Are Allen Edmonds Worth It? – [Explained]

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Allen Edmonds has been favorited by many. With the incredible quality and comfort, anyone will love them at first glance. But, there’s a problem here.

Due to the price they project, many start to compare them with other high-end shoes in the market. As they don’t have much difference with the other shoes, many start to believe whether they’re actually worth it.

So, that brings us to this question- are Allen Edmonds worth it?

Yes, Allen Edmonds are absolutely worth the price and hype. As they provide greater quality and comfort, they’re one of the best in the business. Plus, they provide superior support and have extended durability.

But, that’s just a part of what we’ve discussed in this article. And, if you like to know more then jump right into the next section and have a look-

Yes, Allen Edmonds are worth the cost they offer. Here, the aesthetics, comfort, and durability of the shoes ensure that they’re worth it. Plus, they’ll last for an extended period of time. So, you won’t have to buy another shoe in a while.

Allen Edmonds has the reputation of lasting for a long time. Hence, they’re a great investment. Besides, they bring a lot of added benefits into consideration.

Here, you’ll get superior comfort and support to your toes. So, you won’t have to worry about any sort of pain or discomfort. Furthermore, these shoes provide a lot of stability on your legs as well.

As a result, walking and performing activities will never be an issue for you. At the end of the day, you’ll get more than the price you’re spending on them. So, yes, they’re worth the cost at all times.

Are Allen Edmonds Made In the USA?

Yes, Allen Edmonds are made in the USA. They started their manufacturing from the USA and in Italy. But, they’ve been made in the USA.

Allen Edmonds started its journey as an American Shoe Manufacturing company. It was based in “Port Washington, Wisconsin”. And, guess what? The company itself was established and developed in 1922, and in Belgium, Wisconsin. 

Now, it’s manufacturing its shoes in the USA and in Italy. And, it has even carried out its manufacturing on Dominican Republic.

Are Allen Edmonds Good Quality?

Yes, Allen Edmonds are known for their quality and comfort. Here, the shoes are made of high-quality materials. As a result, they’ll last for a substantial amount of time if taken care of.

These shoes are handcrafted and are made of high-quality leather. Hence, they’ll cost a bit when compared to other shoes in the market. However, they’ll provide a tremendous amount of comfort and support too.

As they have a leather construction, you’ll get a superior level of comfort and warmth from them. Besides, they’ll ensure that you have added support and stability on your toes at all times.

So, they definitely live up to the expectations of being one of the best shoes in the current time. And, yes, they’re of great quality indeed.

are allen edmonds worth the money

How Long Will Allen Edmonds Last?

Allen Edmonds lasted for over a decade. To be precise, they’ll last for almost 12 years or so. And, if you take care of it on a regular basis then it’ll last for even a longer period of time.

Besides, you won’t need regular maintenance of these shoes. In fact, it doesn’t even require any fancy materials or maintenance process. Just keep them away from direct sunlight and that’ll be all.

Plus, don’t wash them in the dryer. And, don’t keep them wet. Remember to wipe them dry and it’ll preserve the materials. Here, you’ll need to keep in mind that you should keep them away from direct sunlight and water.

And, by doing this, you’ll ensure that the materials are preserved and the shoes last for a long time.

Normally, the shoes can go up to 12 years. But, if you’re looking to keep them for a much longer period then taking care will definitely help you out.

Is It Bad to Wear the Same Pair of Shoes Every day?

Yes, it’s not beneficial to wear the same pair of shoes every day. Wearing the same shoes on a regular basis will cause a bit of problem. Here, the shoes don’t get ample time for drying when we wear them everyday. And, that doesn’t allow the shoes to maintain their shape.

Normally, when we’re wearing shoes every day, we’re leaving moisture on the surface of the shoes. Moreover, the shoes absorb all the sweat that the feet discharge.

As a result, the shoes need a bit of time before they’re drying back to the older form. And, for that, we need to rotate our shoe collection and swap shoes once in a while.

Plus, wearing the same shoes in the scorching heat can cause blisters to form as well. And, that’s not a pleasant thing to experience, is it? So, swap out the collection in order to receive comfort.

Speaking of comfort, the shoes aren’t able to maintain their shape once they’re worn every day. And, this causes their shapes to deteriorate. As a result, the shoes won’t have a freshness to them.

As the shapes deteriorate, you won’t get the same level of comfort and support from them either. This means you’ll face discomfort and instability when you’re wearing these shoes for an extended period of time.

So, it’s better to change your shoes once in a while. And, to not wear them on a regular basis. That said, you could wear them by giving them time to dry and heal.

If you’re looking for our advice then we’d like to say that give them a day or two. By doing this, you’ll dry them completely. And, as the sweat dries out, the shoes will be ready to be worn again.

Thus, watch out if you’re wearing the same shoes over and over again. And, add some variety in your shoe collection too while you’re at it.

How Many Times Can You Recraft Allen Edmonds Shoes?

Generally, Allen Edmonds can be recrafted for 2-3 times on a max basis. By doing recrafting, you’ll extend the longevity of the Allen Edmonds shoes.

By now, you’ll know that leather lasts for an impressive amount of time. And, if you’re taking care of them then they’ll last over a decade. But, you can also increase the time of their longevity.

And, how can you do it? Well, by recrafting, you’ll ensure that the longevity of the shoes is extended. But, there’s a limit to this. Obviously, you can’t go overboard with this process anytime.

So, it’s better to recraft them 2-3 times. And, if you’re exceeding this number then you’ll end up damaging the materials. Hence, it’s better to stay within the limit and recraft the shoes 2-3 times only.

Bottom Line

That’s it from our side. Hopefully, you’ve found your answer. Now, if anyone asks you- are Allen Edmonds worth the money then you’ll know the answer.

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