How To Clean Clarks Desert Boots? Easy Guide +[Bonus Tips]

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Clarks boots happen to be stylish and very versatile too. They were inspired by the crepe-sole boots that were worn by the British army during World War II. Furthermore, they are quite comfortable.

Nevertheless, one of the major challenges of having Clarks Desert boots is that most people don’t take care or clean them accordingly. The main reason for this is that people don’t know how to do it correctly. It’s either they do it wrong or they don’t do it at all.

If you have Clarks Desert boots and you want to know how to clean them appropriately, this article is meant for you. We will be exploring how to clean Clarks Desert boots in this article.

Let’s get on with it.

2 ways on how to Clean Desert Suede Boots

When cleaning the Clarks Desert Suede boots, it is the same way you’d clean your regular suede shoes. However, you will need to be careful so that you don’t flatten the nap.

There are different ways to clean clarks desert boots beeswax.

#1. Using a Suede Brush

With this option, you will need a suede brush, an old newspaper, and a butter knife. However, the butter knife is not a must.

A suede brush will help to maintain the original color of the boots while keeping them clean. Avoid leaving the shows to stay with dirt for a long time as this can lead to dirt and dust accumulation. In the long run, it will increase the wear and tear of the boot and loss of original color.

How to clean suede shoes with a suede brush ?

Start by placing an old newspaper on the ground to trap the dirt from the shoes. From here, you can use the suede brush to brush off dirt and dust off the shoe surface. Ideally, make sure you brush in one direction throughout.

The butter knife will come in handy if there are some persistent marks or stains on the shows. Here, use the butter knife to scrape off the area, but make sure that you do it carefully. After lifting the grain off the suede with the knife, you can now use the brush to get rid of the stain.

Pro Tip: purchase a silicon spray for your suede boots to offer a protective coating. The spray will repel water and dirt.

Benefits of using a suede brush

  • It takes less time to clean
  • Does a good job on dirty shoes
  • A suede brush is very cheap


  • They don’t get rid of tough stains

#2. Using a Suede Eraser

The other option of cleaning the suede boots is using a suede eraser. The suede eraser is perfect to use if your suede boots have marks or scuffs that won’t come out.

Here, you will need a suede eraser or regular eraser, along with a suede brush.

How to clean suede boots with a suede eraser

First off, you will need to brush off the dirt and dust using a suede brush. From there, you can use the suede eraser to rub the scuffs and marks. Once the marks and scuff are off, use the suede brush to get rid of the debris from the eraser.

Repeat the process until the marks come off completely.

A special eraser is always recommended for the tough stains and marks.

Pro Tip: you can apply some small amount of white vinegar to dissolve the stain if the scuffs, stains, or marks don’t come out with the eraser.

Benefits of Using a Suede Eraser

  • With a special suede eraser, you can be sure of removing most marks, scuffs, and stains
  • Suede erasers are inexpensive, and they last for long


  • They cannot remove water stains

Other options for cleaning a suede boot

  • You can use a mild detergent to clean the sole if it is crepe or synthetic sole
  • Dying the suede for a while can help remove the tough stains

After cleaning the suede boots, make sure you air-dry them in the shade for them to dry completely.

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how to Clean Clarks Beeswax Leather Boots?

Clarks beeswax leather boots are best treated with beeswax to give them a glossy waterproof film. Here is how to go about it.

How to clean with beeswax

Use a piece of cloth or soft bristle brush to get rid of the dirt buildup on the surface of the boot. You can then use a damp cloth to wipe the boots gently. This will help to remove the stains. If there are any tough stains, use saddle soap on the boot, then clean the sole with a mild detergent. Remember the mild detergent should be used on synthetic or crepe sole.

When done, you can use leather oil to nourish or restore the glossiness of the boots. Besides cleaning them, the best Clarks desert boot beeswax care tip is to apply the oil once they are clean and dry. Keep in mind that the leather oil can make your boots look slightly darker.

how to Waterproofing Clarks Desert Boots?

One major tip that most professionals give when it comes to the Clarks desert boot care is waterproofing them.

Here you can use Sno Seal or a waterproofing seal.

1. Using Sno Seal

Make sure that the shoes are clean and dry enough before you apply the Sno Seal leather protector. This protector is contained beeswax and other oils that offer a protective layer on the shoe surface. Besides protecting your boots against water, Sno Seal restores the original look and it enhances the lifespan of the boots.

Remember that Sno Seal can also make the boots look slightly darker. For that, make sure you test the solution on a hidden area of the boot before you apply it all around.

2. Using a waterproofing spray

Before you use the waterproofing spray, make sure the leather boots are clean enough. Once the leather boots are clean, apply the waterproofing spray all over the boots. Make sure you apply the spray in a well-ventilated area since the sprays contain toxic chemicals. You can then allow it to dry before you apply a second layer.

Benefits of waterproofing your boots

  • It enhances the durability of shoes
  • The sprays are affordable
  • Waterproofing takes only a few minutes


  • The waterproofing sprays contain chemicals
  • They can seal the stains if you apply on unclean boots

some Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Do not apply soap on your Clark boots. Instead, use saddle soap on beeswax leather only and not on your suede boots. Regular soap or detergent can damage or cause some discoloration to your shoes.
  • Avoid rubbing the Clarks boots vigorously with a brush. Too many people do this when there is a dirt build-up. Make sure you use the brush gently at all times.
  • Lay some newspaper on the floor if you are cleaning the shoes on the flooring. If you are doing it on the grass, there is no need for the newspaper.
  • Only leave the shoes to dry after you have cleaned them properly with clean water. Dirty water can make the stains tougher to remove.
  • Never apply any solution to the boot before testing it on a conspicuous area
  • Clean your boots whenever they get dirty. Leaving them dirty for too long can lead to dirt buildup.


And now you know how to clean desert boots. The best thing you can do to your shoes is to make them clean at all times and ensuring that you avoid leaving them dirty. Don’t forget to be gentle when cleaning the Clark boots and also using the right products at all times.

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