Are Timberlands Good For Hiking? [ Explained ]

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are timberlands good for hikingTimberlands are good but only when certain factors are considered. In general, there’re other choices with advanced features alongside comfort and durability to satisfy the needs of hikers around the world.

Emerging as durable, hard-wearing work boots during the early ‘70s, they became an iconic choice for both comfort seekers and hip-hop culturists over the following decade. Gradually, they entered the world of hiking enthusiasts who have passed mixed thoughts on their usability.

While only a few don’t fancy the idea, most users advise caution adding more relevance to the question, “Are Timberlands good for hiking?” We’ll try to answer it as precisely as possible in this article.

There’re particular characteristics which make a pair of hiking boots appropriate for both men and women. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Fit: Snug fit (neither tight nor loose) is desirable with adequate room for allowing users to expand their feet by as much as 5% when required and wiggle the toes comfortably.
  • Traction (Slip Resistance): Special outsole designs or tread patterns are required to prevent accidental falling or slipping.
  • Breathability: Sufficient ventilation is a must for keeping your feet dry, especially in hot climates when lack of ventilation may cause blisters and rashes with other skin issues.
  • Waterproofing Feature: Hiking boots without proper waterproofing arrangements aren’t much of choice.
  • Weight: Lightweight boots are a no-brainer but not necessarily at the expense of ankle support, traction, and stability.
  • Cushioning: Shock-absorbing soles are a necessity for quality cushioning. Both EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) and PU (polyurethane) are ideal materials for midsoles, offering distinct advantages over each other. A boot with EVA forefoot and PU rear foot provides the best of both worlds.
  • Comfort: Ideal boots should make the user comfortable in them, allowing for as little muscle activity and oxygen consumption as possible.
  • Stability: Hiking boots for men and women need to include medial support, semi or fully curved last, equally wide upper and sole, and resistance to compression to ensure proper support.
  • Sole Stiffness: Stiff soles are protective but not without downsides like poor flex, restricted movement, etc.
  • Durability: Leather boots are more durable than synthetic ones. Adequate stitching and toe bumpers are expected.

Now that you’ve got to understand what exactly sets a pair of hiker boots apart from others, we’ll discuss if you can count on the different boots from this particular manufacturer.

5 Most Popular Timberland Boots for Hiking

While the company has brought dozens of boots for both men and women, some of them like Flume, White Ledge, Chocorua, Euro Hiker, and Mt. Maddsen are extremely popular and often compared to the finest pairs from other contemporary brands.

Let’s see whether each of these fashionable boots serves up to a hiker’s expectations, or they’re just another pair that makes you keep looking for a better alternative.

1. Timberland Men's Chocorua Trail Mid

Timberland Men's Chocorua Trail Mid

This is the current price of these Timberland Men’s Chocorua Trail Mid
available at Amazon
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Speaking of the comfort and the fit that Chocorua Trail offers, we can’t remember seeing anything out of the box. However, the leather uppers soften up pretty quickly to add to the user’s comfort.

It won’t deprive you of Timberland’s classic leather design. The accentuated lacing system with a leather upper makes it convenient to use. One of the highly regarded qualities of the boot is its traction in virtually any rough or unusual outdoor surface.

The rubber soles are flexible yet firm. Stiffness won’t be an issue, thanks to the nylon shanks and EVA footbeds. But, you might feel helpless on rugged trails for the flexibility it offers might be way too much. The weight of the boot isn’t much, but it can’t be as good as one of the lightest pairs.

Editors Tips: If you love to hike on the weekends or a bit more frequently, the boot won’t disappoint you.

2. Timberland Men's White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

Timberland Men's White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

This is the current price of these Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

With padded upper tongue and collar, this all-leather pair feels comfortable if the hike goes on for a couple of miles or a little further. Stability is its strong suit, but you’ll find quite the opposite when it comes to durability and traction. The sole may delaminate pretty fast.

Its water resistance isn’t entirely a joke. Your feet should stay dry on most occasions except while undergoing immersion for 2-3 minutes. Moreover, the weight goes easy on your feet.

Editors Tips: You needn’t worry about its usability if all you look for is an occasional hike that doesn’t involve walking through any submerged area.

