Best Goodyear Welted Shoes Reviews (2021) – [ Top 5 Picks]

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A pair of trendy and classy footwear complements almost every outfit and expresses your stylish personality. Also, these are a must for your office or a late-night party. However, no shoe style will look more elegant than Goodyear welted shoes. 

The seamless sewing of the leather around the insole and upper section gives these shoes a flawless design. Moreover, Goodyear welted shoes comes with a long-lasting service for you. 

Hence, it has become an integral part of the outfit for men and women both. So, many shoemakers, including Allen Edmonds and Grenson, built a few stylish and eye-catchy models of the same design. 

So, to help you ardently in selecting the best Goodyear shoes for men and women, we have reviewed 25+ shoes and selected five meeting our standard and customers’ expectations.

Also, we have discussed the worthiness and benefits of wearing Goodyear welted shoes for you.

These are our choice for the best goodyear welted shoes on the market:

  • Red Wing Heritage Men’s Iron Ranger Vibram Boot
  • Dr. Martens, 1461 Unisex Leather Oxford Shoe
  • Anthony Veer Men’s Regan Wingtip Leather Shoes
  • DLT Men’s Goodyear Welted Oxford Dress Shoes
  • Anthony Veer Men’s Roosevelt II Shoe

Red Wing Heritage Men’s Iron Ranger Boot
  • Package Dimensions: 14.1 x 9.5 x 5
  • Material: Rubber sole, Leather
  • Weight: 1.9 Pounds
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Dr. Martens, 1461 Unisex Leather Oxford Shoe
  • Package Dimensions: 12 x 4 x 8 inches
  • Material: Rubber sole, Leather
  • Weight: 1.5 Pounds
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Anthony Veer Men’s Regan Wingtip Leather Shoes
  • Package Dimensions: 12.9 x 8 x 4.7 inches
  • Material: Leather insole and outsole
  • Weight: 3.6 Pounds
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DLT Men’s Goodyear Welted Oxford Dress Shoes
  • Package Dimensions: 13.6 x 8 x 5 inches
  • Material: Rubber sole, Leather
  • Weight: 3.65 Pounds
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Anthony Veer Men’s Roosevelt II Shoe
  • Package Dimensions: 12.8 x 8.39 x 4.88 inches
  • Material: Imported Leather Sole,
  • Weight: 4 Pounds
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Best Goodyear Welted Shoes

Goodyear boots were 1st introduced in the shoe market way back in 1869. These shoes facilitate re-crafting and resoling to expand the original lifespan.

1. Red Wing Heritage Men's Iron Ranger Vibram Boot

If we had to talk about style and comfort with premium craftsmanship, this Red Wing Heritage boot would top the list. 

Here’s what these Red Wing Heritage Men’s Iron Ranger Vibram Boot look like:

Red Wing Heritage Men's Iron Ranger 6" Vibram Boot

This is the current price of these Red Wing Heritage available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

  • 100% natural leather finish: The full-grain leather looks stylish and lasts long. You can quickly rub off any scuff on it and get the glossy appearance back quickly.
  • Treaded rubber 430 mini-lug Vibram outsole: It has a treaded pattern to offer superior grip at wet conditions and prevents slips.
  • Beautiful 48-inches long lace: The lace is made of premium fabrics and adds a pleasing look. It expresses your bold personality.
  • The USA made a pair of shoes: The shoe pair has been made in the USA. Also, every single part of the leather is outsourced carefully to ensure quality.

I mean, SERIOUSLY, look at the fantastic features and style it offers to you.
The shoe has been carefully crafted from 100% premium leather. The smooth finish of the leather gives you an elegant appearance with every outfit. Since the leather is sourced from real cows and not synthetic, you can quickly rub off any scuffs if it happens ever.

What’s more, the shoe comes with a Nitrile cork outsole. It has a treaded pattern to support optimal safety against slippage in the wet surface. Then there’re the steel shank and nickel eyelets to prevent your toe and heel from twisting and injuries.

All these premium features come in a single package of the shoe and ultimately offer you the best Goodyear welted dress shoes available presently in the market. Last but not least, the pair of footwear is available in some genuinely charming colors which suit all types of personality and formal or party wears to make you standalone among thousands.




The shoe pair looks stylish. It is a top recommendation for those who don’t fear spending money on a quality product.

2. Dr. Martens, 1461 Unisex Leather Oxford Shoe ( best overall)

This is a classic pair of Dr. Martens Oxford shoe that shoe reviewers hardly resist the temptation to include in their recommendations. 

And we are no exception.

