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T.S.A. abbreviated as Transportation Security Administration as well as ‘airport security’– these two words give a chilling and cringe to every traveler. Those long waiting hours in the queue, the hurriedness to unload wallet and shoes for the grey bin, and the dreadful, ‘additional screening,’ everything gives travelers a forgetful experience.

And so, travelers keep frowning around many do’s and don’ts in the airport and plane. One such primary concern for every airport goer is, “Can you wear steel toe boots on a plane?

Well, we have an ardently piece of good news if you also seek the answer to the same question.

According to Transportation Security Administration, steel toe boots, aka, safety shoes are allowed in the airport and airplane.

But it isn’t a straightforward answer.

It relates many factors, including can you carry the shoes in your check bag, what you might experience in the airport, and lastly, is it even practical to wear the steel toe boots in the plane?

So, we are going to cover all these questions in our discussion today.

Can You Wear Steel Toe Boots on A Plane?

I have already mentioned that you can wear the steel toe boots in the plane while flying through homelands in the U.S.A. The T.S.A. says you can not only wear but also carry them in the luggage without any security issues.

So, here’s the top pick-

  • Checked bag- Yes.
  • Carry Luggage- Yes.
  • On foot- Yes.

However, if you are going to travel to other countries, you might need to check the country’s security screening list at the airport to know if they allow safety shoes or not.

While Walking Through Airport Security Probable Expectations with Steel Toe Boots On

A pair of steel toe boots or safety shoes is probably, one item that you would never want to leave when you are on a business trip. Also, some people during their vacation love wearing steel toe shoes, especially if they are planning for a mountain camping or trailing.

Also, when you are in a business suit, why shouldn’t you wear safety or working shoes? After all, you are expected to work online in the suit! Will you?

Jokes apart, let’s see what you can expect to face in the airport security department with the steel toe boots on the feet.

Here’s the answer.

In most probable scenes, the T.S.A. authority will ask you to remove the pair of shoes for inspection. And things can get a tricky here.

Just imagine, you are off to loosening the shoelaces and putting it off. Then the authorial person checks it for imaginary weapons. And at this moment, you are right at the front of a long queue of frustrated peoples waiting for security check.

By the time the T.S.A. is satisfied that you can’t use the steel toe-capped shoe as a weapon and gives it back, you probably have earned a few kind words from the waiting line.

Now it comes to the dreaded checkpoint. Every time you go through a scanner, it will beep and report a warning. And it’s natural since the steel on the toe boots are iron and you can’t help the alarm ringing. So, if the airport has multiple scanners, be ready to waste some time for checking the steel toe-capped boots.

Just think again…..

Will you feel comfortable putting on and off the shoes frequently for the checks?

Probably NOT!

So, it finally comes to your preference to decide between you will wear the steel toe shoe in the plane or not. I am not putting anything here.

But reconsider the hassles.

However, I have a recommendation for you.

You might consider wearing the composite toe boots for flying in a plane. The composite shoes provide the same safety requirements of the steel toe but will pass the scanner without any alarms.

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The practicality of Wearing Steel Toe Boots in the Plane

By this time, we have clearly got the answer that you can wear the steel toe shoes in the plane, and there’s no legal obligation related to it.

But does this mean you should really wear a pair of shoes on the plane?

Well, I might seem a bit annoying at this point because you might ask, what’s wrong with the shoes if these are legal in the plane? Why are you asking about its practicality?

Wait on.

Have you thought about your comfort?

I guess NOT!

I expect that you already understand how difficult it is to be at home in the plane, mainly when your toe starts showing signs of soreness or ache. And at the worst, overheating, despite the plane’s central A.C. is on.

It happens because the shoes are often heavier and have frictions that create heating.

You might, then, want to remove the shoe in the plane.

Then, I will say even a bigger and louder, NO!

Removing shoes in the plane is neither hygienic nor right for etiquette. The flight is beaming with the bacterial colony, and especially, with the emergence of COVID-19, you simply can’t think about the word, ‘shoe removing’ at all.

Also, what if nature calls you?

Will you walk all the way to the washroom barefoot or re-wear the shoes?

Neither of them seems practical. And finally, when you remove the shoe, expect some angry looks from the next seat person. Not a pleasant sight!

The discussion implies that wearing the steel toe boots in the plane is not probably the right decision if it causes you to ache or sores.

However, if you are comfortable wearing the shoes for a long time and sure enough, it won’t affect your health, wear them- but no removal.

Wearing or Packaging: Which Is Better for Steel Toe Boots?

This is again a difficult question to answer ardently.

I have mentioned that the steel toe boot shoes are heavier and bulkier. So, if you keep them in the luggage, it will eat up a good chunk of the space.

On the contrary, wearing it for a prolonged time may cause your feet sore. Also, if you have a connecting plane, you might have to rush for it with a maximum running speed. It is merely unbearable with such a massive pair of shoes.

So, ask yourself what you are comfortable at?

Ready to wear it and feel sore or compensate for some space in the luggage?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will steel toe boots set off a metal detector?

Yes, the steel plate and toe of the shoe will set off the metal detector alarm. So, you will have to remove them before passing the metal detector.

Is it okay to wear open-toed shoes on a passenger plane?

Yes, it is perfectly okay if you want to wear open-toed shoes on the plane. Since the plane has no sharp ups and downs and facilitates a spacious passage, you should be okay with the open-toed shoes.

Can you wear steel toe cap boots on a plane?

Yes, you can wear the steel-capped boots on a plane unless it doesn’t cause the feet to sore. Also, it would be predominantly best if you were ready to tolerate the hassle of taking off and on the shoe during the several security checks. But it will save space in your luggage.


So, here we end the complete discussion on “Can you wear steel toe boots on a plane?” Yes, you can, but be prepared to face some stressful moments.

However, traveling itself is a stressful thing with baggage management, airport checks, finding the hotels, and so on. In this respect, the disturbance of wearing the steel shoe in the plane is negligible.

What do you think?

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