Are Vans Good For Walking? [Facts You Should Know]

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If you are planning on taking a long walk in peaceful nights, you need the proper shoes to ensure comfort. Thus, our shoes play an essential role in our everyday life. If you are an athlete, then again, you would look out for the best shoes to keep up with your running pace. Moreover, if you are fond of hiking, then the right shoes become a vital choice. Vans have made their way around the world, but are they suitable for walking, running, lifting, and hiking? Will they support you in these tasks of yours? Let’s find out!

Are vans good for walking? Yes, the comfort of vans makes it suitable for walking. However, long walks are not suggested in these shoes. Running and lifting can also be accomplished in these shoes, but hiking is again a big no.

What are vans?

Let’s make one point clear here that vans are a shoe brand company found in America. Typically they were designed as skateboarding shoes, but people have been creating diverse use of it lately

History of vans

Who can imagine inventing things for fun during the peak crucial time of the sixties? However, the Van Doren brothers made an exception, and in 1966 they came up with a design for a new kind of shoes. These shoes became very popular amongst the skateboarders all through the seventies.

Notably, the ‘#44 deck shoes’, also known as the ‘authentic shoes,’ were amongst the first pairs which saw fame. Following in line came: ‘The Vans #95’, also known as ‘The Era,’ ‘The old skools,’ ‘Classic Slip Ons’, and the ‘Sk8-Hi’.

Since then, Vans have gained popularity and have made their way to thousands of customers. To add a cherry at the top of the cake, vans made productive use of promotions through celebrities and well-known brands.

Are Vans Good For Walking
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Where are vans helpful?

Vans are mainly made for athletes because of whom skateboarders popularly use it. The sticky rubber sole made it useful for snowboarding as well.  Furthermore, adding in the list are surfing and bicycling. The use of vans does not end here as weightlifters have also been fond of these shoes and made use of it.  

Are vans good walking shoes?

Today’s world has become so customized in their needs that there are precise specifications about the perfect walking shoes. We have to find out whether vans fulfills those specifications and turns out to be an excellent walking shoe

Features of good walking shoes

  • Flexibility: Good walking shoes are flexible because your foot will flex when you walk.
  • comfort: Your shoes must provide you comfort while walking.
  • Flat: People prefer flat shoes over heels for walking
  • Best fitting: The better your feet fit in the shoe, the better the support is.
  • Strong grip: The more the shoes have a solid grip, the better you will be able to walk.

Vans as walking shoes

Vans do a reasonable job as walking shoes. The qualities that are mentioned above are all incorporated in the shoes made by vans. Van shoes have a high level of comfort, which makes it easy to walk. In addition to this, the boots have a firm grip, which provides better support to feet and reduces the chances of slipping. Vans also have people attracted to it because of its appealing looks. The canvas used for making vans is breathable, thus adding to the list of positivity.

Long-distance walking

If you are looking out to vans for a long-distance walk, then maybe it won’t be the best option for you. Although the canvas used to make shoes is breathable, but it is not long-lasting. Thus, the lack of durability reduces the walking distance.

are vans good for running?

are vans good for running

As mentioned earlier, vans shoes can be used to run as they market their sneakers as running shoes. First, we will take a look at the qualities of good running shoes and then conclude vans.

Features of good running shoes

  • Comfort: The most crucial aspect of running shoes is their level of comfort.
  • Cushioning: An excellent running shoe must have to cushion so that joints won’t face any impact.
  • Arch support: A smooth heel-to-toe transition is vital, so that rear feet and front feet move independently to each other.
  • Flexibility: Thus, this will allow your feet to have normal motion.

Vans as running shoes

Vans make pretty good running shoes. Mainly, ‘Vans Mesh Iso 1.5‘ is famous as a running shoe because of the following features:

  • Lightweight
  • Rubber sole
  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • Plenty of cushioning

Vans also have some limited special editions which come in with unique features. Thus, slowly vans have made its way to running shoe market as well.

Are vans good for weight lifting ?

Lifters sometimes choose vans as an option, but it is not an ideal choice for them. Following the pattern, let’s first examine the features and qualities of a lifting shoe

Features of good lifting shoes

  • Heavier: Lifting shoes are generally heavier than ordinary shoes.
  • Flat sole: For a more secure fit, lifting shoes have a flat sole.
  • Raised heel: The heel is almost three quarters to a whole inch high
  • Non-compressible: Lifting shoes are mostly hard and non-compressible.

Vans as lifting shoes

Vans have made their way to various marketing areas, and lifting is undoubtedly one of them. Although not very famous as lifting shoes, vans still have got a scope in this field. Lifters have made use of vans because vans shoes are nice and flat. Increasing the positive points is the fact that van shoes don’t wobble.

Are vans good for hiking?

Here things are a little different as vans do not fit in the category of hiking shoes. Although you may opt for walking or running, but cross it out from your list of hiking shoes.

 Features of good hiking shoes

  • Breathability: Breathability is essential; otherwise, you may end up having blisters on your feet.
  • Lightweight: You would not want to carry extra weight in hiking, so hiking shoes are light in weight.
  • Durability: Hiking is a long process, so hiking shoes should be durable.
  • Traction: The traction in hiking shoes plays an essential role as it ensures a firm grip.
  • Arch support: It’s all about better support and grip in hiking.

Vans as hiking shoes

Hiking boots have unique characteristics, and they cannot be replaced. If you are planning on wearing your running sneakers for hiking, you are making a big mistake. You may use them for casual hiking, but long hikes with uneven terrains ask for proper hiking boots. As discussed earlier, the canvas of vans lacks the durability of a hiking boot. It can also not cover the traction and support offered by a hiking boot.


Vans have gained the popularity that they deserve. Walking, running, and lifting all go smooth in van’s shoes, but for hiking, you can look up to other options. The overall rating of van’s shoes is very high, and customers have mostly received positive feedback.

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