Can You Wear Gym Shoes Outside? Detailed Guide + [ Top 3 Picks ]

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So, this is summer, and you are glad to finally go out in the parks to workout besides your gym. Also, you are planning to wear your favorite Nike or Adidas for a gym on the outside walk.  But have you ever thought about if you can you wear gym shoes outside?

To be honest, you shouldn’t wear your activewear or gym or the training shoes outside, mostly because it’s not hygienic. The sweat collected by these pair of shoes isn’t ideal for you to use them daylong as outside shoes.

Nonetheless, it is a must that you invest in a good quality workout or training shoes for gyms. So, how do you select them?

If you don’t like spending time to research separately on these topics, read on the following sections for easy understanding.

Our discussion includes compatibility of wearing gym shoes outside, what type of shoe you should wear in the gym. Finally, we have the top three recommendations for training and cardio shoes.

Are you overwhelmed?

Are Shoes Necessary for Gym?

Whenever you head to work out in the gym, the first thing you probably will think about is a pair of training shoes. And I guess I’m not wrong.

But is it necessary to wear the right training shoes for the gym?

Yes, it is essential, if not compulsory. Don’t get me wrong, you can go to your local gym and sweat to keep yourself fit even without a pair of shoes or barefoot, but I don’t recommend doing so. Moreover, experts have my side.

The reasons you should wear excellent and suitable footwear for gyms include:

Protecting Your Feet

During training, you may accidentally drop an object or weight on your feet. And believe me, this will hurt you dearly unless you get training shoes on for the gyms. Nonetheless, the training shoes can’t keep you protected 100%, but, at least, you will receive the least hurting.

Supportive Cushioning

Although most barefoot evangelists won’t agree with me, proper footwear during training sessions’ offers you comfortable cushioning.  The extra cushioning provided by the shoes in gyms can be a real difference between an unforgotten workout time and a comfy session.

When you wear protective training shoes, the feet will cooperate much better as you work on the treadmill or lift the weight.

Base Support

Our foot mechanics is designed to absorb pressure when you train hard in the gym. However, not many of us are born with full mechanics to tolerate such stress. Therefore, getting proper footwear with base support will boost your foot protection.

Also, some active wears are designed to boost energy levels, which, too, can be a great help for workouts without being drained out.

Should You Wear Your Gym Shoes Outside?

Ideally speaking, you shouldn’t wear gym or training shoes outside except for outside or at-home workouts.  It is necessary for the following points:

Should You Wear Your Gym Shoes Outside

  • During workouts in the gym, the shoe pair receives huge sweat. When you wear the shoes outside for long hours, it may affect you severely. Instances of allergic symptoms aren’t rare in this case.
  • Gym shoes, although you may disagree with me, brims with bacteria and viruses that you carry right from the workout area. Whether or not you may agree with me, most gym doesn’t disinfect their equipment regularly, which also causes bacterial boost.  Hence, it would help if you didn’t carry those harmful microorganisms right at your home or at the office.
  • Last but not least, active footwear may provide you great benefits as base support and cushioning, but they aren’t fashionable with your formal wear. Just imagine yourself with a high-neck sneaker and blackish suit, do you think it is the right fashion to carry out at the office?

Are Running Shoes Suitable for Gym Workouts?

When it comes to select between running shoes or proper gym footwear, we all fall into the dilemma. We are confused about choosing between two.

So, here’s a helpful suggestion for you.

You can wear running shoes in the gym unless you are preparing for light training hours in the gym. If you are planning to perform weightlifting, the chances are high that you will run on the treadmills and using other equipment.

Moreover, running shoes are made from soft materials and hence, will wear out sooner than the standard training shoes. Also, running shoes lack the base support and cushioning that active footwear provides.

So, it should be clear now to you as to when you should wear running shoes and when training shoes.

What Is the Difference Between Running Shoes and Training Shoes?

Running shoes and training shoes, don’t get me wrong; both are excellent footwear. Still, these shoes come with distinctive variations and are made to serve different purposes.

Running shoes provide total movement from toe to heel.  Also, running shoes offer cushion and base support through the higher drop heel construction. You can use running shoes for runs and tracks use.

The training shoes, on the contrary, are built for side to side, aka lateral movements. Hence, you get multi-dimensional movements from such shoes. The border movements are made possible with the flat and flexible shoe soles.

How Do I Choose the Best Workout Shoe?

I hope you now ardently realize the importance of choosing the right pair of workout shoes for gyms.  But, this again raises the question, how do you select the best workout shoe?

How Do I Choose the Best Workout Shoe

Here’re a few suggestions that might help you with the cause.

  • Look for Cushioning: Check the supportive cushioning for the training shoes. A pair of workout boots will have a thickened layer of cushion inside.

