How to shrink crocs that are too big?- [5 simple step]

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Be it a fashion accessory or a boating shoe, the crocs have been a favorite for many. However, there have been issues where people have complained their crocs have stretched out a bit.

And, an imperfect fit provides discomfort. Besides, the crocs are known for providing the best of support to the feet. So, not getting the right fit can cause problems here and there.

Hence, many have been wondering how to shrink crocs?

Shrinking crocs is easy if you have a dryer and 2 wet towels. The heat in the dryer loosens the materials and shrinks them. And, the wet towels moisten the materials at the right proportion to make things work.

But, that’s just half of what we have in this guide. So, let’s not waste any more time and begin proceedings, shall we?

Yes, it’s possible to shrink crocs. By following some easy steps, you can easily shrink them. In fact, you won’t need any help from a professional to do the work.

However, you’ll have to be careful when shrinking them. And, why is that? Well, if you’re going overboard with the shrinking process then you might mess up the material.

Normally, the crocs can be shrunk to quite some extent. So, you’ll have to make sure that you aren’t doing too much of the extension. Or else, you might mess up the work once and for all.

Remember, it’s easy to shrink them. But, you can’t undo the process as it’ll damage the material of the crocs.

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5 Simple Steps To Shrink Crocs

By now, you’ll know that it’s possible to shrink the crocs. But, the main question remains how you can actually do it? Other than that, many people ask whether they’ll need the help of a professional to do it.

Don’t worry anymore as we’ve got it all figured out. After doing some research, we’re able to show you how you can shrink your crocs.

And, the good news? Well, if you follow all these steps clearly then you’ll be able to finish the work in no-time. So, let’s begin the step-step process right away-

Tool you need

Well, you’ll need the help of a dryer and some towels in order to make this process work. But, don’t worry, you can use the same dryer that you use for your clothes.

  • Dryer
  • Wet Towels.

Step 1: Set Timer on The Dryer

Firstly, you’ll have to set the settings and timer on the dryer. Here, the most important part is to not mess up the time. Also, remember to not increase the settings too high as it’ll damage the materials of the crocs.

After you’ve considered these factors, it’s time to set the settings and timers. So, set a time of 10 minutes in the timer. Now, go and set the heat from medium to a lower setting.

Step 2: Place Cros & Towels in Dryer

When you’ve finished the previous step, it’s time to begin step-2. Well, the step is pretty simple. Just add in the crocs in the dryer. In addition, you’ll have to add in 2 wet towels with the crocs as well.

Remember, the process won’t work without the wet towels. So, it’s important if you have them wet.

Step 3: Start The Dryer’s Cycle & Observe The Process

Now, start the dryer’s cycle once you have all of the materials inside the dryer. But, your work isn’t done here. As a matter of fact, you’ll have to observe the whole process by standing in front of the dryer.

But, why is that?

Well, you’ll have to ensure that the heat of the dryer isn’t too much. This is because high heat can warp the materials of the crocs. As a result, the crocs will be damaged permanently.

So, you’ll have to ensure that the heat is in medium settings. Otherwise, you’ll end up with damaged crocs.

If you’ve followed this step correctly then the crocs are supposed to be shrunk at this point.

Step 4: Check Crocs

As we’ve already mentioned, you’ll have to observe the whole process. Once the process is finished, check the crocs after keeping them in the dryer for 4-5 minutes. 

Step 5: Remove Them from Dryer & Cool Them

When you’re checking the crocs in the dryer, observe whether they’re hot. If they’re still hot, remove them from the dryer. This is because you don’t want the additional heat to damage the materials in the crocs.

After you remove them, let them cool down for a while. Well, we know you’re able to shrink them. But, wearing them now will cause burns on your feet. So, it’s better to cool them first.

When they cool down, wear them. Now, you’ll see the difference as the crocs have shrunk. And, the best part is that they’ll be warm at this time. So, you’ll feel warm and comfortable at the same time.

Can Crocs Go In The Dryer?

Yes, crocs can go in a dryer. But, you’ll have to be careful as the added heat can shrink the crocs. So, it’s better to not make them go into a dryer. Nevertheless, they can go into the dryer.

The main problem with crocs is that they have stretchable materials in them. As a result, the materials can be extended and shrunk at any time. With added heat, the materials can shrink.

So, it’s better to not use crocs inside a washer or a dryer. By doing this, you’ll eventually cause them to shrink or stretch in the process.

Can You Shrink Crocs In Hot Water?

No, the crocs don’t shrink in hot water. But, they definitely shrink in the heat and in dryers. Apart from this, they won’t shrink when washed in hot water. All hot water will do is relax the materials of the crocs and make them loose.

If you want to shrink the crocs then go for the dryer option. But, getting them wet in hot water won’t shrink them.

That said, hot water can loosen them up. So, they’ll stretch over time. Even though they won’t shrink, you’ll be able to stretch them using hot water.

Do Crocs Stretch Out After Wearing?

Yes, crocs can stretch out a bit after wearing. If you’re considering getting tight crocs then they’ll stretch eventually. This is because heat causes the materials to loosen up. So, if you’re wearing them for a long time, they’ll stretch.

Even though the crocs don’t stretch out that much after wearing, a slight extension will happen eventually. But, if you really want to stretch them out then put them in hot water as it’ll do the trick.

Just remember to not put them in the dryer as it’ll reverse the process and shrink them. And, that’ll make matters worse.

Parting Words

That does it for this guide. If you’ve been followed until this point, we’re hopeful that you now know how to shrink crocs that are too big.

In the end, we described both processes on how to shrink and stretch them out. Just remember to not overdo any of the processes as that’ll damage the materials.

Also, if you’re not feeling comfortable then take the help of a professional. So, why don’t you give it a try? Good Luck!

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