mean it should look like you are going for some dangerous hike.

Q2#. Should I wear brands like Nike, Adidas for hiking? 

No, generally you shouldn’t, it’s terrible for both of you, i.e., your expensive shoes and you. See, these shoes are made to run and not hiking generally. These may be very lightweight and may have the grip to hike, but they are soft shoes and will not endure the hike’s extreme conditions, especially in snowfall.

Their waterproof versions are costly, and they will still not guarantee you sturdy boots for the hike. However, now they make hiking versions of their shoes, so check that out.

Q3#. Should I wear boots like timberlands for hiking?

Timberlands are sturdy, waterproof, and durable boots so they could be worn for hiking; however, most of the timberlands don’t give the vibes of hiking shoes. But the good news is they produce hiking shoes too so you can defiantly check into those.

Related: For more advice and guide on timberlands boots, Read our other article by clicking this link.

Q4#. Are combat boots suffocating?

Yes, they are for many people. See the heavy and thick layers that may press your feet from all sides, irritating your feet. Ask military soldiers, who wear them all day, and they will tell you that when they finally take them off, a sigh of relief they get. They will even suffocate you more if you live in a hot area.

Q5#. Can be worn on specific places only?

Boots in the market are more stylish, casual, and even semi-formal. These boots could serve you dual purpose as hiking and could be worn on other occasions too. It would be slightly weird to wear combat shoes in gatherings or even jogging.

final verdict

The bottom line is that it depends upon you whether combat boots are suitable for hiking for you or not. We discussed the pros and cons above and the best combat boots, so I concluded that if you already have them wearing them on a small hike, it would be no harm, but on longer ones may cause you disturbance.
If you don’t have them, then don’t buy the cheap or pure army ones cause they won’t let you hike, buy expensive ones, although other boots may be a better option here. With all the weight standing on one side, I would say combat boots are not suitable for hiking.

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