Can I Use Mink Oil On Cowboy Boots? – [ Explained ]

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Did you know that the world’s oldest shoe is 5,500 years old? Yes, even I screamed a little when I got to know of it. Amazing, these shoes are made from cowhide and have been kept in a cave in Armenia. It is a size 7 shoe and was buried deep under sheep dung.

My point is, if you want your leather boots to last long, then you have to do something. I am right or am I, right? Yeah, I know that sounds confusing. Lawyers often use this technique to prove a point. For now, if you want to know that can i use mink oil on cowboy boots then you will have to read this post thoroughly. What say?

Yes, if you care for your boots, they will last longer. This is no rocket science and we all know that very well. The fact is how and do not worry, as we have got you covered for this. Read this post until the end to get a hang of it.

best mink oil for boots

Minks are not only valued for their pelts, but for also the fat that lies underneath their skin. That is correct, as commercially speaking, mink oil is extracted from thick unsaturated fat that lies under the skin of minks.

They have more than 70% of unsaturated fatty acids, which is a unique property. The best part about mink oil is that it does not go bad unlike most animal and vegetable oils.

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Is Mink Oil Bad For Leather Boots?

This is a general question, but the answer is pretty subjective. The first thing is a big “YES,” mink oil keeps leather boots moisturized. This means your shoes will become soft and you will feel it in them. They even make the boots waterproof as some would believe, although I must stick to water-resistant. I am saying this as I don’t know how long you plan to spend in the water.

Besides, we can do one thing to understand about mink oil and that would be to know its benefits. Heck yeah, you must be told about the advantages of using this oil, as that will spill it all.

Here are the benefits of mink oil:

  • You will find them in most leather shoe stores
  • It can relax stiff boots on rubbing
  • It can condition the boots
  • Mink oil can increase the lifespan of your leather boots
  • It can also make your shoes water-resistant
  • This oil protects your leather boots against cracking
  • People in agriculture and construction find mink oil to be of great use
Can I Use Mink Oil On Cowboy Boots

Does Mink Oil Waterproof Boots?

Early trappers found mink oil to be a boon for its properties. They discovered the fact that mink oil when applied to shoes would provide a protective layer over it. This layer would help cross damp fields, streams, and wade through snow without getting their socks wet. This would keep their feet dry for hours and days. That is how it was realized that mink oil can make your leather boots water-resistant.

This is why we are calling it waster-resistant and not as waterproof as the two are different. Mink oil can fight against mud, salt, and other elements that usually cause cracking. This oil builds a protective layer around your boots that makes it water-resistant.

In case, you are wondering how to apply mink oil on boots, then you can follow these steps:

  • Start by cleaning your boots
  • Dust off all the dirt
  • Then apply the mink oil and spread it all over
  • Massage it evenly
  • After this, blow dry it
  • Sun dry it, as it will seep into the stitching quite appropriately
  • Use a soft cotton rag to wipe off the extra oil if any

How Long To Leave Mink Oil On Boots?

Mink oil is to be kept for 12 hours on your boots at a stretch. You may repeat the above-mentioned steps the next day if you want to soften your boots a bit more. See, it all depends on you how much you want your shoes to be soft and comfortable. It is all up to, I just laid down the procedure for your convenience.

What Does Mink Oil Do For Leather?

On long usage, leather tends to lose animal oils and stiffen. At times they go dry so much that they develop cracks on their surface. Not to mention, your beloved leather items, be it a couch or a pair of boots, look bad.

Now, mink oil can fix this problem by lubricating the leather and its fibers. The fatty acids as mentioned above can block water and moisture that can degenerate leather pretty fast. So, mink oil is like a supplementary oil that can make leather flexible and soft again. On the other hand, it does not bear that greasy feeling at all. This means it will not gross you out.

Mink Oil Vs. Leather Conditioner: Which One Is Really Better?

The utmost difference between mink oil and leather conditioner is that mink oil can darken the boots on too much use. Leather conditioners are regular conditioners that do not have such an effect.

On the flip side, mink oil can take on sturdy dirt, grime, and grease. Leather conditioner can ward off little dust and dirt. You just have to be smart to choose one. Moreover, your requirement should be more than enough to guide you through this.

Look, there is no end to this discussion and by now you know the answer to – Is mink oil good for boots cowboy boots very well. The bottom line is as long as you maintain your shoes, they will be fine.

final verdict

As for mink oil, it is known to soften the leather and make them water-resistant. Use them at least once a year to see the difference. Although they may rob the boots of the shine, which is their only disadvantage. Nonetheless, what better alternative to keep your boots in shipshape? Think about it!

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