Can You Wear Cowboy Boots With A Suit? [Men’s Style Guide]

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can you wear cowboy boots with a suitWestern cowboy boots are one of the most stylish fashion attires nowadays. From ramp to work station, everywhere you can follow the dominance of leather cowboy boots. These boots can boost up your confidence and yes, its true!

But, can you wear cowboy boots with a suit? Indeed, you can, and most of the cowboy shoes mix perfectly with a wide range of suits. You will look stunning when you match an ensemble with your favorite western boots.  

Now the question is how to wear boots with a suit perfectly?

Don’t worry; I have got your back.

This article will talk about trending styles of cowboy boots with suits, how you can wear them, and which functions you can wear boots to look shinier than others.

Let’s hop into the main dish!

Yes, obviously, you can. Personally, I love this combo. You can attain a stunning look if you apply a little bit of contextual aspect.   

Ah! Just got a signal from memory cell about this attire.

Have you seen the movie reservoir dogs? How can we forget the iconic scene of men walking after accomplishing the mission! With dark brown suit with cowboy boots, the style was epic.

You can still recreate your own fashion fantasy by wearing cowboy boots and suits or other formal clothing.

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How to Wear Cowboy Boots without Looking Country

Now, let’s dive into the core segment of this article. There are more creative ways to sync your favorite cowboy boots with any attire.

How To Wear Cowboy Boots Without Looking Country

All you need is to follow the tips and tricks we are going to discuss.

1. Lustrous Combination:

First of all, cowboy boots are one of the world’s best fashion footwear. The causal street wears are not the best option to match up the caliber of cowboy boots. Instead, try out wearing them with shiny pieces. That will be eye-soothing, for sure.  

2. Simplicity is the best policy

To gear up the sartorial game, simplicity can take you one step ahead in mastering western boot fashion sense.

Too many accessories, like hat or waist over leather belts, can steal the attention from your precious boots. Can you let it happen? Obviously not.

To draw more attention to your stylish cowboy boots, wear simple attire with it. One of the best options can be curved jeans and tee.

The baseline is, don’t stress too much to match up. Keep it simple and smooth.

Well, if you are attending a Hollywood party, forget everting and pardon me! Grab the cowboy hat and rock the night!

3. Classic and stylish pieces:

how to wear cowboy boots

Wanna be a fashion icon with amazing matching skills? The thumb rule is being unpredictable.

Nervous? Be unpredictable. It will give you a confident grip over fashion attire. How about a Draped skirt and black lace? Gorgeous right!

Now, wear the cowboy boot you have!

Hey! Here is the red carpet for ya!

4. Unisex boots are showstoppers

how to style with unisex boots

Make a signature move by embracing your boots. Unisex boots are somehow having a catchier outlook than gender specified boots.

Historically, these types of boots are the flagship feature of fashion aristocracy. People like John Wayne and Clint Eastwood were an admirer of this style.

They loved to wear them.

Eventually, you can sync unisex cowboy boots with most of your wardrobe assets. Especially if you are my lady follower, don’t give a second thought, just make this move today!

Surely, you will rock the pavement!

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5. Appear in different styles

Cowboy boots are available in various kinds and are intended to match your wardrobe. Let’s take a look at different cowboy boots’ types and leave you to decide which one is made for you.

  • Classic boots: The Cuban heel is the signatory feature of these types of cowboy shoes. It can easily match up with your casual look and make them look stunning in combination.
  • Ropers: Ropers are low heel boots, and the toe area is rounded. These boots are more of working cowboy boots.
  • Western cowboy boots: It comes with rubber soles and provides nice traction—a perfect choice for using it with jeans or a long skirt.
  • The Stockman: This boot can give you a classy look with its broader and shorter heel. It can be an excellent choice if you choose to wear it with suits or any formal western attire. Glamourous indeed.
  • Buckaroos boots: It’s a perfect choice for high voltage events. Best you can find of its kind. The heel height is impressive, around 14 inches, and perfect to show your confidence in extreme cowboy boot styles.

