are dr martens good work boots? (The Truth Is Out There)

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If you have ever asked yourself the question “Are Dr Martens Good Work Boots?” Then the answer to that will always be a big yes. There is no doubt that these boots are good, cool, and snuggest of all the brands that are available in the market. The quality is really good and in most cases, a pair of boots will last for a very long time to come.

The brand has its headquarters in Wollaston, it has been around for decades and since its inception, the brand has grown from strength to strength. The sales have skyrocketed over the years, this is truly due to their outstanding quality.

The boots struck a very positive note with people of all age groups and today the brand has an impressive catalog to showcase to its global customer base.

Do you want to know more about this wonderful brand? Then have a read and gain some wonderful insight into things.

Yes, these are fabulous work boots and they have features like a toe made of steel, resistant to oil, and these boots are anti-slip. These boots are very resistant to heat and chemicals. These boots are exceptionally tough and very stylish. They will work just fine as work boots.

Dr. Martens paid special attention to those people who cannot take raised arches. Their soles have this spring effect to facilitate the movement of an arched foot. People who have flat feet will need to wear them with an insert. You can be rest assured that your boots will perform well with customized orthotics.

The boots do not always sport a very trendy look but they are quite stylish and so they will blend in well with your work clothes. The good thing is that these come in various styles so you have a lot of choices when picking a pair for your profession.

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Are Doc Martens Comfortable for work?

These boots are very comfortable for work. These Books are made using the latest technology and high-quality materials. The good thing is that these books will adapt to the shape of your feet very quickly. So no matter how intense your work schedule is, you will not feel the slightest discomfort in your feet.

The fit of the boots will depend greatly on the shape of your feet. Some people who fit into these from the first day. Certain models are made of tough leather and they may take time to adjust to your feet. Boots made of suede and fabric, are easy to fit into.

Now we know that many people wear these shoes when they go out hiking so it is obvious that these are very comfortable. These have a sturdy shape, firm leather, and springy soles so there is no doubt that this will make fabulous work boots.

Some people have got blisters but once your feet settle in well with these boots the discomfort will go away. This problem only arises with the boots made from hard leather, whereas, the other ones are just fine.

So, how do you select a comfortable pair? Well, since everybody’s feet are designed differently you should pick a pair that has a very natural fit. To understand what suits your feet you must try a couple of different sizes, styles, and materials.

However, you can put in a little effort and by spending a little cash you can enhance the comfort level of these boots here are some tips.

  • Slip the boots on and then identify the areas of your feet where they hurt.
  • Cover those areas with blister bandages 
  • Slip-on thin socks and then wear thick socks
  • Use a cloth to rub Vaseline or baby oil on the leather. This will help  to soften the edges and the  creases
  • Apply  the oil to the boots for a couple of days and you will notice a vast difference

What Makes Dr Martens Good Work Boots?

Here are some strong reasons that will highlight as to why these boots should be worn to work. Have a read and find out interesting facts.

Very Comfortable

These boots are super comfortable once you start wearing them regularly. They will change as per the shape of the feet. This will also help you walk great distances with any problem. 

The good thing about these boots is that they are very spacious so your feet will never feel cramped at any time of the day.

The Last For A Long Time

Unlike other brands, these boots have good longevity, which makes them a popular choice as work boots. You will come across many brands that promise you the highest quality, but in reality, those boots will last just about three years and you will be seeking replacements.

Dr. Martens boots are very sturdy and they last forever. These boots are very strong and made from really good quality leather. The brand provides a guarantee of its quality. All the boots undergo several quality checks before being sold in the market. 

These boots have bouncy soles and have high resistance to alkali, petrol, acid, fat, and oil.

Are Dr Martens Good For Standing All Day?

Well, these boots are designed to provide maximum comfort even on a hectic day. These are made from strong yet comfortable leather. The inner sole of the boots is created especially to provide the feet with maximum cushioning.

Since the boots have a lot of space in them your feet will feel at home even when you wear them for extended hours on any day. These are designed to give your toes the space that it needs to feel secure, safe, and to breathe. These boots are also known as Air Wear. So, yes you can wear them on days when you have to spend most of the time standing on your feet.

Do Doc Martens work as rain boots?

are dr marten good work boots

Well, all the boots sold by Doc Martens are not water-resistant. The level of water resistance depends on the material, shape, and cut of the boots. However, a few boots that are completely waterproof. You can buy them with your eyes closed with full assurance that they will not sustain any damage from water.

The good news is that you can do quite a few things to add protection to your boots such as using a protective spray to prevent wet patches. Products such as Liquiproof work wonders on the different fabric, this will also repair any damage caused by water. 

Though the boots from this brand are designed to withstand harsh climatic conditions you still have to take very good care of them in the long run to prevent damage from water.

Types of Work Boots Dr. Martens Produces

The brand is known to produce a wide variety of boots and here are some of the popular types.

1. Work Boots

These boots are very strong and some of them come with steel toes and happen to be waterproof. These are typically slip-on boots and have cushioned soles for added comfort. The overall construction of these boots is very strong and sturdy and they will last for a very long time. They are sold in different neutral colors.

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2. Orthopedic Work Boots

These boots help the foot to relax quite a bit. This is waterproof and it has anti-skid properties. The good thing about this boot is very lightweight.  These boots are practically indestructible.

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3. Combat Boots

The upper portion is quite sturdy as it is made from good patent leather. The stitching does a good job in holding the boot together. The sole is air-cushioned and is resistant to alkali, petrol, fat, and oil.

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final Verdict

So, hopefully, all the information mentioned will answer your question “are dr martens suitable for work?” These boots are not to be given a miss under any circumstances. The brand has a huge catalog to choose from and you will be spoilt for choice.

Each boot is designed differently so you have to take the time to evaluate all the options in front of you before acquiring any of them. Do not make rushed decisions. These may cost a bit extra but they are worth it as they are stylish and have good longevity. 

You will certainly get a lot for your money. It’s time to take those stylish strides to work.

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