Can You Ride A Horse In Timberland Boots?

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Keeping the question aside that, Can you ride a horse with Timberland boots? It would be pretty cool, riding one in those fancy shoes.they have a comfortable and rough design that could be used to ride a horse.

Can you ride a horse in Timberland boots? Yes, you can defiantly ride a horse in timberland shoes, I did once and felt comfortable with timberland boots. However, I would recommend avoiding big heeled ones as those could get stuck in the saddle and create problems for you.

Some people might say to get a pair of riding boots to ensure proper safety, but in my opinion, any boots with a good sole (having a good grip) could get the job done and be sure to buy that if they even fit comfortably in your saddle.

Why are Timberland’s suitable for horse riding?

Following may be the reason behind why timberland boots are good for horse riding according to me;

  • Compact design, imagine you are standing next to your horse, and it steps on your feet, Errr I can even feel that pain. Well, you may be a little lucky if you were wearing timberland boots as they are thick and would provide protection to some extent.
  • Secure Grip, Timberland boots have somewhat a firm grip at the end that would be good for horse riding. They even have a little bit of heel that would further enhance the gripe while riding the horse.
  • Waterproof, Most timberland other than being rough in the design are also waterproof, which is essential while riding as water splashes are quite common while horse riding. Soaked up shoes are quite irritating, so having waterproof boots is a crucial factor.

The old town design, Timberland boots, come in colors such as black, grey, and camel with a design that matches horse riding. Wearing classic camel-colored Timberland boots would be better than riding in those colorful joggers.


Should you wear timberlands boots for horse riding?

Yes, you could, and in my opinion, you should if you have them already. But if you are specifically going to buy something for riding, then riding boots are always there (especially if you are a beginner). Other than that, I don’t see any specific reason why you shouldn’t ride while wearing timberland boots.

Note: Most of the horse riding boots are long, so to protect your legs, but some timberland boots may not be that long (although there are long timberland boots in the market), It is advised to wear some sought of leggings to protect your legs.

The timberland boots mentioned above don’t need to be best for horse riding; these are just some designs picked up by me. You may find cheaper and better online, be sure they are having the qualities described above.

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Can you wear tall boots for horse riding?

It depends, see, some tall boots are designed for fashion purposes such as those having high heels. You don’t want that for horse riding as they are both physically and functionally weak for horse riding.
The advantage of tall boots would be as said above that they would also give protection to your legs.

Can You Wear Cowboy Boots Horseback Riding?

As the name suggests, these would be perfect for riding an animal like a horse. They are also tall but not that much like the long boots. Search the term cowboy boots on any website like Amazon, and I am sure that you will find the ones according to your taste.

These western-style boots will be suitable for horse riding, but their styles also seem like they are made for this purpose. Be sure while buying cowboy boots as they might be only made for the form and not actual horse riding, so consider this point strongly.

Can You Wear Hiking Boots, Horseback Riding?

Unlike the cowboy shoes, if you are looking for boots other than the purpose of horseback riding, then you are good to go with the hiking boots. Timberlands discussed above are also made for hiking. Considering this point, if you are buying hiking boots for horseback riding, it has some space between the toe and ankle rather than being all flat.

Which are better for horse riding long boots or the normal ones?

It depends upon the quality of the boots. Of course, long boots (the horse riding ones) would be better for horse riding, but in good condition, they might be expensive, and another defect of them would be that you cannot wear them anywhere else rather than horse riding.
I would recommend buying excellent quality standard boots that can also be worn on other occasions rather than just horse riding. With that, you can buy some sort of waterproof protection for your legs. There are even unique pants to go along with your regular boots.

related question

I am a beginner, should I buy some special riding boots? If you are a beginner and you don’t have any boots at home fulfilling the requirements of horse riding boots, then yes, you should buy special riding boots; otherwise, if you have some boots that could get the job done like the horse riding boots than you are good to go with them. Just strap the peddle hardly to your feet and confidently ride!

I am an expert, can I ride in tennis shoes? Yes, you could, but that doesn’t mean you should. Tennish shoes don’t have a gripping sole; neither they are long enough to support your ankle firmly so you shouldn’t ride with them. However, if you don’t have anything else in your closet and want to ride a horse at a slow speed, you can ride with your tennis shoes.

before you go

Wrapping up the article that you can wear timberlands or any other boots gives you the vibes of horse riding shoes. Just be sure they have the following specifications;

  • They should be above the ankle.
  •  It should be firm.
  • They should have laces to provide you the grip of your choice.
  • They should be waterproof as your feet will be getting wet, most likely by the splashes of water. Not, of course, if the track is dry.
  • They should fit tightly in the saddle of your horse but should not get stuck in it.

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