How Do I Stop My Shoes From Creasing When I Walk? [Reason,Solution And Tips]

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Imagine you have dressed up in a beautiful piece of clothing to go to a party or an office and ready to wear your shoes only to see creasing on the leather. Well, it is needless to say that such creasing on a shoe is frustrating.

Almost everyone wants to keep their shoes crisp and new without any crease. Unfortunately, practically every shoe gets creased sooner or later. So, many people ask, “How To Keep Shoes From Creasing When Walking?”

Well, you can choose to walk on hand or use stilts to walk and look taller. If all these techniques seem vague to you, read on our guide on how to keep shoes from creasing when walking.

We will include a crease preventive discussion along with common causes of shoe creasing.

Top 4 Reasons for Shoe Creasing

Leather shoes will crease over time, and it is almost inevitable. You can only slow down the creasing procedure by some preventive measures. Nonetheless, if you want to know how to walk without creasing shoes and enjoy the attractive appearance of the dress shoes for a long time, you first need to realize why it creases.

Usually, shoes are designed to bend with sufficient flexibility so that it adjusts with your feet movement. As you walk, your feet ardently put pressure on the shoe surface that stretches the shoe a bit to offer you space without difficulty while walking—the constant stretching causes creasing on the shoe leather.

1. Shoe Fitting

As you now know that shoes are designed to accommodate comfortable walking and so has a flexible bending capacity. It implies that, if you wear improper sizes shoe, it will be most likely to cause crisp sooner.

For instance, if the shoe is larger and has space at the toe end, it will soon cause creasing. Also, if you choose a shorter size, the sole and leather will receive more pressure from the walking that too causes shoe creasing. So, always select a pair of shoes that snuggly fit your feet without being too tight or loose.

2. Shoe Material Quality

Don’t go for the ‘Holy Grail’ of crease-free pair of shoes. It simply doesn’t exist. Instead, focus on the material used to make the shoe and its quality when you buy a shoe pair. While shoe creasing is an inevitable happening, good-quality material can prevent the creasing for a longer period.

For instance, premium leather with a subtle finish is less likely to crease than average leather. Also, mesh materials such as synthetic fabric used in shoe upper have more flexibility than leather. The enhanced elasticity of the synthetic materials will crease lesser than the leather shoes.

The best leather shoes are made from the lower half leather of the cow’s back.

3. Shoe Design

How the shoes are designed also plays a crucial role in the overall creasing. It implies that different shoe styles will have a varied level of preventive measures against creasing. For instance, the whole cut and plain toe designed shoes receive the most creasing. It is because these shoe designs have the least number of leather pieces. So, the footwear has lesser elasticity causing creasing.

On the contrary, semi-cup or full toe shoes and brogues with four to five pieces of leather will crease less due to enhanced flexibility.

4. Shoe Molding

Shoe molding or lasting refers to the way manufacturers wrap the shoe leather on the upper side to give the shoe its shape. Usually, the shoe lasting process is lengthy, and it is commendable. The longer the pump lasting process will be, the lesser the creasing will be.

tips: That’s why handmade shoes will have lesser creasing than machine-made shoes.

Where Does Shoe Creasing Occur?

Before we get to know how to walk without creasing your shoes, it is necessary to understand where creasing mostly occurs.

To put it merely, shoe creasing will happen when the upper side bends most. Although the precise location is difficult to identify, you can wear a pair of shoes and walk a few feet to identify where the pump is bending more.

It will be the place where the shoe will start creasing first and then spread to the other areas as well.

How Do I Stop My Shoes from Creasing When I Walk? 6 proven ways

Shoes will crease over time, no matter how much you dislike the process. However, there are several effective ways that you can apply to reduce the shoe creasing speed and, eventually, stop the shoe from creasing.

1. Use Shoehorn

Shoes and sneakers with a quality heel counter considerably reduce shoe creasing. It needs to be rigid for the purpose. Nonetheless, the best thing to prevent heel creasing is to use a proper shoehorn when you wear the pair.

