Are Doc Martens True To Size? – [Doc martens sizing guide]

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Durability & Comfort- these two features will definitely come to mind when we’re talking about Doc Martens. Other than durability, these boots are famous for their looks and feel.

But, if you’ve been a fashion enthusiast then you’ll know about the need for the “right fit” in boots. And, you’ll miss out on a lot when you don’t have the right fit.

The worst part about not having a well-fitted boot is that you won’t get the same level of support from them. So, that brings us to the common concern- are doc martens true to size?

Normally doc martens remain truer to their size. So, it’s better to go for your usual size when you’re choosing them. But, if you’re going for half-size then it’s better to go for a size down.

But, that’s not all as we’ve prepared a lot for you in this guide. So, sit back and enjoy as we’re about to take you through a rollercoaster ride-

Dr. Martens shoes don’t run big or small. Rather, they remain truer to the size. So, they’ll fit whatever size you’re getting for yourself. But, their sizes can differ based on their style.

Among the different styles of Dr. Marten, their classic boots have the tendency of running big at times. Hence, it’s better you get the ones a size down.

Or, you could even invest on an insole. By getting the insole, you’ll be able to stay between the sizes and be able to mitigate the size difference.

Moreover, you can even move up the size to get rid of this situation. However, you’ll need to remember that getting a size up means that you’ll increase in length than an increase in width.

Should You Size Up Or Down In Dr. Martens?

You shouldn’t size up or down when choosing Dr. Martens. Here, they remain truer to their size. So, you won’t have the necessity of choosing the size up or down.

But, a thing to consider-

If you’re someone who wears a half-size all the time then you’ll have to get them a size down. Normally, Dr. Martens remain as they are in size. But getting them half-size will cause them to not remain as it is. So, it’s better to go for a size down.

And, if Dr. Marten doesn’t provide the right fit then gets insoles. It seems that the tighter boots are not so simple to break in. But, why is that?

Well, even though leather will stretch, the tighter boots simply take a bit of time. So, get insoles as they’ll fill in any bit of extra room for you.

Other than that, go for the usual sizes as Dr. Marten remains the same size as you picture them to be.

Are Doc Martens Real Leather

What Do I Do If My Doc Martens Are Too Big?

If the Doc Martens are too big then you’ll need to shrink them. But, things aren’t so easy as they sound. Fret not! If you follow the methods correctly then you’ll get the work done quickly.

So, let’s take a look at what methods you can take to make them work-

Method #1: Getting Insoles

We’ve already mentioned this in the above section. If your Docs are too big for you then get insoles. In fact, Dr. Marten sells insoles themselves. Getting these insoles will fill in extra bits of space in the gaps.

As a result, the extra space will be filled and you’ll get a perfect fit for yourself. Besides, you can add in half insoles on the docs. These insoles will fill in the forefoot area. But, they won’t constrict your toes in any way.

So, you’ll get to fill in extra space and get comfortable on your toes at the same time. And, the best part is that your main purpose will be fulfilled.

Method #2: Getting Thick Socks

Thick socks not only provide warmth and comfort to the feet but they can also fill in extra space. Even though they don’t work all the time, you’ll still fill in some space on the docs.

So, you can give them a try as well.

Method #3: Getting Heel Grips

At times, heels can slip. Well, you can get yourself heel grips for that reason. These grips ensure that you have a non-slip surface. Also, they secure the heels completely. So, these provide security and comfort at the same time.

And, they even fill up the spaces on the docs. So, you’ll be able to fit your feet completely and not worry about extra spaces.

Are Doc Martens Good For Wide Feet?

Yes, Doc Martens are great for wider feet. Normally, docs have a bit of room in them. As a result, they complement the wider feet well enough. Plus, you won’t have to worry about extra room as there are plenty of spaces.

When choosing products for wider feet, it’s better to go for the ones that stretch all the time. This is because you’ll never know when you’ll need extra room in them.

Here, the leather designed Docs work really well for the wider feet. By getting one for yourself, you’ll be able to fit into wider feet all the time. And, the best thing about docs is that they provide extra room for the toes as well.

Are Doc Martens Good For Wide Feet

Does Dr. Martens Stretch Out?

Yes, docs do stretch out once and awhile. As they’re made of leather, expect them to stretch quite a bit.

Even though they don’t stretch too much, they’ll still stretch. Hence, you’ll need to keep this in mind when buying them.

Thus, we advise not to get tighter options as they’ll stretch and not stay truer to the size.

How Long Do Dr. Martens Take To Break-In?

Three to six weeks is the normal time for the docs to break-in. However, this number can vary depending on the materials and the thickness of leather.

And, you don’t want to use them too much in this period. This is because they’ll need to have the right mold of the foot. Otherwise, they won’t be comfortable at all.

Once that period is done, you can wear the docs every day and use them like normal boots. So, it’s better to wait out the time that the docs need to break-in. After that, you’re good to go and take them as your daily-driver.

How Long Does Dr. Martens Last?

Well, even though it depends on the materials and thickness, docs normally last for around 10 years. As a matter of fact, they have the tendency to last over ten years if you take proper care of them.

Here, the best thing you can do is take care of them. If you’re willing to clean and take good care of leather then they’ll last you for more than a decade.

So, don’t expose them to sunlight for too long and clean them once in a while.

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Doc Martens Sizing guide

Well, we’ve been through the sizing of docs a couple of times in this article. And, if you’re following until this point then you’ll know all about it.

However, there are minor considerations to be made here-

Firstly, if you’re getting them half-sized then go for a size down. Also, keep in mind the size ability of docs.

Normally, they remain truer to the size. But, even if you mess up and get larger docs for yourself, there’s always time to fix things.

Here, the wise thing will be to invest in insoles and thicker socks. Furthermore, getting heel grips will work in your favor as well. Just remember to not overdo anything as they’ll make the docs stretch.

And, once you stretch them out then there’s no going back. Hence, it’s better if you keep things simple and straightforward.

Handy Hint: Doc marten has their own sizing guide, click here ( link takes you to website)

Wrapping Up

That’s all we have to offer in this guide. Hopefully, things are loud and clear. And, we’ve hopeful that we’ve broken down every little mystery about your confusions.

Now, you’ll know the answer to the question- are dr martens true to size. Just remember to take good care of the docs as they’ll last for a long time.

Good Luck!

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