How To Look Taller With Shoes – [Easy Quick Guide]

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In your social community, you may feel like people are looking down on you, and everything is tall for you, well I am not saying that you are a dwarf but for short people that 1-inch matters as they always want to be on the same level as others. Women may seem no problem as they can wear those high heels (but not every day). Lucky you, a short person reading this article because we are going to discuss every possible way to increase height with shoes.  

How to look taller with shoes? You can look taller by wearing specific shoes, but maximum height added would be up-to 3inch. If you are short concerning your age, you should do something medically about it rather than just wear high-boots. 

To look taller with, shoes you can buy specific boots made for this purpose or modify your boots for increasing height.

Can shoes make you look taller?

It’s all about the shape and designs of the shoes that will make you look taller. Shoes having thick souls and bottoms could increase your height up-to 1-inches. However, if you are a woman, you can wear those high-heels with a long outfit, so you don’t notice that you are increasing your height.
Did you know that the shape of your clothes can also increase your height? We would discuss them as we discuss different shoes to go along with, below.

how to look taller with shoes

Do shoe colors impact your overall height?

Colors can have an impact on your height majorly in your dress, but shoes, I don’t think so. However, choosing a shoe color when you are planning on increasing your height is an important thing, not for giving an illusion of increasing height but hiding the fact that you are trying to increase your height.
See if you wore a shoe having a long bottom than usual and in an eye-catching contrast than people will notice; however, less contrasting colors concerning your dress will not catch that much attention.

What types of shoes make you look taller?

Lets first talk about shoes you can buy to make you look taller, modification of your boots? That we will discuss later.

1. Formal One’s

Let’s start with the basic men and women’s shoes to make you look taller, of course, the elevator shoes and high heels.

The Elevator Shoes

You may have worn these in schools and on formal occasions. These shoes have thick heel like structure at the bottom which further lifts them. They may look stylish on formal occasions but would be awkward to wear on casual ones. Just imagine someone wearing these shoes while jogging in the park. The standard versions of these shoes also might be uncomfortable to wear.
However, they come expensive and comfortable versions too.

High heels

The great high heels, if you are women, you can wear these and increase height up to 3 inches. They come in a wide range and variety, but again these shoes maybe a little more fashionable for ordinary or casual occasions. However, as said above, you can wear these with long dresses to make them less noticeable. If you are an office woman or a girl visiting clubs quite often, then try one of these

  • Platform Shoes: These shoes usually have a fancy wood type end at the bottom, which lifts it further above the ground from above and below. If you are office women, then you got to have these ones in your collection. They can be worn with office skirts or formal women dressing.
  • Pencil heels: These pair of fashionable shoes will give you an increase in the height up to 3 inches. However, they might be a little uncomfortable at the beginning because they have a thin pencil finish at the bottom of the shoe. You can wear long skirts along these, as they will catch up with attention.
  • Box heels: One of the trendiest shoes these days, come with box heels. These heels have a specialty of being comfortable to walk in, along with increasing your height. They come in different sizes so choose the appropriate one for yourself.

2. Casual stuff

These can be worn with every occasion (typically.) Men and women can both wear these. Let’s see some famous brands to make you look taller.

What shoes make you look taller?

1. Adidas (yeezys)

The yeezys by Adidas will surely add height up to 1 inch. These are comfortable to wear and lightweight. If you go for these, I recommend buying the 700 ones as they add more inches and are more stylish to wear. However, they might be a little expensive to wear.

If you are interested to add some height in your body,(who wouldn’t be?) you can try this Adidas . You can find it on Amazon’s website here

2. Timberlands

These are less expensive than Adidas, and some might say even more stylish. They add a somewhat semi-formal look with different shady colors like the camel color. They look hard, but according to the reviews, they are quite comfortable to wear. Try one of these with they could add up to 2 inches to your height

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3. Vans

These could add about a half-inch in your height, but won’t recommend to you if you are a short person. However, they are stylish and comfortable to wear

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4. Doc Martens

These shoes can add up to a 2-inch size, and they are adamant. These are mostly like elevator shoes. You should also check sandals of this brand as those too can add up to 2 inches below your feet. But unlike Vans and timberlands, these are expensive.

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5. Nike   

I would recommend you save some bucks and buy Nike, which I am going to discuss below. They will increase your height up to 1 and a half inches and are incredibly comfortable to wear. But like Adidas, they are also expensive.

6. Nike Jordan’s

These are mostly basketball shoes and would add up to 1 and a half inches of height. On average, these would add height to 1 inch because the rest inches are mostly they thick outer part of these shoes.

7. Air max  

These have a fancy looking bottom. They could add up to 2 inches if you choose the right one. I would recommend the air max plus version as they take you up a notch if the price is not a problem.

8. Joy ride

These pair of shoes comes with exciting beads colors at the end of the shoes. They could increase up to 1 and a half-inch of height. These will surely get some public attention, but again, they require you to spend some more bucks than usual.

Things To Put In Shoes To Make You Taller

Let’s come to the part where you like your boots very much and cannot buy new ones. Here are some tricks to add up extra inches in your shoes.

Adding Insoles

There are different types of insoles in the market to add height. They give you another advantage of adding another cushion for extra comfort. There is a variety of insoles depending upon your shoes. Psh doesn’t add too many soles that may look obvious that you are increasing height underneath.  

Adding heels   

I am not talking about the women’s heels but men ones. Some shoes have a hidden feature that you can use to elevate your height or even remove it when you don’t want to. Again like insoles, these would add an extra layer of comfort too.

Cloths along with shoes to look tall

Cloths would not only give an illusion of you being tall but would also draw off attention from your high-heeled shoes. Moreover, if you are increasing height with shoes then to match you need appropriate clothes too. Here are some clothing advice to look tall;

  • The vertical striped outfit, The tall vertical strips over your body, could give an illusion of you being tall, so try wearing these.
  • V-Neck shirts, It’s a proven fact that v-neck shirts make your upper body look tall, so wear these often along with your joggers.
  • Maxi-skirt, these too can make it look like there is an increase In your height because they are long and shifts your waistline up.
  • High-wasted pants, Like the maxi skirt these also shift your waistline up. Moreover, they are also longer and cover up your shoes, so definitely check into these.


Increasing your height up to 1 to 3 inches is no difficult task as above, you read many ways to do it. Other than this, I would recommend you take calcium such as drink milk daily and perform exercises like chin-ups to increase your height rather than faking it because shoes won’t be there always on you to add those 2-inches. Until then, use the benefits of the popular shoes to take you up the notch.


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