10 Best Slippers For Sweaty Feet (2020) – [ Top Picks]

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Having a reliable pair of slippers is always comfortable for you when enjoy them wearing into the house. But what will happen when you suffer from excess sweating?

Your slippers will become smelly and sticky, which makes you uncomfortable to wear them.

This can happen, and you should not skip wearing slipper forever. If you can select the best slippers for sweaty feet, you will feel comfortable and can wear sandals again.

These are our choice for best slipper for sweaty feet:

  1.  HomeIdeas men’s woolen fabric slipper ( Click here to view)
  2.  Men’s slippers fuzzy house shoe ( Click here to view)
  3.  RockDove men’s memory foam slipper ( Click here to view)
  4.  LongBay men’s cozy memory foam slipper ( Click here to view)
  5.  HomeIdeas men’s classic house slipper ( Click here to view)
  6.  Tamarac international men’s Cody sheepskin ( Click here to view)
  7.  Women’s elastic fleece house slipper ( Click here to view)
  8.  Nootkas men’s felted merino wool slipper ( Click here to view)
  9. Acorn men’s moc slippers ( Click here to view)
  10.  Haflinger unisex at the wool hard sole slipper ( Click here to view) 
  11.  Acorn Women’s Spa Thong Memory Foam ( Click here to view)

How can you think which one will better for your feet?

Thankfully, you should not worry. If you belong to sweaty feet, you are going to get several better options from this post.

best men's slippers for sweaty feet

HomeIdeas men’s woolen fabric slipper

Why is it better?

  • Package Dimensions: 11.26 x 9.53 x 3.7 
  • Material: Woolen Fabric and Synthetic sole.
  • Colors: Camel, Gray and Black.
  • Best For: Ideal for indoor & outdoor use.



We have compiled a list after proper research to select the best slippers for smelly feet. Our every selection below meets with most of the qualifications, and you will satisfy with them.

11 best slippers for sweaty feet reviews


HomeIdeas men’s woolen fabric slipper | The Must-Have Slippers for You

quick states

  • Environment-friendly anti-slipper
  • Waterproof
  • Ideal for indoor & outdoor use
  • Noiseless slip
  • Fully odorless

Are you seeking the men’s slippers for sweaty feet? You can select this slipper that has come with standard quality. The woolen fabric ensures the softness and makes it comfortable to the users.

This brand presented verities sizes and colors from where you can pick the right size for your feet. This pair is breathable, and the sole is anti-slip and slide plus noiseless. Overall those can be the excellent selection for the slippers that don’t make your feet sweat.

Editors Note:These slippers are exactly what I was looking for my sweaty feet. As I’m patient of the type-2 diabetic, my feet always remain sweaty. These slippers are so cozy, and I highly recommend wearing these.


Men’s slippers fuzzy house shoe

quick states

  • Anti-slip TPR sole
  • Cozy and fuzzy
  • Fashionable and stylish
  • Durable

Breathable slippers are significant for the sweaty feet. This pair is perfect if you are suffering from sweaty feet issue. The noticeable features are that they are handmade. The super materials make them soft and comfortable that made them famous.

This pair constructed with ultra-cushioned and three layers of memory foam with sponge insole. The cozy fleece lining features excellent airflow and can keep your feet dry and at the right temperature.

In addition, those are elegantly designed with an excellent fit for all types of environments. There have several options in size and color that are affordable.


RockDove men's two-tone memory foam slipper

Best Seller
best slippers for smelly feet

quick states

  • Slip-on style with a lower heel
  • Durable indoor and outdoor sole
  • Allow for machine wash
  • Memory foam in insole mold

Rockdove slippers are great and well-known for outdoor options with also indoor use. And this pair was constructed with durable and standard anti-slip rubber soles.

A convenient feature is that the pair is allowed to wash in the machine. The memory foam insole can provide soft and comfortable fitting. Plus, the waffle knit upper will make sure the breathability.

It is a versatile pair that the the perfect choice for best slippers for smelly feet. They are odor-resistant slippers with a ton of utility.

