Do Crocs Run Big or small? – [Crocs Sizing guide]

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Comfortable and casual, the two C’s that have always been constant with Crocs shoes. Despite giving out maximum comfort, the sizing of these shoes have always seen some gray area.

So, the question remains, do crocs run large?

Whether Crocs run big or small depends, mostly on the model and fit you’re getting. Most of the time, the casual models suffer from running a big. But you’d have to take the fit into consideration too.

This is simply the basic rundown. There’s a whole lot more to where this came from.

So, without further delay, let’s see what’s in store-

In most cases, Crocs run true to size. But the deciding factor here is the model you’re choosing. While some models are designed for work purposes and others are for comfort.

Usually, you wouldn’t face trouble with models like Crocs Classic clog. These were designed to provide you with a more comfortable and roomy fit. You could order your regular size and it’ll give you a perfect fit.

However, the scenario changes for models like Crocs Bistro Clog. From the very start, this model was designed with a different plan kept in mind. Even though both the top and toe are enclosed, it still runs a little bigger than other models.

But that’s good news for some people. For instance, if you’re someone with a wide foot, this model is the one for you. Because the roomy and spacious fit will hold your feet with maximum comfort.

On the other hand, models like the Crocs Crocband Clog won’t give you much room. If you have regular-sized feet, then you might have a snug fit. But wide feet are a big a no. You’ll have a tough time fitting into these if you have wide feet.

How to Choose Crocs Size?

Crocs have been in business since 2002. And within this long time, they’ve come up with a number of models for different customer segments.

Depending on what you’ll be using the shoes for, you can find the perfect size for you. Whether it’s for work purposes where you have to stand for long hours or simple relaxation, they’ve got different models and sizes for you.

For example, I’m someone who loves to walk around the house or get the newspaper with my Crocs slipper. However, you have to remember that they’re slippers.

If you’re a healthcare professional who needs to stand for hours, getting one of these isn’t going to do you any good. You need a Crocs ‘On the Clock’ shoe.

These shoes have a totally different design from the Crocs Classic Clog or the Bistro Clog. These are slip on shoes with an enclosure on the back. Even if you have to run around in these, they won’t slip off.

Let me give you a complete breakdown of what I’ve said till now. More importantly, it’s a keypoint in choosing Crocs size.

First, check out the model. As the models were designed based on specific applications and usage, it’s better to know if that model’s right for you or not.

After you’ve figured out the model, then you can choose the fit. I’ll talk about those in a minute.

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Do Crocs Run Big for Toddlers?

Some of the Crocs models run big for toddlers. This is mostly due to the different shapes of each model. While some fits were designed for maximum comfort others were for a snug fit.

So, if it were up to me, I would buy a smaller size. Suppose, your kid is a size 5. Then, getting him a size 4 shoe should do just fine.

Some of the Crocs models come with extra space around the sides and top. Because of that extra space, there’s more room for the feet. And that’s why you need to buy a smaller sized Crocs for toddlers.

How Do Crocs Fit?

Crocs come in 3 types of fits or size. Depending on your feet size and usage, you could either go for a roomy fit, relaxed fit, or a standard fit.

It might sound a bit confusing now. But don’t worry I’ll make your job a tad bit easier by explaining each of these sizes-

1. Roomy Fit

The roomy fits are the widest shoes you’ll find from Crocs. From length to width, Crocs made sure there were no short ends with the room if you know what I mean.

But you won’t worry about the Crocs coming off your feet. That’s why some of the models come with a backstrap to give you more stability.

2. Relaxed Fit

These models won’t give you that much room as the relaxed fit ones. You can expect to get a more tight fit. Even then your toes won’t touch the top of the shoes.

Unlike the roomy fit, you’ll occasionally notice the sides of your feet meeting the shoe walls. To top it off, some of the models come with straps or laces that make you feel more stable.

3. Standard Fit

Standards fits will give you the snuggest fit of all. This doesn’t mean you’ll have a tight feeling in your feet. What I mean is you’ll have no problem walking without having to worry about your shoes coming off.

Even if slips somehow it’ll be minimal. But even for standard fits, you’ll have some wiggle at the top of the shoe.

Do Crocs Stretch?

Any shoe will stretch out a little bit when you’re wearing them for the first few times. But does the same happen for Crocs?

Just any other shoe, Crocs too will stretch over the first few usages. After that period has passed, you don’t have to worry about these things. Unless you put the Crocs under the scorching sun(due to heat) for a couple of hours, they probably won’t stretch that much.

However, you might want to stretch it in some cases. Wait, what? Why would people deliberately want to stretch their shoes, right? Well, you’ll get it all with the explanation I provide.

Let’s say you’re a size 4XL and there aren’t any more sizes to go up. In such cases, the ideal thing to do would be to stretch it. And here’s how to do it.

How to Stretch Crocs?

Start this simple 10 minute process by putting the Crocs and a towel in the dryer for 5 minutes. Later on, take out the shoes and wear them with 2-3 pairs of socks for 5 minutes while they’re still hot. This should get it stretched enough.

But that’s not all. Here’s the rest of the details regarding this process-

Step 1: Put the Crocs in the Dryer

Wait a minute. It’s not as simple as that. If you put the shoes directly in the dryer, it won’t be enough. Forget about that, doing this might result in the shoe jumping around the dryer on its own.

What you should do is wrap a towel in the towel. That way the shoes will get heat evenly, ensuring all the parts stretch equally. Now, make sure to keep the shoes inside there for at least 3 to 5 minutes.

Step 2: Take out the Shoes While They’re Still Hot

This is an important part of the process. Don’t wait around for the shoe to cool down. The heat is the major role-playing factor in this matter. 

As soon as you take out the shoes from the dryer, put them on your feet. But wait. How are you supposed to wear hot steaming shoes? That’s why I suggest wearing at least 2 to 3 pairs of socks.

When you wear the shoes with the socks, the extra dimension breaks in the material, making the shoes stretch. Walk around with the shoes for 5 minutes and you’ll be good to go.

Step 3: Redo the Process if Necessary

As you can guess, this step isn’t completely necessary. You only have to do it when the shoes aren’t already stretched enough. So, skip this step if it’s not needed.

How True to Size Are Crocs?

Users have been confused about the Crocs sizing for quite some time now. So, the question remains at large; are Crocs true to size and how true is that?

It mostly depends on what model you’re getting. Different Crocs models have different fitting as they are made for various purposes. But there’s really no way to say for sure.

Final Words

So, that’s been it, folks. I hope you’ve got a clear idea of the question, do Crocs run big or small. But we’re all human. Thus, you still might be confused.

If that’s the case, head over to the comment section or contact us and we’ll come up with a solution for you ASAP. Good luck!

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