How are cowboy boots supposed to fit? – [ 6 simple ways]

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What’s the biggest mistake people make when buying cowboy boots; do you know?  -” They often choose a pair too big or too small in size.”

The most significant issue lies in choosing the right fit boot as the cowboy boots come with a different shape and attributes than others. Whether you are new having this western boot or not, you should be concerned about it.

Now, how are cowboy boots are supposed to fit? The new cowboy boots you are going to have should be snug fit with your foot. But, that’s not for all parts. It will help if you keep the heel slightly slips with keeping adequate toe room inside your boot.

These are not enough to describe, you know! Of course, you need a complete guideline with some useful tips to know how cowboy boots should fit. Therefore, here in this article, we bring you a clear idea about this query in detail!

Cowboy boots come with pull tabs that provide arch support. That’s why they should have maximum flexibility while you’re wearing them in your feet.

To find a perfect fitting, you should consider many things as for the comfort zone of your foot’s ball, toe, boots heel, instep area, etc.

Moreover, your boots need a sung feel on your foot.

Let’s evaluate in detail.

1. The instep area should be snug

Cowboy footwear’s generally hold the boot securely to the feet only with an instep, unlike other normal shoes.

So, you shouldn’t find any difficulties while putting it, and it shouldn’t be too easy either.

Hopefully, you got the point!

Yes, the boot’s instep should be snug with your narrow or wide feet, not too tight. Typically, this will fit snugger than the other footwear’s as the leather of a cowboy boot will soften after you wear it and then forms to the foot as well.

2. A bit slippy Heel

While buying a new pair, you should get the heel that won’t snug. And this is the only part of a boot that needs to be a bit slippy.

You might be wondering why it’s?

Well, in the case of the boot, while it’s new, the sole remains quite stiff and can’t prevent heel slippage.

But after times, it will go softer, and the leather also will soften with your feet; thus, it’s going to be snugger once you break in the boot.

So, you can understand, if you buy one that doesn’t occur heel slippage at all, you would get a tight fit after a few days gone.

However, your heel should slip roughly between 1/4 and 1/2 of an inch.

All in all, if you’re wearing a flexible boot, chances are you only need to encounter a bit heel slippage.

3. Ball fitted with the widest part

This is the part of the footwear where your feet and the boot bend while walking or running. So, it should be in a comfort zone, isn’t it?

To get the comfort feel, make sure your foot’s ball is fitted with the boot’s widest point. If it’s not and your feet go too far forward to the ball, there is a chance of your toes to be uncomfortably pushed.

Also, it shouldn’t be too tight with the instep. Keep in mind – it’s the only part that holds onto your foot while you move with the boots. If you make it tight, it will give you pain and discomfort.

4. Start with your average Width

Likely the instep facts, you will want to have the width of your boots snug with feet. However, the cowboy boots maintain the lettering system to provide various widths.

For both men and women, it provides three perfect boot sizes where A(narrow), B(average), and C(wide), are the ladies boots. And B(narrow), D(average), and E(wide) are for the man.

Here, it needs to mention that you won’t find all the boots available in every width. So, you may need to size up or down to get the fitted size.

Read this article to know more about boot sizing guide.

5. Need enough Toe Box

The toe box area of the boots will not stretch at all. So, your toes should have a comfort room enough to move freely inside the boot.

However, toe rooms vary from the different styles of boots. And, while choosing a cowboy boot, you definitely need to have the comfort toe room.

6. Cushioned insole is necessary

If you’ve chosen a pair of a bit tight cowboy boots, but the boot insoles are cushioned, hopefully, they’re supposed to fit your foot size. And you may have got a comfortable boot.

How much toe room in cowboy boots?

The front area of the cowboy boots is known as the toe box or room. Within this room, stiff fabrics are used that make a specific area not to stretch at all. It’s only because to maintain the shape.

Generally, depending upon the boot’s style, you will find a larger or smaller toe box, even in your feet-sized shoe.

A snip toe boot, for example, comes with a pointed toe room, and here you may need to size up 3/4 to 1/2 inch to ensure enough space. If you choose the wider one, of course, you will get enough.

However, you no need to worry if you get a little snug toe room while other parts have adequately fitted. Your tight toe box will loosen up with times and will give your toes enough wiggle room.

how to properly size cowboy boots?