6. Choose the perfect size:

The key feature of an ideal style is to choose boots wit the perfect size. There are different sizes available for men and women.

For men, B, D, and EE are three commonly used size, and in the case of women A, B and C are typically the most used size. 

The thumb rule is, choosing the right sized cowboy boots and lead the game.

7. Confidence is pivotal

Confidence makes a half-done thing look perfect. Whatever you wear, be confident and proud of it. Confidence can enhance your look shinier than ever.

What Not to Wear with Cowboy Boots?

  • Overalls and Prarie attires: Typically, cowboy boots are western-inspired fashion style, and overalls don’t match up well.
  • Street ware: Truly, you should not even try cowboy boots with street ware for once. It does not match at all with western cowboy shoes.
  • Hats and Bunch of Accessories: Earlier, I told you too many accessories with steal the spotlight from the cowboy boot. You should not wear unnecessary accessories, like hats, top-off leather belts, etc. with cowboy boots.
  • Fringe and Sequins: Western boots are not well synchronized with dresses like fringe and sequins. These are not great of a choice to wear with boots.

Where You Should and Shouldn't Wear Cowboy Boots?

Where You Should and Shouldn't Wear Cowboy Boots

Western boots are more of casual wear.

The statement is false if you are in ranching or oil business. Very often, you will see a fancy suited businessman with cowboy boots.

It’s really not a fashion for them. It’s more of a game and a symbol of thriving to the future.

It expresses how you are taking traditional thoughts to a dynamic world.

Let’s take a look where you can take a positive western spirit and be the focal person.

Great Places to Wear Cowboy Boots:

  • Most of the casual kind of restaurants.
  • Concerts and musical events (Rock & County music)
  • County fairs and state fairs.
  • Picnic parties.
  • Live TV shows or comedy shows.
  • Causal hangouts.
  • Salsa, dancing clubs and most sort of step dancing.
  • Horse racing events.
  • Any activities done on horseback.

Tricky Places to Wear Cowboy Boots:

Frankly, you can wear whatever you want anywhere, but the point is, if your attire sends wrong information about you, it is upsetting, right? Let’s talk about some of the typical places where you might reconsider your decision to wear cowboy boots with a suit or other attires.

  • Hiking, driving and fishing.
  • First meeting with an important person.
  • Personal presentation programme of any kind.
  • Theatre performances performed by you.
  • Political programmes.
  • Religious places.

Obviously, there is no restriction. In some instances, it might depend on what kind of cowboy boots you have chosen to wear.

Keep your head clam and give it a second thought. Then, the first thing that comes into the mind goes with it.

What boot designs go best with suits?

  • RM Williams Boots: This iconic boot makes perfect pair with any suits. The touch of class and elegancy of RM Williams cowboy western boots makes any suits look gorgeous and sharper.RM williams boots are available on, Click here to view.
  • Chelsea Boots: Importantly, this boot can adopt different fabrics, and the stretch Chelsea boots offer is gorgeous and elegant. Chelsea boots are available on, Click here to view.
  • Cowboy Boots: It’s a big and bold statement for most of the states other than Texas. I love this look, just tailor your pant to look slim without any gripping and you are ready to rock. Don’t tuck your pants inside the shoes; it’s a rodeo-style, not suitable for a modern gent. Cowboy boots are available on, Click here to view.
  • Work boot: It’s a perfect choice of the cold season. I would recommend trying out Red Wings to get a classy and sensational look. Work boots are available on, Click here to view.
  • Combat Boots: A slim suit and a combat boot pair, an outstanding choice for men. One tip from me, tailor your pant in such a way that your shoelaces can be seen clearly. Can you imagine the look, huh? Cowboy boots with dress pants, perfectly tailored, can be a perfect pictorial representation of your attitude. Cowboy boots are available on, Click here to view.


Cowboy boots are a fantastic outfit to wear with a suit. It not only enhances your personality but also provides a sign of positivity and aristocracy. In this article, we have suggested the best cowboy boots to wear with suits, and you can choose any of this style to look shaper.  

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