Editors Note: These slippers are not much warm and so you can be free from sweaty feet if you wear them. As the soles are sturdy, they provide you with excellent traction to prevent slipping on wet floors.


LongBay men’s cozy memory foam slipper

quick states

  • Designable and fashionable
  • Cozy loafer style
  • High-thick memory foam cushioning
  • Soft woolen upper

LongBay men’s slipper is the best for smelly feet that are a classic loafer in woolen cloth upper. Plus, they are lined with soft and fleece, and it keeps your feet toasty with comfy. The closed-back heel comes with an adjustable elastic design, ensuring the safety and fit of the slippers.

They are suitable for foot pain like plantar facilities. The high-density with 100D memory foam is cushioning with a supportive insole that can provide excellent support and even give you enough room to relax.

The durable and sturdy non-slip rubber sole can provide waterproof with non-skid traction. So, you can wear a pair of freely at your house in a living or bedroom comfortably. You even can go outside of the home to receive the morning newspaper or check the mailbox


HomeIdeas men’s classic house slipper- Best Memory Foam Slippers for Men

Size Options

  • For women: 11-12 to 15-16 sizes are offered
  • For men: 9-10 to 13-14 sizes are accessible

This is a simplistic pair but the most elegant as the men’s slippers to us in house. You can use it in the house or go the lawn or home to walk for a while abound. It is perfect for autumn, winter, or summer to use.

The classic memory foam pair is made of the slipper spandex that is a kind of material with superelasticity with shape retention. The sole is sewed up by the unusual way like side seam that makes the slipper firm and durable.

Editors Note:The slippers are quite comfortable and come with quality construction and features. As I have a 10 1/2 shoe size, I ordered an 11-12 slipper size, and they fit my feet quite well. So, make sure that you’re ordering the right one according to the size of your feet.


Tamarac by slippers international men’s Cody sheepskin

quick states

  • Flexible to fit
  • Stylish design
  • Lightweight

With versatile sizes and colors, this pair comes with great features and designs that make them renewed to the users much more. They were touch with intimate care that has gone into a venture such as reality shows into this great product.

This pair of slipper plays a stylish plus elegant look that fits for the indoor and outdoor.  It is so durable enough for your outdoor, and the rubber outsole of it permits you to go to the out with them.

Due to the sheepskin and also, the memory foam footbed made them super comfortable. They are suitable for flexible fit for the fleece lining plus elastic goring.

Editors Note: We all know that the first impression is the last impression. When I saw the slipper, I loved it so much. It looked great and fitted pretty well on my feet. The best thing is that the inner part is quite soft to wear.


Women’s elastic fleece house slipper

This pair will be suitable if you are looking for the best women’s slippers for sweaty feet. This slipper pair is lightweight and very portable, even particularly better for those people who are suffering from chronic foot pain.

In addition, the interior is cushioned, and a multi-layered sponge can remove your muscle fatigue plus excessive shock to the feet. The non-slip rubber outsoles that are so thick are allowed even for any occasional use or travel outdoor.


Nootkas men’s felted merino wool slipper

You are thinking of classic style, and fashionable slippers offer traditional wool home shoes. You can feel comfort and softness wearing this pair. They are durable, light in weight, and made of high-quality materials.

The outsoles of them are 100% genuine, and the upper is 100% pure wool. The breathable construction helps you to remove sweatiness and keep your feet dry.


Acorn men’s moc slippers- Best Indoor & Outdoor Slippers for Men

quick states

  • Soft and cozy upper
  • Classic style
  • Versatile
  • Easy to wash and care

With versatile sizes and colors, there have several options from where it can be selected anyone pair as your desire. We think after this pair, you shouldn’t go more to pick slippers for sweaty feet.

The pair features with high quality and ensure the breathable slip that needs to solve the sweaty issue. You are allowed from house to travel to your bedroom that is perfect for men of all types of ages and stylish. They are presented with machine washable and air dry.