  • Easiness at Movement: Before you select the working footwear, walk a few feet wearing it, and check the comfort. Since it will need extreme endurance, the movement should be comfortable and relaxed. Also, the better the movement, the more efficient your training sessions will be.

  • Shoe Endurance: Apart from your comfort and safety, the shoe also requires premium endurance. It is essential since training and workout shoes receive extreme pressure during gym works, which makes them prone to quick wear and tear. So, look at the fabrics and overall built quality for endurance.

  • Fabric Quality: During tough sessions, your feet will sweat like a shower corner. So, the fabric needs to have breathability and support airflow. It brings us to the importance of high-quality materials for workout shoes.

3 Best Shoes for Weight Training and Cardio Reviews

These days, manufacturers built superior weight training shoes with cardiovascular monitoring as well. We have dig deep into the matter and found three shoes perfect for the purpose.

So, here goes our recommendations:

1 Nike Men's Free X Metcon 2 Training Shoes (Best Pick)

Best choice

best gym shoes

Nike Free X Metcon 2 shoe is a perfect combination of flexibility along with the endurance and stability for your feet support.  Additionally, the fit is snug and soft that doesn’t feel too tight.

It comes with the mid-foot cage locks. It holds the feet in place without restricting lateral movements. Also, foam midsole offers brilliant supportive and comfortable cushioning.  The excess cushioning also provides stability while performing weightlifting.

The outsole comes with a premium groove that ensures superior flexibility with a lightweight design.  The combo of flexibility and cushioning brings the benefits of running and training shoes in the same spot; hence, you can enjoy both ends with the Nike Free X Metcon.

And lastly, don’t forget the fashionable design of the shoe.


  • Supportive cushioning
  • Superior flexibility
  • Easy movement
  • Eye-pleasing look


  • The pricing may be a bit higher.

2 Nike Metcon 4 Men's Cross Training Shoes

Best choice

From the challenging rope climbing to the weightlifting and sprints, the Metcon 4 training shoes bring durability, flexibility, and base support at your feet.

Nike has updated the training shoes from the original Metcon. This time, the mesh fabric is even lighter, stronger, and shock absorbing. So, your feet will love the added breathability, lightweight design, and fatigue-free movements.

Both the insole and outsole has been textured newly with reinforcements. It helps you use the shoes for a heavy training session when you need additional feet support and protection. What’s more, the midsole provides softness in the forefoot and firmness in the heel section.

The combo of softness and firmness at the right place makes it suitable for treadmills and short sprints. And lastly, the flattened platform with added stability is ideal for high intensity and explosive training sessions with the desired comfort.


  • Available in multiple colors
  • The lightweight design supports intense workouts.
  • It doesn’t wear out shortly.
  • Flexible feet support with cushioning.


  • The basic one is a bit simpler

3 Under Armour Men's Tribase Thrive Cross Trainer

Budget choice

best shoes for weightlifting

If you have found the previous two options pricier, this training shoe pair from Under Armour will be your perfect fit.

The upper section comes with mesh fabric. Hence, you will enjoy added breathability. The UA Tribase patented outsole boosts the ground contact with increased tractions. It permits you to use the footwear for intense workouts when you need ground support.

The outsole design also supports upward and downward flexibility for comfortable and natural movements.  On top of this, the foam midsole ensures satisfactory cushioning. So, even if you are planning to perform some intense workouts and weightlifting, the trainer shoe is the right fit for every foot. Impressive!


  • Affordable pricing
  • High-endurance design
  • The lightweight design supports comfortable wearing


  • Comes with a dull appearance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long to wear gym shoes?

It will depend on the using hours of your gym shoes. If you use it for 30 to 40 minutes each day and approximately 3-4 hours per week, you will have to replace the shoe pair every six months. However, if you have obesity or too much weight, the shoes will wear out quicker.

Can you wear gym shoes without socks?

Wearing gym shoes, undoubtedly, provides you comfort and easiness at the movement. However, if you wear them without socks, the same can’t be said. Especially if you wear gym shoes without socks without breaking them, it will cause blisters. Also, wearing shoes without socks will create odor inside the shoe, which isn’t a good sign either.

Can you wear Nike Air Max to the gym?

Nike Air Max shoes are lightweight and have enhanced cushioning often referred to as ‘airbags.’ The supportive cushioning is ideal for gym and intense workouts. However, the Air Max isn’t suitable for running.


So, here’s our detailed guideline on’ can you wear gym shoes outside,’ and we hope you have clear ideas on the advantages and disadvantages of wearing gym shoes out.

So, we put the decision on you.

Also, we have included three recommendations for trains and cardiac shoes so you can pick one of these and perform some intense workouts to streamline your body and look attractive. But above all, these will keep you fit and agile.

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