Here’s what these Dr. Martens, 1461 Unisex Leather Oxford Shoe look like:

Dr. Martens, 1461 3-Eye Leather Oxford Shoe for Men and Women

This is the current price of these Dr. Martens, 1461 Unisex available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

  • 100% shiny leather finish: You will love its full-grain finish. The genuine leather design outshines all shoe décor with its impressive built-quality.
  • Unisex style: The Oxford style shoe is made for both men and women. Hence, it supports a wide variety of outfits for all.
  • DNA Docs construction: The classic design and ventilation work remarkably to increase your comfort. Also, it ensures lasting service.
  • Cushioned midsole: You enjoy great heel and ankle support, no matter which surface you walk on with the shoe. The excess cushion keeps your feet safe and brings pure comfort.

To start with, we draw your attention towards its shiny black leather finish. The smooth finish and grand style with a low top design of the shoe will complement both men and women in every outfit. The unisex style brings comfort and affordability at the forefront for everyone.

What’s more, the midsole has additional air cushion. So, whether you wear the shoe for a relaxed stole or attend a party, the cushioned midsole ensures you feel comfortable and confident.

The airy feel is necessary, too, if you are planning to wear the shoe for a longer period amidst a tight schedule. Its ability to soak moisture and odor also comes beneficial.

However, the list of remarkable features doesn’t stop here.
The shoe pair ensures durability since it has been crafted from premium natural leather. And before I wrap the review, here’s a SECRET- it is the best Goodyear welted boots at a cheap price you can get right now out in the market.



Final Verdict

The 1461 Dr. Martens shoe will add some sparkling brilliance to your shoe moments and give you the confidence to walk with a glare.

3. Anthony Veer Men's Regan Wingtip Leather Shoes

Whenever we see a pair of Oxfords, what we imagine or expect?
We expect an elegant, grand, and durable appearance.

Here’s what these Anthony Veer  Wingtip Leather Shoes look like:

best goodyear welted shoes

This is the current price of these Anthony Veer  Wingtip available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

  • Smooth leather exterior finish: It is built with genuine and full-grain leather. So, you will enjoy its shiny exterior, and it goes well with formal and office dress.
  • Four eyelets with beautiful laces: The shoelace is made with soft fabrics and has four eyelets to grab everyone’s attention.
  • Breathable vent hole design: Even if you wear the shoe for a whole day, its ventilated holes will soak odor and moisture to give you a dry feel. So, forget about uneasiness.
  • Reinforced stacked heel: The heel section has been newly enhanced to offer a soft feel. So, you get rid of the pains that come from improper cushioning and long-wearing.

Well, the Anthony Veer men’s dress shoe ticks all these boxes plus an impressive comfort for your feet. The shoe upper is built with full-grain natural leather. Moreover, the leather-lined outsole combines with the leathered upper for a classic yet modern appearance with an iconic wingtip design.

The four eyelets and a pair of luxurious lace make the shoe the finest solution to wear with every outfit you cherish.
But it’s not about style and class only. The Anthony Veer Wingtip offers SOMETHING MORE.

First off, cork bed midsole, along with the newly designed stacked wooden heel, offers you extraordinary comfort without compromising look and quality.

Hence, put your step forward with confidence wearing this Goodyear welted full grain leather shoes and enjoy every bit of premium features.
Then, we have to mention its smooth finish. It brings a timeless classic design at your feet.

And oh yes, did I ardently tell you that this is one of the most durable shoe pairs you will get right now. Yes, it’s no high talk.

The craftsmanship used to manufacture the shoe is of high-quality. Also, the outsole design is recraftable, which adds up to the overall durability.



Final Verdict

If you want comfort and style together, this pair of Anthony Veer Men’s Regan Wingtip will surely win your heart.

4. DLT Men's Goodyear Welted Oxford Dress Shoes (budget picks)

Oxford boots are classy and contemporary simultaneously. If you haven’t got an Oxford yet, let me introduce a shoe pair that deserves to be in your shoe rack, the DLT Men’s Goodyear welted shoes made from genuine leather. 

Here’s what these DLT Men’s Goodyear Welted  Dress Shoes look like:

This is the current price of these DLT Men’s Goodyear Welted  Dress Shoes available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

  • Breathable mesh design: You can walk with confidence and comfort as the breathable design keeps moisture and odor at bay. Also, it is helpful to prevent bacterial build-up.
  • Anti-slip rubber outsole: Whether you wear it on the slippery or muddy surface, the rubber outsole with anti-slip feature makes sure you don’t slip accidentally.
  • Flawless built quality: The shoe design with laces and premium fabric outshines almost everyone with a trendy look. It suits virtually any outfit.

