are cowboy boots acceptable for business casual? [explained]

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Oh, city life you cost me my boots! Y’all must know, I moved to the city a couple of years ago and my cowboy boots were considered to be fashionable. I was happy and with the compliments that I received, I thought I had nailed it. A few days in the job and I am told that my boots are not business appropriate!

So, I am here to help you understand are cowboy boots business casual or not? I hope no one has to face this embarrassment that I did at workplace. My ranch experience and southern lifestyle have imbedded the need for these shoes so badly. However, I had to let go of them (for work). Let us get a fair understanding of the fact that if they are acceptable at business places.

Okay, honest confession, when all that took place, I so wanted to pitch a hissy fit. Yeah, but I controlled myself and continued with a straight face as if nothing has happened. Nonetheless, I am a Texan and come hell or high water, I am committed to this job.

Alright, I will not digress anymore, here is what I learned from the whole experience. So, if you want to know if cowboy business casual boots can be worn, then pay heed to this section.

Okeydokey, we have seen Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and more rock these boots at their business meets. Why can’t we do it then? Heck yeah, we can do it too. Yes, you can wear your western boots as casual business attire. Nevertheless, you must find out if your workplace has no objection to them. Many people pair them with suits for their business meetings.

This means these shoes are widely accepted as cowboy business attire. Should I continue?

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What To Wear With Cowboy Boots?

Again, I would like to clarify that cowboy boots are not part of the “formal shoes” family. Hence, would recommend you to careful while pairing them up with your business suit. Yes, once in a while you can try that if you want to display your macho self. Just think about in advance, if you want to project yourself that way in today’s world.

These days, you can wear these shoes with anything you like. Yes, but as we know these boots are a total package, you may think about wearing them with subtlety.

 Here are a few tips that can be of help to start:

  • Please promise me that you will wear them with a polo tee shirt or a collared t-shirt
  • You know a white shirt and a pair of jeans are more than enough
  • Of course, you can wear them with patterned shirts
  • Make sure that you sport dark colored jeans and not the light-colored ones
  • Your jeans must have boot-cut and should be close-fitted type
  • Do not tuck the jeans into your boots, well unless you are going for horseback riding
  • You can wear them with dress trousers and casual suits
  • Try to pair with a jacket
  • Avoid the cowboy felt hat, as they seem to push it a bit more
  • Also, no spurs, unless you are riding
  • Accompany them with a broad belt with a large buckle if possible (depending on where you are heading to)
  • This may sound a tad confusing in this day of mix and match, if you have a black suit or dress, then go for a black colored boot

How To Pull Off Cowboy Boots?

Don’t forget the most important element, confidence and that would pull it off. That is right, western boots make you stylish in an instant. For this reason, they are a lot to handle as well. This is exactly why I tell you to walk down the subtlety aisle when it comes to ropers.

Most people think that riding boots are only limited to the ranches and oil fields. That has changed by now and these waders have also come to be used in mainstream fashion. This is why so many people have asked me how to carry these boots without coming out as trying too hard? 

I always tell them the mantra is to keep it simple. Follow the tips that I have provided in the above section and that should do it.

How To Wear Cowboy Boots In The Office Like A Professional?

Let me stick to the city-style, as this is why we all are here. Keep in mind that these boots take time to break-in. This is just a simple downside of these classic boots. Then again, once you find your comfort with them, you know you have hit the jackpot. The barrage of compliments that you will be showered with, is worth it all “Partner.”

So, if you are to pick a tip or two, then it is quite that you want to fit into the city-style. It goes like this:

  • Higher the heel and narrower the toe and passes around as the western business casual
  • You can also try broad toe shoes
  • Go for an exotic leather or something flexible
  • Opt for a natural sole with welt stitches that are white – for men
  • As for women, go for neutral-colored boots with tone-on-tone looks
  • For colors, stick to browns, tan, and can even try burgundy
  • Remember ropers look appealing at work

What Kind Of Boots Do Real Cowboys Wear?

Cowboys wear sturdy and enduring boots, as they want them to protect their feet. They often go for boots with smooth or leather soles. These soles are specially designed to easily slide in and out of a stirrup. Yes, that is the kind of hard-wearing boots that cowboys are mostly seen wearing.

Unless they go for a boot scooting dance party with their sweethearts, they will wear rugged boots that serve a farm life better. These boots keep them secured and allow them to work properly. This means that cowboy boots are not just a style statement, but carry a multitude of heritage with them.  

The bottom line is if you want to wear your cowboy shoes to a workplace, make sure that you do it right. You need to find out if they are acceptable at the place. This will ease out a few things for you.

Final verdict

The answer to the question – are cowboy boots business attire is not that difficult. If you are wearing them to work, you must restrain yourself and balance it with your clothing. This way, you will be able to project a sophisticated approach to your style. I am still looking for the person that said cowboy boots are not part of formal business attire.

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