Are Doc Martens Good For Snow? Easy Answer+ [Q&A Guide]

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As things are getting colder and snow is about to hit the ground, you must be wondering which shoes can be the best. Those who have their hands on doc martens would be wondering if they can make use of it this winter and enjoy the snow.

Are doc martens good for snow? Inevitably people choose doc martens as their winter shoes as it helps keep their feet warm. However, on snow, you might face some problems with doc martens.

Are doc martens boots good for snow?

Doc Martens is uniquely identified for its air-cushioned sole, top shape, welted construction, and yellow stitching. In addition to this, they were explicitly designed to take care of comfort.

If you are planning on using doc martens in the snow, you will have to look at the following aspects of doc martens

  • Are they waterproof?
  • Are they warm?
  • Are they comfortable?
  • Do they get damaged by snow?
  • Are they slippery?

So, let’s find out the answers to these questions before we jump to the conclusion for are doc martens good for snow?

Are Doc Martens waterproof?

Water-resistance in Doc Martens varies with shape, cut, and material. However, none of the Doc Martens boots are waterproof.

How to protect Doc Martens from water?

Although these boots are not waterproof and are water-resistant to a very little extend, there are still ways to protect your shoes from unwanted water patches.

  • You can use a shoe protector on areas where you don’t want any water patches.
  • You can buy a protective spray for your shoes to prevent their fabric from getting damaged through the water.

The warmth of doc martens

The next aspect of doc martens that is important for our decisions of whether doc martens are good for snow or not is its warmth. Doc Martens are not the shoes that keep your feet cozy and warm. The thin leather lining does not come in handy when it gets icy.

How to increase the warmth of doc martens?

If you are still opting for doc martens as your winter boots, then here is something that you can try to make them warmer and cozier:

  • As doc martens are not insulated, so you can try wearing thick winter wool socks with your docs.

are doc martens comfortable?

Next in line is the question of comfort. Everyone would want winter boots to be comfortable as walking on snow and ice is itself a rigorous task. Doc Martens takes a lot of time to break in (up to 3-6 weeks). It is said to avoid wearing these boots less during the breaking in period. This way, you can prevent having blisters on your feet. However, once you break them in, they will be the most comfortable boots that you have ever come across. 

How to break in doc martens earlier?

If you follow these steps, then you can limit the time of breaking in:

  • Choose the right size of boots.
  • Make use of thick cotton socks during the initial days.
  • Use a softening agent.
  • Over some course of nights, use a boot stretcher for the toe area.
  • Gently bend your boots and increase their flexibility.
  • If there are points where your boots fit in tightly, make use of corn plaster or bunion pads.

are doc martens slip resistant?

Rubber-soled boots have never left a good experience on the ice. Over 90% of people face ice slip issues with rubber-soled boots, although doc martens make a stance that their boots have excellent traction, yet they do not slip-proof.

If you are planning on walking in icy conditions, then it is said to make use of flat-footed shoes, instead of the shoes that make your toes spring up.

The grip of doc martens

Doc Martens are specifically designed for those who cannot tolerate high arch support. The flexible soles of doc martens accommodate your arches quite nicely. Those who want a little arch support might try over-the-counter insert.

Positive points of doc martens

Being comfortable is a significant positive aspect of wearing doc martens. It is because of this convenient feature that people opt for these boots. Doc martens were explicitly designed for long walks, and they are doing their job pretty well. However, you can enjoy all this only after you break in your doc martens. Another quality that is appreciated for these boots is that they are durable and long-lasting. After all, who does not want their favorite boots to last for a long time? Customers of Doc Martens have suggested that these boots be used up to 10-20 years if kept with care!

are doc martens damage by snow?

Thus, keeping in mind the points stated above, it can be said that doc martens are not ideal for snow.

As we know that Doc Martens are made of leather and leather does not blend in well with the snow. The leather will likely get damaged and ruined by the snow. It is a common misconception that salt can help you in such cases as it would meltdown the snow. However, do not try this on your boots. As not only will the snowmelt but your shoes will also get ruined.

Why are doc martens not suitable for snow?

Doc martens will neither keep your feet warm nor will they stop water from entering your feet. Thus, their positive point of being comfortable boots will be lost entirely. There are also chances that you would not have a solid grip on the snow and would slip. The leather of these boots can also get damaged by ice.

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what are some of the Alternative boots for snow?

are doc martens good for snow

Although we have canceled out doc martens from your snow boots list, there are still plenty of options that you can opt for.

1. Sorel Caribou Boot

Listed amongst the best winter boots for men and women, Sorel caribou boots boots will let you enjoy warmer winters. The base of these boots is specifically designed to lift you off the grounds and have a firm grip on snow. They are also known for their excellent traction as they a wide surface area underfoot.

2. Ugg Adirondack III & Ugg Butte

Available for both men and women, these boots have proven their capability on snow. With excellent fitting and flexibility, these boots have made walking on snow much more fun. Although these boots feel light in weight, they have a strong resistance to the cold breeze and keep your feet warm. With the help of the snug feet of wool lining, these boots have excellent traction.

3. Muck Boot Arctic Ice Mid

Famous for the best traction on ice, these boots are also available for both men and women. It has a Vibram arctic grip in the base, which provides it more traction on ice. Thus, they feel comfortable to walk in on ice.

Wrap Up

No doubt, doc martens are very durable and comfortable, yet they are not the right choice for winters and specifically snow. If you want to enjoy snowy evenings with a more peaceful walk, then try the mentioned alternatives.

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