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Interested in toms alternatives? Everyone like you desires to get a comfy pair of shoes like toms that are very stylish and trendy.

If you are also thinking to emphasize the affordable option instead of the brand’s signature, you should consider for toms shoe alternative. 

They feature large and open weaves that allow a secure ventilation system even on the hottest day, and this design makes the shoes perfect.

If you are decided to pick a new pair of toms look alike, continue to read this buying guide.

Here you will be introduced with the latest and popular style shoes that can transform your wardrobe into stylish footwear.

  • Renowned brand: Toms not unique plus easily identify shoes, but also every pair comes with a well-known brand flag that shows off in front of the landmarks where you will go for visiting.
  • Comfortable for a long journey: If you get out for a long journey, you can wear shoes similar to toms. But if you don’t want to show off them, you can go down the pair into the seat-side pocket. Then put them on while you should go for the bathroom break.
  • Affordable: If you don’t want to invest much more but want to get trendy and brand shoes similar to toms, you can choose easily. They are affordable, and anyone can easily pick them.
  • Stylish: Toms are not only super comfortable but also stylish and trendy. They are perfect for long journeys, casual, relaxed, or long walks. If you desire to get fashionable shoes, you can get the toms.
  • Sturdy: They are durable and sturdy, that allows you to use for a long time continuously until they worst. If they dirty, you can wash and use them again.

quick look: 5 Shoes like Toms comparison

Fereshte women’s men’s casual shoes

  • Outsole: anti slip and wear resistant
  • Material: Canvas, Flax, rubber and other manmade material
  • Durable: Yes
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Women’s Canvas Shoes Slip-on
  • Size: 5 to 10
  • Material: Canvas upper and EVA synthetic sole
  • Best for: Daily work, job, jogging, shopping

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Alexis Leroy Women’s Traditional Flat Stripe
  • Size: 6 to 9.5
  • Sole: Slip-on-sole
  • Best for: Elastic gusset panel works

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Circus by Sam Edelman Women’s Leni-3 Moccasin
  • Size: 5 to 9.5
  • Sole: Synthetic sole
  • Best for: walking , jogging, casual use, or travel

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Ellos Women’s Wide Width Espadrille Flats
  • Size: 7 to 12
  • Material: Fsy-11030 – Microsuede 100% Polyester
  • Best for: average shape and width foot

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Fereshte women's men's casual shoes

Are you seeking the men’s slippers for sweaty feet? You can select this slipper that has come with standard quality. The woolen fabric ensures the softness and makes it comfortable to the users.

This brand presented verities sizes and colors from where you can pick the right size for your feet. This pair is breathable, and the sole is anti-slip and slide plus noiseless. Overall those can be the excellent selection for the slippers that don’t make your feet sweat.

key Features

  • Colors options: 10-colors available
  • Insole: Natural flax massages the foots
  • Outsole: Flexible and rubber sole that delivers long-lasting durability
  • Secure: Elastic belt ensures the safe the whole day comfy wear.
  • Design: Classic and high-quality design.
  • The cap of toe: Cap of toe made of woven linen that makes the shoes breathable Comfortable to wear and take off.

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Women's Canvas Shoes Slip-on Ballet Flats

This pair of shoes is suitable for women who wanted to pick stylish and fashionable shoes so that they can wear them everywhere. They are affordable and excellent in design. High-quality features with a secure support system make the pair is breathable and comfortable.

key Features

  • Sizes: 5 to 12
  • Colors: 6-colors available
  • Insole: Non-slip rubber with breath that gives relax your foot
  • Upper: Canvas and lightweight EVA anti-slip sole
  • Design: Elastic V-port design that helps you with high instep to wear with more comfort whatever the foot shape.
  • Ideal for: Perfect for women, and they can wear this pair for walking in the house, working in the office, shopping, and even for jogging.

Alexis Leroy Women's Traditional Flat Stripe

Budget Pick

toms alternatives

Love espadrille? Try this pair that comes from a well-known brand Alexis Leroy. They come with extremely designable shoes like toms for guys. The concept of shoes is natural and healthy. They also give priority to safety and environmental protection. Like a good pair of shoes, it can make a joyful walk that makes your life more enjoyable

Key Features​

  • Sizes: 6 to 9.5
  • Color: 4-colors available
  • Upper sole: Canvas or cotton fabric that make the pair flexible
  • Slip-on-style: Slip-on-sole and the woven bottom that known them stylish casual pair
  • Ideal for: Elastic gusset panel works for comfier and craft the couple accessible to on or off wear

Circus by Sam Edelman Women's Leni-3 Moccasin

You must love this pair because they can fit easily whatever the shape of your foot. An incredibly breathable system will support you not to make sweat and bad smell. They offer you to wear for a long time with no trouble with full comfy. So, a trendy and stylish design makes your mind to wear them for going any occasion or travel as well.

Key Features​

  • Size:5 to 9.5
  • Color: ivory or jute
  • Slip-on-style: Make easy to on or off wear
  • Durable: 100% fabric make the pair is long-lasting durable
  • Ideal for: Ideal for walking in the house, jogging, casual use, or travel

Ellos Women's Wide Width Espadrille Flats

If you need width and more giant size shoes, this shoe will be ideal because they offer extensive width espadrille flats with the high-quality sole. They look gorgeous and so cute that they are not so long but slightly tight.

They also smart looking casual that is comfy for all-day wear.

Key Features​​

  • Size: 7 to 12
  • Color: 4-colors are available
  • Fabric: 100% polyester
  • Design: Versatile and attractive that give you the option to select as your desire
  • Perfect: For average shape and width foot to fit
  • Looks extremely trendy and functional in quality

Why should you buy toms look alike?

Simple slip on & off.

Toms allows you to slip on and off easily, which helps you get through so faster. They are suitable for visiting airports, temples, or mosques where you should remove your shoes. It is significant that don’t waste your time where the combat boots take ten minutes to remove or wear again.

toms shoes alternative


Toms alternatives offer versatile style and color that you can get depending on your dress or for any outfit. You can select a stylish pair for joining any occasion.  

Easy to carry and pack

You usually can’t want to pack or carry a couple of pairs of shoes on your bag. In this situation, you should think of alternatives to toms shoes that take less room and packing more pairs at a time.


The materials closely related to toms shoes are the canvas used in the wide variety of individual styles. Toms use versatile leathers such as vegan leather, faux fur, nylon, suede, and even full-grain leather. Versatile materials of this shoes make them famous.

related question

How long do TOMS shoes last?

It mainly depends on three factors. Firstly, how well you take care of the shoes. Secondly, if you skip using a rainy day or water, you can use them for a long time. Thirdly: if you use them properly and safely, you can use them for more than six months.  

Why are TOMS shoes bad?

Toms shoes are a famous brand, but they have a few wrong sides though they are not such a serious factor.  Firstly, they can create a bad smell if you can use them in water. Secondly, you can’t wash them using water, but it depends on materials where some are waterproof.

Why do my TOMS smell so bad?

Toms shoes can smell so bad if you walk in the water. In this case, the downside of the shoes becomes smelly so faster. The main cause of it the insole of them comes from leather. If you buy some odor eaters or truckin, you can use it in water and wash properly.

Can I wash my toms?

Yes, you are allowed to wash a few toms that are waterproof or water-resistant. Some of them come with waterproofing spray, especially for leather shoes.  So, you don’t wash all types of toms using water. You have to know the toms shoes that you are using to wash or clean and dry them.

Final note

What do you think about toms shoes alternative? We hope you have made your mind pick up shoes like toms to use casually or go for a journey on your holiday. Our top list just helps you to select the best pair that can save your time and money.

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