Are Doc Martens Slip Resistant | Detailed Guide + [Tips]

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Dr. Martens Air Wair is a popular choice as a work and safety boot. Whether you are a restaurant worker or working on a slippery condition, Dr. Martens built boots for everyone, including men and women. The manufacturer always engineers their boot with the utmost safety and comfort in mind.

Yet, people ask us, “Are Doc Martens Slip Resistant?”

To put it simply, Dr. Martens built anti-slip boots, but not all of their models are safe to wear in slippery conditions. Thus, you need to select the model carefully.

Hence, for workers’ and users’ safety and convenience, we discuss the non slip Doc Martens models and their effectivity. Also, we will effectively shed light on how to make Dr. Martens boots and shoes non-slip. Lastly, we will focus on the right sizing of Dr. Martens and its care.

Are Doc Martens Slip Resistant?

We have already mentioned that Dr. Martens built both regular and slip-resistant shoes for their users. They first entered the post-war Britain shoe market in 1960 and never looked back from there. Their shoe model 1460, a pair of a work boot, immediately got immense popularity among bartenders, waiters, and baristas.

Since then, they have been ardently in almost every foot in Britain and worldwide. However, not all of their shoes are anti-slip.

In fact, the manufacturer officially introduces three of their shoe pairs as effective in the slippery conditions. Dr Martens slip resistant models include

  • 1460
  • 1461
  • 2976

They have re-engineered these three pairs of safety boots with comfort, convenience, and safety of the workers in mind. Thus, all these work boots have perfect technical innovation you would want in non-slippery shoes.

Built with premium leather and seamless stitching, these three pairs of Dr. Martens slip-resistant boots offer you excellent traction over slippery and muddy conditions. So, you will be less likely to fall even on a wet floor.

Also, the shoes have excellent breathability that helps your feet remain sweat and moisture-free in high-humidity weather.  The breathability means you won’t feel dry on the feet, which often causes problems for heavy-duty and long working hours with the safety boots.

What Makes Dr. Martens non-slip?

By this time, you have realized that at least three models of the famous manufacturer are built to offer you unrivaled safety with its premium anti-slipping feature. But do you know how are Dr. Martens AirWair slip-resistant?

Well, the answer lies in their built-quality and design. Dr. Martens uses patented GripTrax soles to build 1460, 1461, and 2976 models. The GripTrax soles have been engineered with a top-class grip on any surface.

Thus, the work boots enjoy such unthinkable traction over the damp and slippery floors and surfaces. So, you enjoy risk-free anti-slipping movement with the Dr. Martens Air Wair shoes.

How Do I Know If My Shoes Are Slip-resistant?

Anti-slip shoes look just as the slipping shoes from the outside. The difference lies in the tread pattern and shoe material. Hence from outside, it is challenging to tell whether or not a pair of shoes are slip-resistant.

But you can look at the following factors to identify the anti-slipping feature.

  • Outsole design: The outsole plays a crucial role in providing traction and stability over slippery surfaces. Rounded outsoles with grooves offer maximum coverage on the surface and let’s oil and water flow through the holes.
  • Shoe materials: Ideally, an anti-slip shoe material should be soft, flexible, and pliable. Stiff material provides the least gripping. So, the most slip-resistant shoes have the highest flexibility in their outsoles as well.
  • Tread pattern: Likewise, soles, the tread pattern also plays a pivotal role in making any boots and shoes slip-resistant. These days, manufacturers offer multiple tread patterns in the shoe for better traction and stability on slippery surfaces. watch this video below for things to look for in slip-resistant footwear.
things to look for in slip-resistant footwear

How Do You Keep Doc Martens from Slipping?

Even though Dr. Martens builds non-slipping shoes, you may want to enhance the effect more for better grips on the surface. Also, there are techniques that you can apply to achieve an anti-slip facility with regular shoes even.

  1. You can scuff your shoes on rough surfaces. Just wear new boots and walk on an uneven surface to increase the book and abrasion. It provides better traction.
  2. Sometimes the scuffing might not work or simply take more time. In such cases, we recommend you to use the nail file. Use the nail file or sandpaper to scuff and wear off the shoe outsole for better grip.
  3. Sometimes you can use a grip pad underneath the shoe outsole. You will find many grip pads in the market to add underneath the work and safety boots. Also, you can use it to repair the already worn-out older work boots. In both cases, you will get excellent traction on the slippery surface.
  4. Alternatively, you can also use traction pads and sprays. While traction pads are mainly built to use as an anti-slipping outsole, these are a bit costly. So, traction sprays serve the same purpose as the traction pads but are less expensive.
  5. Another cost-effective way to make shoes and boots slip-resistant is to cost the underneath with sands. You need to apply a quality adhesive on the sand for this.
  6. Using the ankle strap can help you bypass the scuffing or applying pads that need time. Also, a good-looking ankle strap will help you express style and personality like a boss.
  7. Applying rubber and salt combination on the outsole is another excellent alternative to make non-slip Doc Martens.

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Should I Size Up or Down in Dr. Martens?

Dr. Martens, the iconic shoe manufacturer in the UK, comes mostly in true size. So, it should fit nicely in your feet. However, some styles may vary slightly in sizes. If you get a bigger size of Dr. Martens, use inner soles to achieve the perfect fitting.

If you want to ardently size up or down your Dr. Martens, you should realize that it will only affect the length of the safety boot, not the width. So, keep this in mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Doc Martens run big?

Yes, Dr. Martens’ safety boots are durable and long-lasting. The company uses premium materials and seamless design to make each pair of their popular shoe model. So, they run big even when the conditions are demanding.

Are Doc Martens real leather?

Yes, regular Dr. Martens’ shoes are made of leather. They claim that they outsource the leather from certified tanneries. However, they don’t disclose the level of accreditation and certification of their tanneries. Also, they use synthetic materials for their vegan shoes.

Are Doc Martens worth it?

Dr. Martens built several popular work and safety boot styles. They use premium materials and ensure eco-friendly usage. Also, their boots are meant to last longer than most models available in the market. All these accounts for their brilliant performance, making them worth every penny spent on each pair of boots.


We sincerely and earnestly aspire to have a clear idea now on which Dr. Marten’s model is slip-resistant and which is not.  Thus, the article on ‘are Doc Martens slip-resistant’ should come helpful for workers such as bartenders, waiters, and others too.

Lastly, the inclusion of techniques to make shoes anti-slip will come beneficial for you with enhances results. So, choose your favorite model and walk with pride and confidence.

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