Are Uggs Water Resistant | how to protect ugg boots from water?

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Here are certain qualities that we look for in boots, and water resistance is one of them. Ugg’s boots have come into style and are very famous these days. However, do they fulfil all the qualities of a perfect water-resistant boot? Let’s find out. 

Are uggs water resistant? There is a mixed answer to this question as there are some water-resistant ugg boots. However, some of the classic suede’s are not made for snow and rain.  

These boots do a remarkable job of keeping your feet warm in the chilly weather of winters. The company claims that it has been constructed with waterproof suede and has been seam-sealed. They have also used Vibram arctic grip, which provides them with excellent traction for icy surfaces

However, that’s not all that you look for in your winter boots because it can get very snowy and you need to be sure that your boots won’t soak in water. 

Water-Resistant VS Water Proof

Water-resistance and water proofing are often confused to be similar. However, there is a remarkable difference between them. When we say that a boot is water-resistant, it means that the boot will help stop water coming in your shoes to some extent only. It will not completely block out your feet from water.

On the other hand, water proof means a complete blockage of water from entering your shoes. Waterproofing suggests that your boots are impervious to water.

How to make ugg boots waterproof?

If your ugg boots are not waterproof, you can use some techniques to ensure that they become water-resistant. Inevitably, when you invest your money in buying some shoes, you would want them to deliver the best quality in all types of atmosphere and conditions. By applying these methods, you can safely convert your non-waterproof ugg boots to water-resistant.

1. Waterproof Spray

The easiest and most reliable method of waterproofing your boots is by using a waterproof spray. Ugg Boots Company supplies these sprays as well, so if you are buying a pair of non-waterproof boots, don’t forget to get your hands on the waterproofing spray. 

All you have to do is spray this all over your new ugg boots upside down and let it dry inside for 20 minutes. Remember, you should not directly dry them in the sun. 

2. Sheepskin Cleaner And Conditioner

Another method to waterproof your boots is by using sheepskin cleaner and conditioner. The ugg boots company also supplies this product.

In this method, you have to take about a quarter-size amount of the product on a sponge and apply it directly to your ugg boots. Then you have to let those boots dry inside for 20 minutes. You are good to go in rain and snow now!

Things to take care of,

While cleaning using these techniques for waterproofing your boots, you need to take care that you apply these methods on brand new ugg shoes. If you have even worn your shoes once, then you need to clean your boots before starting the process of waterproofing thoroughly.  

what to do if uggs get wet?

It is a frequently asked question: If ugg boots get strained by water, then what can be done to fix it. It is recommended to always waterproof your shoes before you step into the water puddle. However, if you skip this part and end up having strains on your boots, then wash them thoroughly and dry them. This will give you another chance to waterproof them before wearing them.

how to clean ugg boots that got wet?

While we are discussing that you can clean your ugg boots, it is essential to know how they can be cleaned.  

  • Brush off the dirt from your boots.
  • Gently wipe the outside of the boots with cold water.
  • Make a sponge wet with cold water and apply it to a small amount of suede cleaner.
  • Gently rub the sponge all over the boot evenly.
  • Now take a dampen cloth (dampen in cold water) and remove the residues of cleaner. 
  • Let it dry inside (no direct heat or sunlight) for 48 hours.

best waterproof ugg boots you should try

As stated earlier, ugg boots can be classified into two categories: those which are waterproof and those who are not. Furthermore, they are sorted for both the gender; male and female.

1. waterproof ugg boots womens

There is an exclusive range of waterproof boots made by ugg boots. They are stylish and trendy to go in style with any of your winter dress. 

  • Adirondack iii waterproof snow boot
  • Misty snow boot
  • Birch waterproof snow boot
  • Montara snow boot
  • Bonham iii waterproof chelsea boot

These are only some of the famous ugg boots famous among women for their waterproofing quality. 

2. Waterproof ugg boots men's

Just like women’s waterproof boots, there is a range of waterproof boots for men. These boots come in different sizes and colours to satisfy the demand for all types of customers.

  • Butte
  • Seton tl boot
  • Hannen tl boot
  • Harkland weather ugg

3. Non-Waterproof Boots

The classic suede ugg boots are non-waterproof. These are not waterproof, and water can come in through the seams. They will work fine in light snow; however, do not wear them in heavy snow or rain. Thus, these boots can be called water-resistant but not waterproof.

These boots are made with a form of leather: suede. It is rubbed and sanded to raise the fibre. This also makes the shoes softer, but it makes it more liable to watermarks. A watermark or strain can easily be imprinted on these shoes.

final verdict

If you have opted ugg boots to be your winter boots this year, then they won’t disappoint you with their comfort and warmth. If you are planning on splattering around in water or playing in the snow, then make sure you buy a waterproof pair of ugg boots. Else, you will have to look up to the waterproofing techniques.

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