Where Are Ariat Cowboy Boots Made? [The History Of Ariat]

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I can presume that you are an Ariat fan like me, that’s why you have ended up here. Take a bow, mate! One should be the fan of this artifact after using Ariat cowboy boots, just for once. In this article, I will share a few interesting facts about Ariats; these will amaze you. Can you tell me, where are Ariat cowboy boots made? Yes, it’s designed and developed in the United States and made in China.

To know more interesting facts like this, go through the article, and in the end, you’re going to get some platinum tips on how to extend the life of cowboy boots.

Where are Ariat cowboy boots made?

The answer is astonishing. Most of us think that Ariat’s cowboy boots, also known as western boots, are made in any western country. Sadly, not true. Most cowboy boots of Ariat are made in China. Few super, handmade boots are made in Mexico and Italy. A Very minute quantity of Ariat’s is made in the United States. So, where are Ariats made? The answer is simple, Shenzhen, China.

Are Ariat boots made in the USA?

Ariat boots are highly popular cowboy boots in the United States. Around 82% of Ariat boots is available in the American market. So, press the gas paddle of general knowledge and ask yourself, who can be the largest manufacturers of Ariat boots? I would have replied, “Of course, the United States” But, you are smart enough to answer, No. Not in the United States because raw materials and labor costs are comparatively cheaper in China. That’s why the majority of Ariat boots are manufactured in China, not in the United States.

Types of Ariat work boots:

There are various Ariat work boots with different features and benefits. Now, I’m going to discuss different vital types of Ariat work boots briefly below.

  • Sierra waterproof work boot: These boots are very sturdy and long-lasting, specially designed for rough use in a harsh environment. Don’t miss the outlook. The look is outstanding and comes with a relatively low-price range. These boots are available on the Amazon website, see their current price by clicking here.
  • Endeavor waterproof work boot: These western work boots are available in different colors, and they are lovely. The outlook is very mechanical and very comfortable to use. The price range is also not too much away from the grasp. This is the current price of these boots(links take you to the Amazon website)
  • Stryker 360 work boot: I like the mid collar shoes, and that’s why I am the biggest fan of these types of work boots. They provide excellent durability and comfort to the wearers. Click here for the price.
  • Groundbreaker work boots: These work boots are beast—very sturdy and highly recommendable work boots all-round the United States. The price can vary with model and specification. Click here to view.
  • Workhog wide square work boot: These boots are one of the best work boots you will find in the market. The toe height is outstanding, and its outlook will admire you.

What are the main cowboy boots of the Ariat brand?

Mainly, there are three significant classes of Ariat boot brand: cowboy boots, riding boots, and work boots.

  • Cowboy boots: These are the most stylish genre of Ariat boots and commonly known as western boots. Cowboy boots are mostly used for style and fashion purposes. They provide excellent traction, waterproof protection, wicking feature, and overall maximum comfort.
  • Riding boots: As the name suggests, riders mainly use these boots, but anyone can use them. Riding boots are specially designed for horse riding, bull riding, and hiking.
  • Work boots: If you’re searching on the Internet about the most popular type of Ariat boot, then undoubtedly, the search result will show you plenty of work boots out there. These boots are very stylish and sturdy. They are pretty suitable boots for ranching as well.

Note: These brands are available on the Amazon website, see their current price by clicking here.

How long do Ariat boots last?

Frankly speaking, quality cowboy boots last for years if you properly care for them. However, it solely depends on the use and storage condition. Typically, a well maintained and moderate price range boots can be frequently used for more than five to six years. To be precise, if you usually use it, without too much attention, it might provide you with a lifespan of three to four years.

where are ariat cowboy  boots made

In recent days, you must have gone through many portals specializing in trading or exchanging used cowboy boots. Why am I saying that? Curious, huh? It indicates the cowboy boots are very sturdy and have a longer lifespan. Who makes Ariat boots with such strength and durability? Ariat itself.