A shoehorn is an inexpensive accessory that goes a long way to increase your shoe’s longevity.

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2. Pick the Right Size

We have already mentioned that if you buy a smaller size, the toe of the shoe received more pressure. Also, bigger sized shoes have open space at the front that prompts shoe for further creasing. So, you should avoid both conditions as described in our how to keep shoes from creasing procedure.

How do I stop my shoes from creasing when I walk

It implies that you should pick the right size of shoe pair. When you choose the right size, there will be less space in the shoe upper side for creasing. With the proper fitting, your foot will provide extra support to the top side of the boots and shoes.

In both cases, the chances of shoe creasing reduce significantly. To pick the right size, wear both shoes, and push your feet forward. Also, walk a few steps and check the fitting.

3. Use Shoe Padding

Force field or shoe padding is also another brilliant yet cheap idea to stop shoes from creasing. These shoe paddings are built specially to out inside the shoe and enhance the pump’s reinforced power. If you end up buying a larger pair of shoes, use the shoe padding to reduce the gap between your feet and toe end.

The shoe pads will thus help you get a snug-fitting and prevent unnecessary creasing of the shoes. Also, shoe pads with softened materials give your feet a comfortable feel while walking.

Nonetheless, force fields work best with sneakers and safety boots.

4. Take Help of The Shoe Trees

Haven’t you seen a shoe-shaped unfinished wood in the shoe stores that sellers use to take measurements of your feet? Yes, more or less, we all have seen that wooden instrument in the fine shoe stores.

Shoe Trees

It is a show tree made out of mostly unfinished cedar with a roughly sized of human feet. You can also use it to prevent shoe creasing. Get a pair of shoe trees and store your shoes on it immediately after you out it off.

Cedar built shoe trees also help in absorbing excessive moisture that increases the shoe lifetime. Alternatively, you can put an old newspaper inside the shoe to soak the moisture. You may add some essential oils to give a soothing scent to the shoe for the next day.

Note: If you’re interested to get shoes trees, and it’s conveniently available on Amazon website.You can see there reviews and current prices by clicking here.

5. Give the Shoes A Spa Time

Don’t get offended, just like you, the shoe you wear also needs spa treatment sometimes. It may sound absurd, but it’s true.

You will find several quality shoe conditioners in the market. Shoe manufacturers also sell specific leather conditioners to soften the leather. These conditioners work exceedingly well to reduce shoe creases.

Also, you can use oils as well. Just apply the conditioner or oil on a small portion of the leather and wait for a few minutes to prominently see how it works. Before you use the conditioner on the entire shoe surface, polish it, and make sure it is clean from dirt.

Tips: Store the shoe after conditioning in the shoe tree to retain the shape.

6. Iron It

Ironic! But you can actually iron the shoes to reduce the shoes creasing. Although it is a bit challenging, it works. Works perfectly!

Fill the shoe inside with the newspaper and cover the creased area with a piece of dampened cloth. We recommend you use the towel with a double layer to prevent damage to the leather. Now set the iron at 60-80°F and slowly iron the shoe.

The creasing should go away like it was never before there. You can find more information about Does Using An Iron Really Get The Creases Out? video below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can I put in my shoes to keep shape?

Shoes getting out of shape is a common problem. Fortunately, you can deal with the problem with ease. You can put a shoe tree inside the shoe to retain the shape. Alternatively, you can use an old newspaper or towel to hold the shoe shape.

What are the force fields for shoes?

Force fields for shoes are specially designed and engineered paddings that you can put inside the shoe if it is loosely fitted. The force fields are made with plastic and attached at the toe end to give you a perfect feel while wearing the shoes. It also decreases the shoe creasing.


This is all ardent and dedicated discussions on the topic, “How do I stop my shoes from creasing when I walk?” Since keeping the shoe creasing free is challenging, we have only picked the easy and inexpensive methods to apply.

However, don’t be too optimistic. None of these methods will stop the shoe from creasing for an indefinite period. These steps will slow down the process and give the boots a prolonged fresh, and crisp look.

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