3. Timberland Men's Flume Waterproof Boot

Timberland Men's Flume Waterproof Boot

This is the current price of these Timberland Men’s Flume Waterproof Boot available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

With this footwear, you won’t have what we call a snug fit, but its BSFP system works for those who want to enjoy hassle-free “break, support, flex and propel” motions.

For a boot with an upper made of full-grain leather, this pair doesn’t weigh too much unless you get it wet. The traction lugs that maintain a multi-directional alignment offers excellent traction.

The leather design may seem to be a serious hindrance to breathability, but the removable EVA footbed comes perforated to make up for that. The seam-sealed mesh uppers include breathable membrane to let you keep the feet dry while making the shoe waterproof.

Without reinforced, steel toes, durability and safety can’t be the strongest point of these boots, but you can still count on them while hitting a dangerous hiking territory.

Editors Tips: You can go on a monthly/fortnightly or casual hike without getting concerned about wet or slippery trails.

4. Timberland Men's Mt. Maddsen Hiker Boot

Timberland Men's Mt. Maddsen Hiker Boot

This is the current price of these Timberland Men’s Mt. Maddsen Hiker Boot (affiliate link takes you to

It’s another waterproof hiking pair with average breathability and durability, excellent waterproofing features, and fantastic traction. Its mediocre arch support and narrow fit add to its limitations. After all, Mt. Maddsen isn’t a hiking speciality for serious users, but its suitability is undeniable when hiking is a sporadic pursuit.

5. Timberland Mens Euro Hiker Mid Hiking Boot

Timberland Mens Euro Hiker Mid Hiking Boot

This is the current price of these Timberland Mens Euro Hiker Mid Hiking Boot available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

Lightweight and roomy yet fitting, Euro hiker boots offer some comfort despite its poor breathability. Not big on traction, it feels stable under the feet with typical arch support. The full-grain leather boot has been designed for those who love multi-day hiking.

So, you see all of these walking boots from Timberland have both their benefits and downsides, but they’re acceptable as hiking footwear. Now, we’ll answer a few more questions that are relevant to this discussion.

Are Timberland 6-Inch Boots Good for Hiking?

are timberlands good hiking boots

Well, it doesn’t make a good choice for hikers due to specific reasons, such as lack of ventilation (breathability), barely average traction and stability. Apart from the design being less than ideal for hiking/walking purposes, its excessive weight is the most notable setback for you can hardly walk a mile or two with ease.

You may want to hike in it because you already have a pair in hand or you aren’t simply interested in getting another at this moment. Then, you should be aware of its PrimaLoft® insulation which is solely employed to keep the feet warm even when it’s a sunny day ahead.

When should You Choose Timberland Boots?

Timberland is one of the few brands known for their continuous efforts to fuse necessity and pleasure into an original creation. That said, you’ll have to choose from a long lineup of footwear designed for work, hiking, and casual outing. One attribute that fits these boots most appropriately is that most of the pairs are adorable as outdoor wear.

Are Dr. Martens Good For Hiking?

The versatility Dr. Martens boots offer can’t be overlooked, but when hiking is the only concern, you don’t want to end up with putting your feet inside something that doesn’t welcome them for a prolonged period.

These boots require little to zero break-ins and feel comfortable as you wear them, but things may turn roughly after an hour or two. Durability and stability can’t be questioned, but you want some traction too, which is almost non-existent for Martens boots.

Related articles: Are Doc Martens boots Good For Snow?

Do Timberlands Get More Comfortable?

Yes, they do. You can enjoy walking some extra miles in your Timberland after taking some time to break it in. The time required for a comfortable break-in wildly varies from boots to boots.

Unlike the pairs specially crafted for hiking, Timberlands won’t be up for perfection as you unbox. Since full-grain leather is the ideal material, you shouldn’t expect anything significant until a few weeks of use.


Finally, we’ll conclude our discussion by answering a tricky question, “Are timberlands good for hiking regardless of the distinction between boots and shoes?” You’ll learn our opinion on how Timberland walking boots are different from the shoes.

Boots got the upper hand when ankle support, traction, warmth, durability, and safety/protection matter. Shoes are often lighter, quicker to dry, more comfortable and flexible, requiring no break-in. These comparative findings are pretty much applicable to Timberlands too.

Hopefully, you can now decide on the excellence of the Timbs without any hesitation. Shoot us a message if you’ve more questions about the brand and its products. Happy and safe hiking!

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