Now, if we focus on boots, those cost just around 200$. These kinds of boots have a shelf life of more than two years. Boots that have robust, genuine leather and resistant to harsh surroundings tend to last longer. If you are focusing on buying a boot that will last longer, then you should focus on the following things.

  • Choosing the right size boots for you: If you select the correct size boots for you, then you won’t need to apply different stretching methods to fit perfectly. You know that stretching damages the leather and strength of the boot. So, if you choose the size correctly, it will sustain for a more extended period.
  • Cowhide leather lining: Cowhides are known to provide durability to the boots. They are the perfect raw material for boots to be used for general purposes. These boots are less stinker after day-long uses as well.
  • How to store boots: If you can keep your boots perfectly, you might be able to extend its life expectancy bit longer than usual. You need to clean the boots after a day-long use. How to clean a boot? Well, it might depend on the size, shape, and materials it has been made with. Generally, clean the dirt and dust with a dry brush and avoid the store in a moist condition. Preferably, you may store it by covering up with a polythene or paper bag to prevent oxidation.
  • Good year welt: It is a crucial feature to maintain for extendable boot life. It will provide you with the easiest way to resolve the boots. Without these, the boot life can expire just after two consecutive years of usage.

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Does Ariat make custom boots?

As you know, Ariat always produces black or brown boots. This brand is very conservative to their design and style. That’s why Ariat does not offer any custom boots to the customers.

How to care for Ariat boots?

Ah! You already know that Ariat boots are expensive and require adequate maintenance. To maintain the boots properly, you need to follow the procedures as described below:

  1. It is highly recommendable to clean up the boots after the end of the day. The first step of cleaning cowboy boots Ariats is to wipe out the dust, dirt, and mud with a damp cloth. The point is, if there is no evidence of wet soil, then you can first use a dry brush to clean up the ground soil and then use a damp cloth.
  2. Now, you have to check the saturation of the boot. If you find that your boot has been saturated, then immediately, you should remove the cushioned insole. Stuff the boot with absorbent papers and let it dry at normal temperature. Don’t try to dry it quickly by exposing it to direct heat. It may disintegrate the leather lining of our boot.
  3. After drying, you can follow these steps:
  4. You can use a leather conditioner onto the outer surface of the boot. Apply the conditioner nicely and evenly to all over the boot surface. After that, let the conditioner dry out. After drying, brush off the wax residue from the surface with a dry brush.
  5. Now, you need to do some polishing. One point you should note before polishing your boots that distressed leather boots, nubuck, and suedes can not be polished. Most of the polishers usually contain waterproofing materials. These materials help to extend the life span of your boot or any other leather footwear. OK, now you must have finished with applying polish onto the leather. Now, brush off the leather nicely and evenly until you get a sleek look. You will get a gorgeous shine after brushing.
  6. These procedures need to be conducted regularly. These are the best cleaning practices one must do to protect a quality boot from disintegration.

How to extend the life of a cowboy boot?

I will provide you with some tips to keep your boots as new as it has just come out of the box. You can apply these tips even to ordinary footwear to extend their life span.

  • It is recommended to clean the boots regularly. Also, you need to condition and polish the boots. Check if the boots are conditionable and polishable. 
  • Always use dry brush or erasers to remove odd marks.
  • Waterproofing is essential to defend against oxidating agents. Oxidation is the most crucial enemy of cowboy leather boots.
  • Boot trees help to provide sustainability on the boots’ shape.

How to use cowboy leather boots for an even longer period?

  • Don’t wear the same pair for consecutive days. If you wear the same pair of shoes every day, the humidity and bacterial infestation will take place and trigger the deterioration process.
  • Don’t expose the leather boots to direct heat sources. This will trigger the deterioration of the leather lining.
  • Use prescribed leather care products suggested by the manufacturer to extend the shelf life of the boots.


Ariat boots are unique and expensive. To protect their fantastic look and reduce the repetitive purchase of these western boots, one should know the whereabouts of the manufacturers and their guidelines for protection. Hopefully, this article has already helped you to answer all relevant questions on Ariat leather boots and provided necessary instruction on proper leather care.

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