Why Are Timberlands So Expensive? [Explained]

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When it comes to buying footwear, we also take a look at the price before deciding whether we want to buy it. The very famous timberlands are known for their iconic, stylish boots, but they are also costly. For an average student who wants to keep himself updated with the fashion trend, the price of these boots may be too much to pay.

Why are timberlands so expensive? According to research, timberland’s make a tremendous profit from their sales, which is why these boots are so valuable.

Furthermore, the fame that these boots have got over time has made it a hype, which is why there prices are touching the sky.

Cost of making Timberland’s

It is vital to know whether the making of these shoes costs so much or is the company getting their hands on a large amount of profit.

What are they made of?

Timberlands make use of recyclable materials in their boots and shoes. From the lining to the upper and midsole, everything in timberland boots is made of recycled material. Plastic is also used in the making of this footwear, and that too is recycled.

Sadly, timberland is not very kind to animals, and they hunt them down for leather and fur. Behind all the luxurious styling and fashion trend of timberlands are these animals.

How much does it cost to the company?

From our prices mentioned above of timberland boots, we can drive that it costs approximately $74-$230. According to research: the pair of timberland boots that cost $145 to us, the company spends $35 in its making. After adding the other expenses, such as selling the shoes to the retailer, the company’s total investment is $105. Thus they are almost taking a 25% profit from us.

Why do Timberland’s charge so much?

If the making of these shoes isn’t so expensive, then why does timberland sell them for such a high cost? The reason behind it is the fame that they have gained over time. Naturally, when a company draws more eyes towards it, then it raises its costs as well. In addition to this, people have classified timberlands as a fashion trend. Thus, this gives an extra push to their price.

Are timberlands shoes worth it?

Naturally, you would be thinking about whether timberlands are worth such amount of money or not? For some people (specifically those from the elite class), this price may not be a big deal. However, there are people for whom these shoes cost their whole month’s pay.

why are timberlands so expensive
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If you are looking for boots that are trendy then you might consider timberlands. However, if you are looking for something more than just the looks then timberlands isn’t the best shot for you.

It is not an ideal thought to buy a pair of boots for such a large amount. Furthermore, other brands offer more qualities in their shoes in less pricing. Thus, won’t that be a better option for you?

Why are these shoes not worth the money?

The following reasons are why these boots may not be worth your money:

Better options

There are far better options available in the market now because brands have emerged from every corner of the world. Customized brands are also available who specifically deal with certain kinds of boots. Thus, you can find more in less pricing.

Heavy weighted

Timberlands have a massive drawback in their bucket as their shoes or boots are heavy. People always prefer light-weighted shoes as to who would want to carry extra weight while walking or hiking.

No accuracy of size

Imagine spending a considerable amount of money on your boots, and they don’t fit you properly. Customers have this issue while buying from timberlands as their shoes are not accurate in size. You might have to order half an inch larger size than your standard fitting.

Strains issues

Yet again, who would want their shoes to get strained quickly? If one spends a significant amount on a pair of shoes, they would want it to remain like new for a long time. However, timberland shoes catch dirt very quickly, so you would have to wash them regularly.

Steel toe

With the passage of time timberlands have been reducing their quality. Customers have registered complains regarding the quality issues. According to customers, the company has replaced their high quality insoles with cheaper ones which have reduced its level of comfort.

Price of timberlands

As we have been saying, timberlands are way more costly than other shoes or boots, so it is important to look at some of their prices. Amazon sells the following timberlands at the stated prices:

Men’s Timberland’s footwear

Timberland Men’s Mt. Maddsen Mid Leather Wp Winter Boot

Price Range: $82 – $130

Timberland Men’s Classic 6″ Waterproof Boot Ankle

Price Range: $100 – $169

Timberland Men’s 6″ Basic Contrast Collar Boot

Price Range: $88 – $230

Women’s Timberland’s footwear

Timberland Women’s Camdale 6in Boot

Price range: $79-$139

Timberland Women’s Nellie Double Waterproof Ankle Boot

Price Range: $74-$169

Timberland Women’s Chocorua Trail Boot

Price Range: $86-$158

Wrap Up

Timberland’s are not an ideal choice for boots or shoes because of being so costly. If there weren’t better options out there or if timberland boots were flawless, then we would have given a green signal for these shoes. However, digging deep inside the boots of timberland, we conclude that they are not worth the price.

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