Can I Wear A Boot For A Sprained Ankle? [Answer Guide]

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You will likely come across an ankle sprain throughout your life, especially if you play sports. Do you know that 40 percent of the sportspeople go through this injury for once? We will discuss this disease later in detail. When one comes across this disease, then he or she must wonder one time if they can wear boots over a sprained ankle? Let me summarize this curiosity in the next Para,

Can I wear a boot for a sprained ankle? No, you should not wear any boots over a sprained ankle; it could tear ligaments (Something that we will describe later), which could have just been stretched and worsen the situation. There are medically manufactured shoes for sprained ankles, and that should also be worn with the recommendation from your doctor. 

You could also wear ankle support or elevate your shoes (again with your doctor’s recommendation.)

What is an ankle sprain?

If you are in your teenage and often running and playing, enjoying, suddenly, you get severe pain in your ankle, and now you are sitting there in pain. Don’t worry; this is a common pain. However, the time of healing and intensity of pain will depend upon how bad you sprained your ankle.

Can I Wear a Boot for a Sprained Ankle

The bones which connect your foot to your ankle are connected through three ligaments. Whenever you are playing or running and put extreme pressure on these bones, they further put pressure on those ligaments. In this case, the inferior ligaments may get stretched or completely torn depending upon the stage of your pain.

  • Stage 1: This is a typical stage among teenagers. It will cause you a minor pain because the ligaments may be slightly stretched. In this case, you can rap ankle support around your ankle, avoid running and keep a low pressure on your ankle. Also, apply oil and give a massage, and you will be fit in no time.
  • Stage 2: This is also a typical stage among teenagers but having slightly more effects. It is recommended to have bed rest and again use some ankle support. You should take some pain medicines (if necessary) and avoid too much pressure on your ankle or go to stage three. Also, call your doctor if necessary.
  • Stage 3: In this stage, the ligaments might get torn entirely, causing you severe pain and other casualties. You should immediately call for help (because you won’t be able to move your ankle in this stage) and visit a doctor. Go for MRI and X-rays if necessary.

In all the stages above, I don’t recommend wearing boots; rather, wear ankle support in your Sandal. We would discuss necessary boots if you have to wear because of some circumstances such as there could be snow in your area, but let’s first see the symptoms so you could identify if it is even ankle pain or some other?

How is ankle sprain caused?

You forget to drink that glass of milk, which gives your bones calcium daily, or you don’t even drink milk, then your bones are weak, and you are most likely to sprain your ankle. Weakness is the primary cause of spraining an ankle, so keep yourself healthy and hydrated to avoid it.
Another cause could be that if you are running and suddenly you take a turn,

it would cause extreme pressure on your ankle, and resultantly, it would sprain it, getting slip would be a better option. Falling from running or stairs could also sprain your ankle, or if you are having a bad day, you could also sprain your ankle while walking peacefully.

common Symptoms of an ankle sprain

Following are some primary symptoms that if you feel, then you probably have an ankle sprain

  • Pain: Of-course, you will feel all of the sudden pain in your ankle area.
  • Swelling: There might be a little or more swelling on your ankle
  • Difficulty in foot motions: You will feel difficult to stand or walk, and if you do, you will feel a lot of pressure on your ankle. In some cases, you won’t even be able to stand on your foot.

How is an ankle sprain diagnosed?

You can tell if your ankle is sprained or not but consult your doctor always. First of all, your doctor will tell you to get an x-ray of your ankle to ensure that it is not broken. Next, your doctor will perform an MRI to check if the ligaments are torn. If you feel like you have stage one or two pain, then MRI won’t be necessary.

How to treat ankle sprain with walking boots

As said earlier, you should avoid wearing a regular boot and consult your doctor for medical boots. There is a variety of medical boots, such as air cast boots, walking cast, and cast boots.
There is a variety in the market with different features; let’s mainly talk about the best selling ones.

United Ortho Short Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot

I have not personally used these but according to my research and the user reviews;

  • They provide excellent support to the angle
  • They are comfortable to wear.
  • They elevate to the required level
  • They might look heavy but are lightweight
  • They are good looking
    Boots won’t be required in severe pain; however, in other cases, some common ankle support in your regular shoes will get the job done.

Note: If you’re interested and want to finding more information about this Sprained Ankle boots, you can find it on Amazon website here.

How do you use a walking boot for a sprained ankle?

Order a pair of medical walking boots right up your foot size. When you get it, strap it tightly to provide your ankle firm support. These shoes go up until your knee’s size, so your ankle should feel firmly held while walking. Start to walk with slow steps and avoid bending your feet (although the boots grip won’t allow you). It is advised to use these only for walking rather than sitting or lying down with these.

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What are some other treatments rather than walking boot?

Other than replacing your boots it would help if you considered the following treatments;

  • Compression: Consult your doctor before wrapping up your feet. Although if you have swelled so, you may apply oil and cover it up firmly with a warm cloth.
  • Elevating: This is an important part; you should not keep your feet at the same level you are laying. If we lay down with straight feet, then you might notice that your ankle bends. Avoid this as it could cause you pain and make the situation worse for you. Keep pillows or elevate it a little bit to avoid unnecessary bending.
  • Applying Ice: You may have noticed the sportsmanlike fighters in octagon applying ice after each round. Ice proves to be very beneficial against swelling and pain. Rap ice in a cloth and apply it firmly on your ankle every day for once but not for more extended periods.
  • Rest: Rest is one of the best-known treatments in the case of straining muscles. Give your ankle rest for a few days. Watch movies and play video games indeed. Smartness today will help from a significant loss tomorrow.
  • Exercise or physical therapy: Now, I may look self-contradicting my statement as I said to rest above, but a little exercise will help a lot. And if you can’t move your ankle at all, then physical therapy would be the best thing to do.

Frequently Asked question

How can I avoid ankle sprain?

If you are one of the people who are spraining their ankle quite often, then quitting sports isn’t the best thing to do. Instead, I would recommend exercise that would strengthen your ankle ligaments. Also, wearing an ankle support brace isn’t a bad thing to do. I have seen many fighters wearing it. They come cheap and stylish try one of these.

How long does recovery of an ankle sprain take?

Not long if you are healthy, according to some athletes, it only took three to four days to return in the ground after an ankle sprain. It could take weeks depending upon your health and how bad the ankle sprain is. But don’t worry, your ankle will be recovered soon with the right care.


Spraining an ankle is a common issue worldwide, and here is another interesting fact that you are most likely to sprain your ankle again if you had done it in the past. If you can’t live without your beloved boots, then there are outer medical equipment for that, but I recommend proper medical boots.

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