Editors Note: These slippers are amazingly comfortable, cozy, and breathable. That’s why I recommend people choose this pair for both indoor and outdoor use. These are one of the best slippers I’ve ever used.


Haflinger unisex at the wool hard sole slipper

If you want to get the slippers for your whole family members, Haflinger unisex, will you give a great opportunity? You can pick slip for your kids to old parents whose needs may be an extra larger size.

What an excellent option! Everyone can wear the same color and design slipper that can be so amazing. They are light in weight, breathable and all-weather suitable.


Acorn Women's Spa Thong with Premium Memory Foam – Best Spa Thong Slippers

Key Features

  • Multi-Layered Cushion Insole
  • Rugged Rubber Outsole
  • Flip-Flop, Slip-on Design
  • Breathable Open-Toe Style

Let’s talk about another amazing slipper from Acorn, but the plush terry spa slipper is only for women. These slippers feature a flip-flop design to ensure that you can wear them all year round, both indoor and outdoor.

These excellent slippers come with multi-layered cushion insole that has a memory foam footbed and arch support. On the other hand, they have skid-resistant, rugged rubber outsole to give your feet superior safety on wet surfaces.

Besides that, the slippers offer a slip-on design that allows you to put them on and take them off easily. They also include a breathable open-toe style that provides your feet and toes with comfort. You don’t need to worry about cleaning them because they’re machine washable.

Editors Note: I’ve purchased a pair of pink slippers for me, and by far, I have no regrets wearing them. I am a petite woman with a wide toe area, and these slippers don’t squeeze my toes. Therefore, they’re incredibly comfortable for me.

4 things to consider for non smelly slippers

  • Material: Several types of slippers are different for their materials, which can confuse you to pick the best slippers for feet—the sandals are constructed from leather or suede genuinely. According to the comfort and investment, natural animal skin slipper will better than others.
  • Types: The slippers vary in design and types. They also constructed for men, women, or child and they differ depending on the age. Several options make the slippers change without those points, such as boot slippers, loafers, clog slippers, and so much more.
  • Weight: You are thinking of picking slipper for home use, so weight is a significant factor in this case. Won’t you want to pick extra weight slipper for home use? Though the manufacturer also knew it, most of the sandals come with more layers that make the slipper heavy, and you won’t like it. So lightweight slipper should be the first choice of you.
  • Stability: The stability of any product is an essential point. Everyone wants durable as well as stable product. The stiff upper and sole play a significant function in a slipper’s in general durability. The solid slipper material must be complicated, but they must not hold back the comfortability plus overall performance. But you have to remind that natural leather slippers offer extreme durability.

related question [FAQs]

Q1#. Why do slippers make my feet sweat?

Ans: Your feet will sweat from slippers for the materials of the slipper. Most of the human-made materials contain toxins that restrain your feet and constricting the blood flow. It makes the sign of discomfort and detoxification.

Q2#. Why do my feet sweat so much?

Ans: Nobody knows the exact reason for the sweaty feet that also known as hyperhidrosis. Some people sweat for too much hot where a few sweat all the time for hyperhidrosis. It is a common issue for the men and women that can happen from stress, medication, and even hormonal changes.

Q3#. How to forever get rid of sweaty feet?

Ans: Though it’s not possible, there have some techniques that will temporarily remove sweaty from your feet. But you have to manage them regularly, for example – try to know the main reason for your sweat feet, wearing the ideal soak that works against the sweat, use antifungal powder, and choose the right slipper for your feet.

Q4#. What shoes are good for sweaty feet?

Ans: All sorts of slippers aren’t good for sweaty feet. If you desire to get the top slippers for sweaty feet, you can think about the sandals or shoes so that they can come from good leather and are breathable. In this case, you have to consider the brand than price.

Let's see your opinion.

So, what were you thinking, and now what is your opinion about the right slippers for sweaty feet?

We are hopeful that this post has changed your previous though about the non smelly slippers.

Select the beast brand considering all qualities and get then enjoy your sweat or smell free slippers whole the day.

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