Oxford boots are classy and contemporary simultaneously. If you haven’t got an Oxford yet, let me introduce a shoe pair that deserves to be in your shoe rack, the DLT Men’s Goodyear welted shoes made from genuine leather.

The shoe is crafted from premium Italian leather. The full-grain finish brings a contemporary look at your every step that none can’t ignore.

What’s more, the seamless lining and stitches with such premium leathery finish are bound to grab attention in parties, offices, and where not. But that’s not everything. The welted rubber soles bring comfort at the forefront without compromising style.

So, we had a little thought to put it in our list of top Goodyear welted shoes.

And let me reveal a SECRET to you.

The pair of Oxford boots is available at around a hundred bucks, making it the cheapest Goodyear welted shoes on our list.



Final Verdict

The DLT Men’s Oxford shoes will take your style and personality to the next step with its eye-grabbing design and also has affordable pricing.

5. Anthony Veer Men's Roosevelt II Shoe

Luxury, flawless design, and high-class material, when these three met together, some magic happens. And this is true for the Anthony Veer Roosevelt II Shoe. 

Here’s what these Anthony Veer Men’s Roosevelt II Shoe
look like:

Anthony Veer Men's Roosevelt II Monk shoes

This is the current price of these Anthony Veer Men’s Roosevelt II available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

  • Recraftable leather outsole: You can recraft the outsole for two to three times. It will enhance the lifetime of shoes greatly.
  • Multiple layers of the outsole: The outsole is made with various layers of rubber. It enhances shoe durability.
  • Cork bed midsole: The cork bed helps your feet feel the firmness without causing blisters. Also, it has an even pressure throughout the shoe to offer you great comfort.
  • Double monk strap: It fits snuggly and adds an aesthetic and pleasing attraction to every foot.

It is made of full-grain leather and offers you the rare luxury which otherwise is impossible to get in shoes. The insole has a leather lining, and you can recraft the outsole. The lining midsole offers breathability, and the outsole comes with a treaded pattern.

So, you get both comfort and elegance simultaneously.

On top of all these, the stacked wooden heel with a monk style strap surely adds eye-pleasing aesthetics that undeniably intensifies the appearance.
Thus, the Goodyear welted full grain leather shoes will suit every outfit from formal to the wedding dress. The flawless design combines true class and timeless style.

And not to mention the long-lasting durability it brings to your feet. Once you wear it, the chances are bleak that you have to buy a second pair in a long, long time.



Final Verdict

The best Goodyear welted boots are for those who dedicatedly want to enjoy comfort without compromising their style and personality.

Why Is Goodyear Welt Better and Worth It?

Best Goodyear Welted Shoes

Generally, people believe that Goodyear Welt shoes are durable and classy. However, due to their high-quality material and flawless design, these shoes aren’t cheap anyway. 

So, people also ask, is it worth investing in a pair of Goodyear welted shoes, and are they any better?

To put it simply, this footwear is the priceless icon of style and comfort. The welted shoes have been flawlessly crafted in the midsole, outsole, and upper section. All these impressive features combine to give you a stylish look. 

What’s more, you can resolve the outer sole, which extends the lifespan of the shoe. Hence, we find it worth every penny spent on it. 

But the worthiness doesn’t stop here. You also will love the breathability it brings at your feet for a convenient walk.

So, it is of little wonder as to why people cherish getting a pair of Goodyear Welted shoes.

Benefits of Wearing Goodyear Welted Shoes

Have you ever looked at the Goodyear welted shoes closely? If you did, you would understand that the Goodyear welted footwear is a piece of pure class and timeless style. Henceforth, the benefits of wearing the welted shoes are next to none.

Top-Quality Hardware

Generally speaking, Goodyear shoes are quite expensive. But that’s not a concern since every shoemaker invests on their very best hardware, including premium full-grain leather, lining midsole, and recraftable outsole. 

All the top-class hardwearing makes the shoe pair unrivaled in the market when it comes to durability and comfort.


Since these boots are made from premium leather and rubber sole, it is highly durable against rough weather. The premium leather prevents water from sipping through is breathable mesh and offers you excellent water-resistance. 

The water-resistance means your toe will always remain dry and help you avoid the unpleasing wet feel while walking. Additionally, when any mud creates scuffs on the shoe, rub the leather with a conditioner, and revive the new look.

You Can Replace the Sole

You might prominently think that I have gone mad. Now I haven’t.
In real life, you actually can replace the outsole and midsole of the Goodyear footwear a hundred times.

Isn’t it highly convenient?

Well, the convenience is made possible with a reattached sole with multiple stitches. Therefore, it will survive the toll of time and comfort you for a longer period.