Going to have a new boot pair? Well, you need a guideline then on how to fit cowboy boots properly. While sizing, consider the above factors, whether these are going to match or not.

how to properly size cowboy boots

Here, some tips you should follow while sizing new cowboy boots.

  • Do start the trial with your standard shoe size. If you are an “in-between” correct size, we will suggest you get the larger one among the sizes you are between.
  • Have you worn boot socks while trialing? Remember, your socks can take 1/2 inch place inside your boot room.
  • Sometimes you would find no narrow sizes boot available for your narrow feet. In this case, you should try 1/2 size smaller one than your average shoe size.
  • On the reverse cases (for wider feet), you may need to purchase 1/2 size larger than you needed.
  • If your feet are in two different sizes, that it will better if you try to buy the size that fits the larger foot.
  • Wear the boots when seated, as it will ease the pull-on of the cowboy boots. Notice a sound “plop” while your foot drops down the boot, and it’s a good fit indicator.
  • Once both feet are in the boot, try a walk and notice the above factors (ball, toe box, instep, heel, etc.) if these are in a proper ratio or not.
  • To check your feet size, count the longest points for the length and the widest part for the calf width.
  • While pulling on the boots, keep in mind that it’s okay if it takes a little effort to push your foot. But, if you need to force, then it’s not going to be your preferred one.
  • Another fact about your feet is that these tend to swell throughout the day. So, it will better if you try the boots on about the end of the day.
  • Finally, make sure you’re choosing your cowboy boots, also known western style boots from the best boot makers, such as Justin Boots or Ariat.

Interesting, isn’t it?

How tight should cowboy boots be?

Moreover, you might now understand that your cowboy boots need to be snug, but not too much.

Let’s summarize the amount to how much tight you need to keep on your boot –

  • Heel:need 3/4 to 1/2 inch slippy while new.
  • Instep:Snug fit; as comfortable to move freely.
  • Toe room:Need enough extra room for wiggling of your toes.
  • Ball:Your widest part of the feet needs to fit the boot ball area.

Overall it will best if you chose a snug-fitting boot but never go for the tighter at all. You know, it’s going to be softened with your feet.

How are ankle boots supposed to fit?

Nowadays, ankle boots are the only type of fashionable trends ideal for almost any time of the year.

However, ankle boots are different in size from the cowboy ones but have more or less the same fitting options.

See how you can make ankle boots fit.

  • Do always consider the ball of your foot and the boot’s ankle shaft as it needs to fit at first.
  • The girth area of your feet, make sure to have in a comfort zone on the boot.
  • When you walk, your ankles also race and need some space for movement and flexion. So, while choosing the boot, don’t go for a too snugly fit ankle shaft.
  • You should choose one, keeping in mind enough wiggle room for your toes.
  • A little bit heel slip is essential for your boot. Otherwise, you would feel tight and can’t move comfortably with this stiff boot.

However, sometimes it happens, you have got your desire sized one but need to struggle while wearing it with a thicker sock.  Here’s a tip for you-

“Wear a thin plastic around the sock and push your feet into the boot. It will easily erase your efforts.”

Wait. Don’t forget to tear away the plastic!

How should boots fit around the ankle?

As mentioned, your foot ankle needs to have some space for its flexion and movement with your move. So, simply, you need a space in the boot around the ankle.

How much space does it need?

We will say – “Depending on how you want to wear it.”

Want to wear these with tights and skinny jeans? Then an entirely loosing around the ankle will okay.

But if your pant seems a little baggy and your boots as well, it will make your ankles quite big, you know.

Suppose you have a narrow ankle, and in this case, you may feel loosen around your ankle within most of the ankle boots.

What can you do here?

A simple suggestion would be – always be careful, especially when you’re choosing the right pants to match your ankle boots.


Hopefully, this boot fit guide helps you a lot to understand how cowboy boots should fit. You are now ready to have the perfect fit for the new, comfortable pair of boots.

If you are new to buy this, don’t confuse about the snug size or slippy heel; it’s needed! You should avoid purchasing a cowboy boot with high heel.

Besides, we recommend you buy a cowboy boot from an online store that has an exchange program in case the purchased one doesn’t fit your foot.

Before closing, keep the tip from us; your comfort always needs to come first. Having the trendiest pairs but in a wrong fit isn’t not going to be worth it.

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