Are Timberlands Good For Walking? [ Answer Guide]

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Why do we even buy shoes? Our whole purpose is to walk around in them comfortably. Thus, while buying shoes, it is essential to know whether these shoes are suitable for walking or not. Timberlands have made their way all around the world and are super famous. But are they good enough to walk? Let’s find out.

Are timberlands good for walking? As per the opinion of most people, timberland shoes are more of a fashion trend than serious walking shoes.

The reviews for different timberland boots suggest that they are suitable for walking casually but not for a solemn walk.

top Qualities of good walking shoes

If we look at the merits of walking shoes in general, then we can drive the conclusion that the following attributes are essential for walking shoes:

Comfort level

The level of comfort is fundamental when it comes to perfect walking shoes. When you walk in your shoes, you should see it to be an easy and smooth process.


When you walk in your shoes, you should be able to maintain a stable balance.


A right walking shoe is always flexible and provides enough space for the toe to move in a smooth motion.

Heel counter

The heel counter should comfortably place your heel in the right position. A good heel counter helps your feet pronation.


The midsole should provide enough flexibility and cushion to the feet. Hence, this is an essential component of footwear.


This part is located inside the shoe and plays the role of shock absorbent. Thus, it is also an essential part of the footwear.

Toe box

The area around the toe is known as toe box, and in the right shoe, there is always adequate space to move the toe freely.

The qualities of timberland shoes

By categorizing the qualities of timberland shoes into pros and cons, we can drive a better conclusion about whether timberland shoes are suitable for walking or not.

Pros of timberlands

  • Insulation

Timberlands boots provide excellent insulation, especially in their premium boots. The usage of Primaloft ECO insulation forms a cohesive insulating structure because of the synthetic fibers.

  • Waterproof

Most of the shoes made by timberland are waterproof. Some premium shoes are 1005 waterproof because of the leather used. The company also claims that they have seam-sealed their boots, which makes it more waterproof.

  • Durability

Another point-scoring factor of timberlands is their durability. Timberland shoes are durable and long-lasting, which gives it an edge over its competitors. The Men’s premium boot is one of those timberland boots which will stick out with you from one terrain to another.

Cons of timberland

  • Weight

The timberland boots or shoes have one huge disadvantage of the weight of the shoes. Everyone prefers light weighted shoes, but timberland shoes are mostly heavy to carry. No one would want to take the extra weight with them.

  • Stains and dirt issues

Many users of timberland shoes ended up complaining about its cleaning issues. These shoes get strained easily, and even a short walk can get them all muddy and dirty.

  • Steel toe

These shoes are not steel-toed, which adds another point in the bucket of its disadvantages. It does not have a steel toe cap because of which it might feature a hardy boot toe.

The comfort level of timberlands

As comfort is an essential feature of shoes, so there is a need to put extra stress on the comfort level of timberland shoes. Reviews of customers’ shows: These boots are indeed very comfortable. However, the heel feels rigid and hard. The heavyweight of these shoes cuts down on the comfort level.

Are Timberland boots good for walking? what customer say

A serious walker looks at more aspects of the shoes than a regular user. Such a keen observer would drive the conclusion that timberland is not an ideal choice for serious walking. Customers have placed particular stress on the heavyweight of the shoes, which brings down the comfort level. Quoting the wordings of one of the customers:

“There was a time when timberland was my favourite. However, now they have become more of a fashion trend instead of walking shoes.”

Thus, the decent charming look of timberland shoes attracts customers, but it has lost the customers who search for long-distance walking shoes.

Better alternatives for walking shoes

Although timberland may not be the perfect choice for you, there are still plenty of other brands that focus on your walking needs.

Ryka Women’s Sky Walk Walking

These shoes are picking up their pace in the market because of their high qualities as walking shoes. They are famous for their breathability and high level of comfort. Not only this, but the company is also renowned for its competitive pricing as you will find these boots at a reasonable price. To keep up with your fashion needs, these boots are made in 7 different colors.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 7 Trail Running Shoes

These shoes have reached the hearts of people with the ultimate comfort level and flexibility. The rating of these shoes is excellent over the net, which shows the fondness of people for these shoes. Breathability is another positive point in its bucket, along with support. To sum it all up nicely, the company has incorporated the latest styles in their shoes

Wrap Up

Sadly, timberland is not the ideal choice for long walks anymore. There are plenty of other options in the market and those too with better pricing. Thus, when there are cheaper and better options, then people are losing their interest in timberlands.

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