How Do You Break in Goodyear Welted Shoes?

When you purchase the best Goodyear shoes, you shouldn’t wear them and go into the offices immediately. It will cause you itches and blisters at the feet. So, it would help if you broke in the shoe pair at first.  

For it, bend the heel section with your pump and do it frequently until it feels soft at hand. For the toe section, insert a spoon on to the shoe and press the upper leather against it. Also, you can add a broom and stroke it until the inside feels comfortable and soft.  

This way, you can break in the welted shoes within a few days, and it shouldn’t feel stiff to cause you blisters.

Top 4 Goodyear Welted Shoe Brands

Goodyear welted shoes are a legendary and timeless piece of class and style. But who makes the most prominent and top-class Goodyear shoes? We are excited to bring four world-class welted shoe brands to introduce in the following sections.

1. Allen Edmonds

Allen Edmonds was established in 1922 and has been a popular household name in the luxury shoe market segment. Their premium hardwearing means the shoes will last about two to four years, at least. And this is essential since Allen Edmonds shoe price starts well over $100 or more.

However, the downside is that Allen Edmonds built Goodyear welted shoes only for men. So, if you are a woman, this shoemaker isn’t for you, sadly.

2. Grenson

Established in 1866, Grenson is the oldest British shoemaker. Legend says that ardently they were one of the first British shoemakers to popularize the Goodyear welted shoes among Europeans.

William Green had established the company, and their manufacturing location was named ‘Green Yard’ from where the concept of Goodyear welted shoed first developed and spread worldwide.

3. Florsheim

If you want the comfort of welted shoes and don’t like spending much on it, Florsheim is definitely on your cards of consideration.

The shoe company ensures the finest craftsmanship with lasting endurance. It is impressive since they haven’t compromised with quality and look despite offering you shoes in an affordable price range.

4. Meermin

Finally, I got one shoe manufacturer apart from the American and British giants. Meermin is a Spanish shoemaker and runs the legacy of a family business old enough to call timeless craftsmanship.

The build several decent quality Goodyear welted shoes that aren’t highly-priced. Also, they offer excellent endurance too.

related question [ FAQs ]

Q1#. Are Goodyear welted shoes comfortable?

Yes, Goodyear welted shoes are very much comfortable. The Goodyear welt forms a nice cavity on the sole shoe interior. It is then filled with cork. The cork footbed slowly builds a softer feel which feels soothing at every step you take.

Q2#. How long do Goodyear welted shoes last?

Every piece of leather has been stitched carefully with the Goodyear Welt. The flawless design and premium leather used for this shoe type make it last longer than we may anticipate.  

In fact, you should expect that the welted shoes will serve you for at least 2-4 years. However, when you find it wearing out, replace the outsole, and get a fresh appearance.

Q3#. How many times can you resole Goodyear welted shoes?

You can resole the Goodyear welted shoe when the outsole is wearing out. However, you can perform the resoling for years after years or countless times. Most manufacturers will limit the resole to a maximum of 2 times. But you can actually do it 3 times at best.

Q4#. Are Goodyear welted shoes waterproof?

Goodyear welted shoes have been flawlessly crafted from premium hardwearing. Each of the stitches is sewn purposefully to offer you maximum comfort.

Therefore, the top-class material and wicking design make the Goodyear welted water-resistant. It means your toe end will remain dry as the welted design stops water from slipping into your feet.

Q5#. Are Johnston and Murphy shoes Goodyear welted?

Johnson and Murphy are a multinational shoe manufacturer and has a long line of footwear. Although it is discreet, the manufacturer is believed to have a few models that are Goodyear welted, especially those made by Allen Edmonds in the USA.

Q6#. Are Allen Edmonds Goodyear welted?

When it comes to manufacturing high-class and stylish Goodyear welted shoes, Allen Edmond will top the list. They have some popular and reliable welted shoes, namely Berch Welt, Feather Welt, Stern Welt, and Speed Welt.
All these shoes are long-lasting and have a timeless, classy design.

Q7#. Are Goodyear welted made with leather?

Yes, the welted Goodyear shoes are always made with genuine fine grain leather. These shoes are entirely built with premium leather with a smooth finish that grabs everyone’s attention.

Final verdict

Goodyear welted shoes complement almost every outfit. Plus, its water-resistance and all-weather usability make it a perfect choice for every man and woman. Hence, we carefully picked and recommended five best Goodyear welted shoes to express your style and personality without compromising comfort and durability. 

The selection has both expensive and cheap shoes with versatile design so everyone can quickly find their preferred shoe style.

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