Are Converse Good For Lifting | Facts You Should Know?

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Is there any second thought in your mind, when thinking about lifting exercises in a gym, other than Converse shoes? Surely not. Lifting exercises need special muscle stretching in the gym and shoes provide support to stretch the feet when lifting any object. In this way, the Converse is no doubt is the best choice for lifting exercises in the gym. They are specially designed for lifting purposes.

Converse can only help in lifting, for other exercises they are not suitable due to their flat sole and non-supportive structure. It causes pain and blisters in feet.

Below are some facts related to converse.

Structure of converse:

It is important to know that what the shoes we are wearing are made of and what processes it has been gone through. It is helpful to make the choice. Converse are made of rubber, canvas, eyelets, dyes, and adhesives.

They are manufactured via a special double-wrap vulcanized process. The shoes are heated in the oven at 300 degrees Fahrenheit and the rubber is cured. the upper part is made of the canvas and lower of processed rubber.

Reasons to wear converse: 

There are various reasons to wear converse. They help lift weights, are closer to ground, have a flat sole, keeps you near to the ground, comfortable to wear for some time, helps in building strength, elegant design, easily available in markets, less expensive than the other shoe types.  

Are socks necessary with converse? 

Since converse shoes are heavyweight and made of rubber, so they are not very comfortable without socks. You can be infected while wearing converse without socks.

They can cause blisters in feet and the pain would be unbearable. Blisters are caused when your feet get rubbed with the shoes all the time and this constant rubbing causes skin damage in form of blisters.

Moreover, there are chances of fungal infections and bacterial infections. The infections caused in the feet are due to germs and the lack of air in the shoes, which wouldn’t let the feet breathe properly.

There will surely be a bad smell due to uncleanliness and sweat. Due to its rubber and canvas material, there is a high chance of sweat in the shoes and it will make it very stinky after a certain time.

They are not comfortable without socks. Socks are soft and feel like a support to the feet while wearing such uncomfortable and hard shoes.

Further to this, alongside comfort and support, socks make the look more presentable and elegant. The most elegant ones are ankle socks. They will make your casual sneakers look, a fashion statement. 

Drawbacks of converse shoes:

Well, converse shoes are good for wearing in the gym while doing lifts. But there are some drawbacks and misuses of these shoes that must be kept in mind. 

  • Converse are not comfortable and make you feel like walking barefooted, hence while climbing or running, they will make you feel uncomfortable and will cause ache to your feet. They are not bendable and don’t have an arch sole inserted, so it is not good while there is a rough surface. 
  • They are very heavy and not ideal for running, as they will make you tired and cause ache. 
  • The sole is so hard and there is no support for feet. It makes you tired after walking for about an hour. Special feet inserts must be used with converse to make them comfortable. 
  • They can’t withstand in water, because their upper structure is made of canvas and it gets wet. Thus, there will be no support in this regard too.

some popular gym shoes:

There are other types of gym shoes like cross trainers, running shoes, court shoes, hiking shoes, and others. There are various uses of all the above-mentioned types. Below are some uses and facts about these shoes:

  • Running shoes: supports you while running. There can be treadmill running or traditional jogging track running. These shoes help you to get stable, support in controlling motion and friction, and the special cushion is inserted to provide comfort while running. 
  • Court shoes: are designed for tennis, football, basketball, and others. They provide support to the feet as well as the ankle for bending and jumping.
  • Hiking shoes: are the ones that help you to walk on rough surfaces. They provide stability and firmness. There is a special cushion in them that helps you to protect against any uneven surface and hurdles.

Substitutes of the converse:

Though converse shoes are best for lifting weights and doing exercises that include weightlifting, there are some alternatives to these shoes too. Some of them might be an all-rounder and used for all kinds of exercises and some are exact substitutes of converse shoes. Below are the details of such shoes:

are converse good lifting shoes
  • Cross trainers: are all-rounder shoes. They are solid with flat arch sole inserted in them which makes them ideal for lifting, running, walking, and kickboxing. They have a wider base and are flexible with multi-directional support. But cross trainers are made with the concept of generalized shoes, so they can’t be used in any specialized manner for specific games.
  • Minimalist: shoes are made in the shape of a foot and support the foot with the sole insole in it. These are flexible and easy to carry shoes. They support arch sole and provide stability and firmness. 
  • Vans: generally heavier than the converse and they are good for dead lifting and squats. They help provide support to feet and make them more stable. While lifting, stability matters more than movements, thus vans are good to go in such a situation. 
  • Chuck Taylors: are made as an upgraded version of converse shoes. Chuck Taylor has more tough fabric than a casual canvas of converse. Its sole has a varnish that provides it with more finish and strength. These are now less painful and smoother. There is a cushion inserted inside the sole which makes it more comfortable and a plastic heel cap is added in the structure to make it firm. Some detailing is also done to make it more appealing.

Bottom line

The purpose of the above article was to let the reader know about the uses, pros, and cons of converse shoes. Although converse is good for weightlifting, it is always a person’s choice to wear what he wants to wear. it doesn’t mean that without converse a person can’t do weightlifting, it is only for support. You can even go for lifting barefooted if you are confident about your skill.

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