are doc martens worth the money – should i get or not?

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The demand for doc martens has risen up in recent years. Starting from celebrities to teenagers, everyone wears them now. Hence, you’ll see a spike in price and their sales.

But, that brings a lot of curiosity when talking about these boots. That’s why many curious minds ask- are doc martens worth the money?

Yes, they’re worth it. As these boots are capable of providing extreme comfort and support, you won’t be disappointed easily. Plus, the boots don’t wear out by any means. So, they’ll last for a long time.

But, wait, we aren’t done yet. There’s still more. And, to know all about the added information, you’ll have to read the rest of the guide.

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As many celebrities have shown their interest and worn doc martens throughout recent times, their prices have gone up. Also, these boots have been a symbol of luxury for the style icon. So, their demand has gone up as well.

Even when doc martens first started its journey way back, people treated it to be normal boots. So, their prices weren’t that high compared to old classical boots at that time.

However, recently their sales and prices have gone up a notch. Mainly due to many celebrities like Cardi B and Kanye West have influenced the fashion trend for doc martens.

As a result, people now are vastly interested in buying these boots even at higher prices. Based on different statistics, it was seen that the price of these boots has shot up to 25%. Hence, their sales and price have increased drastically.

And, do you know what else has changed in recent times? Well, the company producing doc martens has changed as well. Before, it had smaller productions only. But, it has increased its production efficiency by quite some margin.

Are Dr Martens Worth The Money?

Yes, doc martens are definitely worth the hype and money. Even though this answer depends on people-people, doc martens won’t disappoint by any way possible.

And, how is that? Well, these boots will last for a long time if you take care of it. As they’re made of leather, they don’t wear out easily. Moreover, if you take care of real leather then it’ll last for a long time.

Yes, you guessed it right. As the materials inside of doc martens are real leather, they’ll last for a long time. In fact, if you take care of these boots then they can last for over a decade. So, you won’t have to invest in buying another boot again.

We’ve spoken about longevity. Now, let’s talk about the comfort and support that these boots provide. From a style perspective, they’re the best in the business. The old-rugged design and dark color give off greater aesthetics.

Once you break-in the shoes, they fit perfectly. So, you’ll feel the warmth and comfort all the time. As these are leather manufactured, they’ll provide comfort and durability all the time. Hence, your boots won’t get damaged anytime soon.

So, in the end, these boots are worth the hype and money as they’ll provide added benefits all the time. And, the best part is that they’ll last long if taken care of.

Are Dr Martens Worth The Money

Are Doc Martens Good Quality?

Yes, doc martens are known for their quality and standard. As these boots are made of high-quality materials, they’re known for their quality.

By now, you already know about the quality of these boots and their materials. Here, real leather makes sure that you won’t receive any bits of discomfort anytime.

Furthermore, it even ensures that the boots last for a longer period of time. And, when you compare these boots against other boots in the market, they stand out all the time due to their comfort.

In the end, the boots are a symbol of comfort and style. As the boots have a better quality in them, you’ll be able to clean them without a problem.

Just wipe them off and you’ll eventually make it brand new. But, remember to not expose them directly to sunlight as it can damage the materials inside.

Other than that, the boots have a better quality when compared to different alternatives in the market. Hence, they’ll never disappoint you in any way.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re getting them for style or comfort, the boots will make sure you’ll always get added support and warmth all the time.

Can A 40 Year Old Wear Doc Martens?

Yes, A 40-year old can surely wear doc martens again. It doesn’t matter if you’ve worn them at your younger age, there’s still time to wear them. In fact, you can rock them by wearing them with flannel shirts.

Even though doc martens have been a fashion trend for the modern generation, a 40-year old can rock it easily. Here, the best combination of wearing them would be with flannel shirts.

By doing this, you can easily rock them without any problem. And, they’ve been known for their comfort and added support.

So, at the end of the day, you won’t feel any problem whatsoever with these boots. But, remember to take care of them as they’ll take care of you in return.

Are Doc Martens Real Leather?

Yes, doc martens are made of real leather. Even though these boots are labeled as “non-leather synthetic”, they’re still made of wool and leather.

As the boots are made of leather materials, it provides added comfort and warmth all the time. Moreover, they last for an extended period of time as well.

Turns out, leather can last for over a decade if it’s taken care of the proper way. Here, you can just keep your leather products away from sunlight and not wash them directly. By just ensuring some simple steps, you can go a long way at preserving them.

And, you can do the same for your doc martens. Just keep them out of the sun and you’re good to go. Also, don’t wash them directly underwater. By doing this, you’ll ensure that they’re lasting for over a decade.

In the end, the leather materials in the doc martens ensure that they’re the best in the business. And, it ensures that the boots have the least of the defects.

Which Dr Martens Should I Get?

Well, Doc Martens is a diversified brand. As a result, you’ll find different styles and types in them. As these boots remain truer to their respective sizes, you won’t have any problems choosing any.

But, if you’re trying to know the specific ones then we’d suggest going for the “Dr. martens – 1460 original (affiliate link takes you to ”. Here, you’ll get an old-rugged feeling and also extreme comfort.

As a matter of fact, this boot has been their best-seller for quite a while now. With greater aesthetics and extreme comfort, this boot is a tough competitor to beat in the current market.

Wrapping Up

So, that does it for now. We’re hopeful and happy that you’ve found the answer to your question. Now, you’ll be able to answer this question-  are dr martens worth it?

And, honestly speaking, yes they’re worth the hype and money. So, if you’re trying to invest in one, just go for it.

But, do remember to take care. By taking care of them, you’ll ensure that you won’t have to get any other boots soon.

Good Luck!

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