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Is your shoe lining wearing out? Most leather shoes come with a lining and on regular use, it tends to tear down. These linings increase the shelf life of your boots and are responsible to provide you with comfort.

If truth be told, then we have to add that quality leather shoes are lined with leather. It is the cheaper variety that comes lined with synthetic material. Now, with constant friction of the skin, moisture, and pressure, this lining wears through.

Can the inside lining of shoes be repaired? Yes, that can be done. In fact, you can do more than just repair a lining. You can replace the existing lining or even insert a padded lining for additional comfort.

Here, I have incorporated everything in this post about the same.

On a positive note, all parts of a shoe can be repaired. Hence, the moment you realize that the inside of your shoe is falling apart, you must stop wearing it at once. Yes, if you want to know how to fix the inside of the shoe, then you must not strain it any further. You may not know and wearing a torn shoe may cause you more trouble.

Trust me, when I say this, I have seen one of my team members suffering from this. Due to a lack of resources at a young age (as he lost his father), he would wear a torn shoe to school. A shoe with a hole in the sole was his trademark in the school. He stepped on a nail without knowing it. Today, he suffers from tissue damage and diabetic foot problems, as things have aggravated that bad.

My point is to take care of the sole and inner lining of shoes very carefully. In order to repair the inside of a shoe, you need to cover the seam up and make sure that it protects your feet as well as the shoe. This is the most important part of shoe repairing and we will talk about this in detail in the coming sections of this post.

can the inside lining of boots be repaired

Handy Hint: For more information about shoe maintenance, visit our other article on cleaning the bottom of the shoes.

Can your shoes be resoled or Is it worth resoling for the shoes?

Yes, and yes, shoes can be resoled. However, you need to ensure if they are worth it or not. These are two different questions, but they are very interrelated. How so? I will show you how they are interconnected within a few minutes.

The first thing you must do is to decide if you want to get a resoling done. If the answer to this is yes just because it is your favorite shoe, then think again. Look the shoe is the upper part of the shoe chipping, flaky, or falling to pieces? Then there is no need to waste your money.

For this, you must follow the simple rule of a cobbler – the bottoms can always be fixed. Yes, we said it, it is there. Nonetheless, you must consider this for quality or expensive shoes. There is no point in doing the same for inexpensive shoes. It doesn’t make sense unless you are emotionally attached to them.

Again, just don’t go and do shoe repairing. Read into the signs that the shoe lining disintegrating needs mending at all. Look for warnings like:

  • You are not getting that traction
  • Therefore, your joints and feet are feeling it
  • There is less shock absorbency as a result
  • Your shoes are a cause of discomfort all of a sudden
  • You tend to slip while you tread unlike before
  • When resoling seems affordable over procuring a new pair of shoes

Remember, resoling will increase the lifespan of your worn shoes. It will add longevity to your shoes anew and you can enjoy them longer. Additionally, this is a good way to support sustainability. Think of it like this, it is good for the planet.

How to Repair the Inner Lining of Shoes?

Since linings are in direct contact with your skin, they tend to deplete pretty quickly. That is correct, shoe lining crumbling is a common problem because of this. Again, some running shoes may need part repairing. If you have ever been to a shoemaker’s shop, then you would have noticed that. 

At times they just work around the troubled area without removing the entire shoe liner. Sometimes, they throw away the whole lining and insert a better one.

So, if you are here to learn a bit of this skill, then I must confess that I am a staunch supporter of do-it-yourself can help you further. Below are the steps that will tell you how to fix inside of shoe in detail.

Materials Required

Silicone glue, Adhesive fabric, scissors, torn shoes, gloves, and adhesive tape if possible (you can use any kind of padding you want)

  • The first thing while is to remove the old lining carefully (okay, this is my cheat sheet, as I, kind of copy how this original lining has been attached into my shoes during shoe repairing.
  • You may also work with a small section of the shoe for the first time
  • Now, what I do is taking the packing tape and placing it over the affected area
  • Then try to level down the surface as much I can
  • After this, I go for the fabric, either take the whole or some of it and cut along according to my need
  • Place this fabric on the insole and even it out
  • You can glue it to the affected areas of your shoes’ inner sole
  • Just choose a fabric that is comfortable and is slip-resistant to make it secure
  • Likewise, you can use the glue to patch up any wear and tear on the shoe outsole as well

Can You Repair An Uncomfortable Heel Counter In Boot?

Yes, you can repair the heel counter of your boot as well. This is no rocket science and every cobbler knows how to do it. You can go and observe the heel counter while they do it or watch a few videos to get a hang of it. It is a doable job and you will be satisfied with your handy work. Just give it a try!

final verdict

can the inside lining of boots be resolved? Hope, by now, you the answer to this. The only thing I would request you to do is to get a matching or contrasting shoe liner according to your choice. Just make sure that it matches up the aesthetics and lends a beautiful look to your shoe.

I would also request you to choose a comfortable lining that you can wear for a longer time. Come on, they are your shoes and I am sure you know that they need to be snug. You will be wearing them for a long (maybe for hours or want them to last you long). The lining should be made from a durable, appropriate material. That’s all!

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